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BLOT! releases Nicholson’s Coldwater remix under self-started label

BLOT!, Gaurav Malaker’s producer and DJ project, needs no introduction. There is nothing that can be said of him that hasn’t been said before (or better). It is because of the relentless work done by Gaurav and his contemporaries that many artists today are today able to dream of being international icons. 

Nicholson - Coldwater (BLOT! Hot Springs Remix) (OFA002) - emindsound

As a part of his creative projects, he’s created a label under the moniker ‘Of Another’, a more concise way to say ‘Of Another Life’. He describes the label as a passion project to package and push forward his musical as well as visual sensibilities. Looking beyond the purview of dance music, Gaurav looks forward to curating a catalogue that is authentic, original, warm and melodic in nature. He’s sure that these are the only adjectives that would define ‘the sound’ of this label. 

A few months ago, Gaurav released his EP, “The Brightest Dark”, under the label. Following it up, is his remix of the 2015 Nicholson single ‘Coldwater’. While the original itself is hauntingly beautiful, Gaurav adds to the song his signature touch. Deviating from the slight melancholy in the Nicholson original, the ‘Hot Springs’ Remix has a feeling of impending euphoria that has come to be associated with popular dance music. Being mindful of the original’s creative expression, Gaurav has retained the ambience of the track while still changing the feeling it leaves you with, something a lot of remixes fail to do. 

When asked about the raison d’être for the label, he shares that he has reached a point in his musical journey where he feels the need to create a path for himself to immediately push out the music once it is ready. While he will continue to work with other labels, he definitely sees ‘Of Another’ as an outlet that he has more control over. With the EP and the single, it seems Gaurav is on the fast track to creating meaningful music with ‘Of Another’. 

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