Ambient synth-y melodies deployed over heavy bass grooves, Kali Mirch’s new EP ‘Nature Boy’

What is dance? Why does one dance? Why do we make our limbs flail around in a rhythmic pattern? Why is it that some kinds of music have an inherent tendency to make our feet tap? Kali Mirch answers those questions, metaphorically, on his latest EP ‘Nature Boy’.

Adi Chaudhari aka Kali Mirch is a DJ and producer delving into house and techno music in the club circuits of Mumbai. Beginning his journey in the independent music space since the start of 2017, Adi already has a couple of singles and EP under his belt but his latest release ‘Nature Boy’ is what cements his musicality as a producer. Primarily having learned production on his own, Adi had enrolled himself into True School Music for a 3-year program but had to drop out after completing the 1st year due to the course being too expensive.

A 4 track EP with a laid back pulsating groove characteristic of house music is what defines ‘Nature Boy’. Adi imaginatively makes use of ambient synth-y melodies deployed over heavy bass grooves to construct a voguish club-worthy sound. And even if you’re not the type that goes clubbing, Adi’s music makes for the perfect addition to a chill staying-in session at your home, both alone and with friends. “Since my journey with music began with a laptop and not a conventional ‘instrument’ – I always felt like I was manufacturing music as opposed to making it. The last 3 years have been great in terms of building my chops but I never really had a process. ‘Nature Boy’ was a departure from this and I tried to let things flow without intention, and without trying to fit any boxes…which is why it sounds unlike anything else I’ve made before.” says Adi.

Hear the EP here: