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#CDBabySelects Superfuzz Catch Up With The World, Release Music For Streaming, Gear Up For Debut Album

Let’s rewind the clocks a touch all the way back to 2004. The relatively tenderfoot indie music environment in Delhi consisting of a few bands, hosts a few scattered gigs that attracts a small crowd of hardcore enthusiasts. Such an intimidating and unconducive music scene saw the rise of a 3-piece alternative rock outfit that practically took the indie music scene by storm. Superfuzz made their headway into the independent music ecosystem with their unexampled composition style and performance energy, taking the industry by storm and amassing a lot of attention and followers.

Superfuzz is spearheaded by Sanchal Malhar manning the guitar and vocals, Nikhil Rufus Raj on the bass guitar and Aditya Paharia behind the drum set. Ever since the inception of the band, the trio has always sought to interweave elements of pop and rock to create their own unique punch. Although the band was born in 2004, they spent a lot of time experimenting with their sound, inculcating their personal influences and inspirations in order to perfect their musical performance. Superfuzz made their initial impression with their energetic and wholesome performances in the college circuit. Their talent and skills began to attain the attention it deserved after the band bagged such accolades as Campus Rock Idols, Channel V Superpad and Great Indian Rock. The trio’s achievements provided them with the confidence to expand their horizons and push their limits when it came to writing and producing music.

2014 saw Superfuzz’s now popular EP release titled “Inner City Waster”. This 7-track EP gave the world a taste of the band’s musical direction and their creative thinking process which was all pointed towards forging a real connection with the audience and using their music to bring a smile to their faces. This release created a stepping stone for the band to create and release more albums without foregoing their creative drive. But ‘Inner City Waster’ wasn’t their first release. As the band is currently in the process of releasing their first full-sized album they have re-released their debut 4-track EP from 2006 as its precursor. It doesn’t take long to notice that the band’s music is still able to deliver something new for today’s audience without losing their unique rock-pop foundation. You still feel the fresh playful concoction of heavy guitar riffs and new wave and punk rock working as an overlay to their pop base, all of which works in perfect harmony that makes it impossible for the listener to not rock their heads with the beats. The band’s proclivity to create incredibly catchy and groovy tunes almost makes it impossible for the listener to not be completely immersed in this voluminous experience that one hopes didn’t end after the 4th song.

Play ‘Superfuzz EP’ here.

All in all, Superfuzz is a testament to the fact that quality of a band’s material overshadows the necessity for speed and frequency of releases. The trio quickly established themselves as a frontrunner of the indie alternative acts in the country ever since Superfuzz’s birth and their latest (re)release packs all the bells and whistles to leave the fans in awe of their musicianship and in anticipation for the release of their full-sized album.

‘Superfuzz EP’ has been released via CD Baby, the largest online distributor of independent music in the world.

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