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Beautiful Lyricism, Enchanting Vocals and Simplicity: Vaibhav Malhotra’s Debut EP ‘Afsana’ About Love and Heartbreak

Vaibhav Malhotra, a singer-songwriter based out of New Delhi, released his debut EP ‘Afsana’ early last month, a record to remember, one that lingers in the minds of the listener for a long time. Gentle acoustic guitar strumming, charming melodies and heart-warming lyrics are what characterize this soothing album. The lyricism is based out of Vaibhav’s own personal experiences of love, heartbreak, success and failure in life. Mumbai based producer Aditya Ashok aka OX7GEN has produced the entire EP. The well known guitarist and producer, Zohran Miranda has also helped to shape the soundscape and contribute his bit to this EP.

Vaibhav’s musical direction is rooted in laying emphasis on lyricism and melodies. His music is primariliy placed on the acoustic guitar and but has electronic elements to it as well. His ‘lyrics first’ approach makes his music relatable and almost binge-listen worthy. Vaibhav’s vocals are the cherry on top with their soothing nature and calming vibes.

The first track ‘Bikhra’ seems to be about the trails and tribulations of the matters of the heart. It describes how there were some days where the artist found solace in his dreams and silence, and he chose to follow his heart despite what others said about him. The lead guitar on this track and ‘Bin Tere’ is played by Zohran Miranda. The second track ‘Manzoor’ is a melodious romantic song about acceptance and letting go. The track is based on a sing-alone tune and a gentle guitar riff. The third track, ‘Toota Taara’ is moody and introspective and invites us to think about our own lives quite deeply. It reminds us of the popular Indian indie pop music of the 2000’s, with a modern twist. ‘Tum Jo Sath’ is an upbeat song, which is cheerful and uplifting. It’s a sweet love song, and resonates with our feelings as well. ‘Bin Tere’ is an endearing love song, with mesmerizing vocals by Vaibhav and a soft rock baseline. It is about not losing your loved one and keeping them close.

All in all, ‘Afsana’ will surely touch the hearts of all listeners, with its beautiful lyricism, enchanting vocals, simplicity and extremely relatable moments from our lives.

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