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Bars On Bars – Rebel 7 Is Not To Be Messed With On Debut EP “Kaale”!

Hardcore rap purists have been experiencing a sort of a drought with the current scene. A handful of rappers have the experience and the know-how to write punchlines when they rap. Rebel 7, a Delhi based producer/rapper is blasting through the drought with a new wave.

An emcee that writes lethal punchlines, combined with varied flows, and even produces heavy beats to keep you nodding your head to the bars, Rebel 7 is shaping up to be an all-round versatile artist and these are the kinds of artists that Indian Hip-Hop really needs right now more than anything else.

On “Kaale”, Rebel 7 unleashes a barrage of bars in his core Dilli style and involves multiple dope spitters along the length of the EP. Not only is the entire EP filled with witty lines, aggressive truth bombs, and an overall “F- Everything” attitude, it is an expression of the multiple emotions that directly stem from the environment and situations that Rebel has been placed in and experienced. Strap in for some heavy bars and hardcore vibes.

Galat Hai

“Bheek do bhikaari ko, toh kopche mein nashe!” This punchline is the first you’ll notice right as the EP starts (post a brief explanation of the artwork). “Pairi Pauna” (a track previously released by Rebel, produced by Sez On The Beat) puts you right in the middle of a busy New Delhi street as Rebel 7 takes you on a trip around the neighborhood. The intro to this EP sets the tone entirely around its vibe.

“Chitt” features fellow Delhi talent Vyshakh, and the song boasts both their lyrical abilities, and this follows along to “Mojo”, and by this time as a listener, you will know that flexing lyrical strength is a consistent theme across the EP. “Fuk Gayi” (featuring Qaab) and “Golmaal” (featuring Delhi veteran Yungsta) end the EP on a high note. “Golmaal”, becoming a favorite among listeners also has a video out.

The EP is another testament to the long-time artists who have been honing their skills for years and then putting themselves out there. This is what some would call “Underground rap” (assuming there is such a thing or something close to it). Share this EP and promote the new sounds of Indian Hip-Hop coming your way!

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