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Avora Records’ Debut Album “Comedians on Drugs” is Everything Their Fans Asked For

Avora Records is a 5-piece act hailing from Aizawl, Mizoram. Ever since the band’s inception back in 2016, this quirky, seemingly unintimidating band has shot to fame with their impressive production and exquisite musicianship. Their journey from being a group of 5 musicians keen on jamming and polishing their skills to securing accolades in prestigious competitions and being one of the fastest growing bands in the country, can be accredited to the uniqueness of their sound and ethereal compositions. The band is critically acclaimed for the unparalleled energy that they exude in their stage performances and its ability to connect to the audience on a level that is scarcely believable.

If there was one thing that the fans held against the band it would be the lack of a full-sized album. Fortunately, that sentiment has changed now that Avora Records has dropped their debut albums “Comedians on Drugs” made available on all digital platforms since the 1st of October, 2020. This 10-track album can be viewed as a testament to their journey and the experience they have garnered, helping them grow and improve as a band and their resolute stance towards shaping their own future. The tracks in this album do not follow a generic progression adhering to any specific genre, a feature this band is often associated with. Apart from their penchant for disregarding the separation of genres and inculcating the features of multiple genres to create their own unique sound, the band has been able to enthuse its fans further with the subtle dexterity with which they’ve structured the lyrics for each song, ultimately creating a commentary on the varying problems and issues that plague the modern world. The members of the band showcase their individual talent and impeccable skills in this album as they reinforce the quality that shot them into the spotlight – their unabashed and unpretentious presence and quality of music. Coining the term “emo jazz” to their style of music, their music intertwines the influences and features of various genres and feels, creating a sort of music that keeps the audience hooked and rocking their heads to the groovy beats of their tracks. In contrast to their peppy sound and intriguing music, the album overtly talks about how the modern world bears witness to people putting on a façade of happiness and wholesome behavior in the digital world in order to mask their unhappiness and crippling depression. These dark and pragmatic themes are usually masked by the groovy beats of their tracks, much like the very thing this album talks about.

Avora Records showcased the power of determination and sheer will when it comes to achieving a certain goal. Their band overcame various obstacles in the 2 and a half years of the album’s creation, chief of which is the ongoing global pandemic to finally reach the goal they set out to achieve. The band serves as an inspiration to the thousands of musicians and projects that are too scared to step out into the real world fearful of the consequences to embrace that adrenaline and plunge headfirst into the storm. The new album goes to show that the band has no intention of deviating from its music style, the very style that secured it as a favorite in many people’s minds.

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