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B-Leaf and Darzi Unveil ‘Bhabhi Hunter’: A Hilariously Conceptual EP with Legendary Charm

Released on the 1st of June, ‘Bhabhi Hunter’ is an amusing lore that is recited by B-Leaf and Darzi, featuring Arpit Bala, Shauharty and Baijoo Bawra. Amidst the trend of teenage and the 20s’ generations love stories, Bhabhi Hunter narrates a storyline of the rather older ones trying their game in flirting and love. Set in Madhya Pradesh, the EPs’ concept revolves around a ‘Bhabhi Hunter’ trying his level best to trap Rekha Ji, a married woman.

The cover art of the EP

The first track, “Bade Acche Lagte Hai” sees B-Leaf, Arpit Bala and Shauharty narrating Act:1. B-Leaf sets the tone for the track, succeeded by Arpit who steps up and merges himself in the track perfectly. It’s crazy how Arpit Bala switches his style for every artist he collaborates with. Shauharty adds a newness to his rap-style as well and mentions flirting with Rekha Ji, while adding a grooviness to his voice. The production, handled by Darzi, features synths sampled heavily throughout with different funky sounds added into the track.

The second track, “Uncle Association”, produced by Darzi features a comical Act:2 of the storyline where our beloved ‘Bhabhi Hunter’ gets drunk and vents out about his loneliness and complains how the younger ones in the locality tease him on his age. This track adds a vibe to the EP and fills it with funkiness. The production on this one is one of the most unique ones, the samples and main instruments switch every once in a while with the narrator’s voice and emotions.

The title track of the EP appears in the end with an additional feature from Baijoo Bawra. The production features B-Leaf looping an Indian percussion instrument. He occasionally features electric guitars on the track and adds whistle sounds combining to create a jazz-like sound.
The storyline comes to an end and Baijoo raps about the finale and how the Hunter sets up his meeting and comes closer to trapping Rekha Ji, who seems to have a soft spot for him by now. This is the longest track in the EP and concludes the plot.

‘Bhabhi Hunter’ is a funky yet conceptual project that revolves around the Alternate Hip-Hop genre. B-Leaf and Darzi deliver a fresh new sound and concept that is narrated via the lyrics and composition. A fun fact about the composition of the EP is that all the tracks pay an ode to Indian weddings around the country, especially the sounds and musical part of it.

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