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Beyond Horizon’s ‘Sab Theek Hai’ Is A Sonic Journey On Life’s Trials

Setting out from the humdrum existence, let’s delve into the musical universe of “Sab Theek Hai,” an EP by the invigorating, yet nuanced experimental rock band ‘Beyond Horizon’ hailing from the vibrant city of Indore, India.

From the very debut of Beyond Horizon, this four-piece ensemble has blossomed from their cocoon to being one of the most unique bands of India. With three singles already under their belt and the promise of an impending album release, they’re carving their path in the world of music. Something that defines the band’s identity is their unapologetic embrace of experimentation, resulting in the unanimous love for their music. Fearlessly traversing diverse soundscapes, they’ve honed a sound that’s uniquely their own.

At the helm of Beyond Horizon’s sonic exploration is Apoorv Kumar, a multi-talented artist who serves as both the band’s vocalist and guitarist. Apoorv also holds the prestigious role of being the founder and sound engineer of Dot WAV Studios, where their musical innovations come to life. Shubhanshu Gupta, the band’s music producer, wields the electric strings with mastery, weaving dreamy melodies and textures into their compositions. 

Completing the ensemble is Manvendra Vaidya, the percussive force behind Beyond Horizon’s sound. His rhythmic expertise enhances their musical canvas, infusing it with depth and dimension. The most exquisite addition to their team has been Ravi Rajput whose lyrics fit every song and hold enough depth, more than what meets the eye.

As we embark on this musical journey through “Sab Theek Hai,” it becomes evident that Beyond Horizon’s penchant for experimentation is fundamental and shifts the narrative towards their love for their craft. Having a total of 7 songs in the EP, each is instrumental in carving the story of life and its turbulent ride.

“Ho Gumshuda” is the first song of the album, and it already embodies the vision of the creators. This song embodies every artist’s aspiration — to embrace a life devoid of regrets, dedicating themselves wholeheartedly to their enduring passion while letting go of all else. The lyrics of Ravi Rajput, meticulously crafts a narrative that vividly paints the artist’s quest for nirvana within this very existence. The soothing composition, with seasoned musicians serves as the invigorating cornerstone of the entire arrangement, igniting inspiration at every juncture. “Musafir Si Zindagi” has secured a position in the hearts of rock lovers with their exceptional experimentational capabilities.

The music is orchestrated so passionately with its core focussed on delving into the complexities of life while moving on and facing it like a traveller on an unknown road. “Daayre” is a rock spectacle for anyone just exploring this astounding band. From the very beginning it is difficult to hide the grin with the amazing musical before the vocals commences. This piece is all about achieving the ever-lasting dreams and not backing down until it is attained. This exudes passion and one can feel it throughout. 

“Sab Theek Hai” is the namesake of the EP and it is nothing less than a giant box of tear-jerking surprise that one would not expect from an EP so exuberant. Released almost a year ago, this is one such melody that stays with you as it reminds you of the circle of life.

The fifth venture “Hum Toh Khush Hain” is our journey through acceptance. The impeccable strings and even the exquisite vocals elevating the composition speaks about the beauty in the acceptance of however that we are. Nextly, “Shatranj Ke Khiladi” is a riveting tale of class difference in the most poetic way possible. The song effortlessly stresses on the angst against this injustice and praises the common man’s fight toward upliftment.The final addition to the EP is “Arctic Wind”, the psychedelic maze of musical colours presented in the most calming way. 

Every bit of the EP is not only creative but screams innovation and the diverse range of talents of every member of the group. “Sab Theek Hai” is not just an assortment of songs; it’s a captivating body of work that demonstrates Beyond Horizon’s dexterity as musical visionaries. Their experimentation, lyrical artistry, and commitment to their craft shine through, leaving an indelible impression on the canvas of the music world. With this EP, Beyond Horizon has etched their name as a band to watch, destined to make waves in the industry with their unparalleled talent and artistic innovation.

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