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Aanchal’s EP ‘Letters to Bombay’ Is Perfect Infusion of Blues With Memories

Aanchal Bordoloi is an Assamese- Bengaluru based artist known for her folk-soul, folk-rock and pop music. A previous member of Vienna songwriter circle in Austria, she has opened for other Indian indie stalwarts such as Aditi Ramesh, Vir Das, Parvaaz and Easy Wanderings. Reflecting on Aanchal’s meticulous and paradoxical craftsmanship in “Void,” her stunning journey through her creative web feels like a personal triumph. Navigating through her impressive musical repertoire, it’s astonishing to witness how Aanchal has carved out a niche for her art—a genre uniquely her own.

In exploring the uncharted territory of relationships unfulfilled, one is confronted with a profound sense of mystery. How little we truly comprehend these bonds that linger, untransformed by the passage of time. This introspective journey delves deep into the human experience, where the heart’s desires are often obscured, yet ever-persistent. This is on something of a similar route. 

Bravely, Aanchal upholds a slice of her life through three beautiful melodies by reflecting on her past, contemplating her failed connection that once held profound significance. This connection has gradually dissolved, leaving behind a sense of loss and unfulfilled potential. The failed connection with someone who was inherently close to her serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the inevitable changes that life brings. This is innately what Aanchal has beautifully penned down in her debut EP “Letters To Bombay”. 


This track is actually a declaration of Bordoloi’s departure from the type of genre she is famous for. Right from the very beginning, Aanchal’s penchant for jazz music is evident as the noticeable commentary on her seemingly over love life is brought to life. She slowly steps up to the reality of what life has thrown at her and this track is eventually her picking herself up again. The problems of her melancholy are described with such nuance with the help of strings keeping it rhythmically lyrical. The composition might be the cushion to the perfect vocal soaked in the right amount of timbre yet so expressive that it sublimely captures the feeling of getting over someone or the feeling about them.


Gearing more towards the R&B and the Blues, Ruse is a synergy of the country-side softness within Aanchal with the lyrical mastery of Blues. It is laid back yet full of the morose influence of heartbreak that essentially is at the core of this EP. In a recent conversation, Aanchal shared a glimpse into her creative process, hinting at the deeply personal nature of her music. She mentioned how parts of a conversation with a long-lost pen pal might find their way into her songs. This revelation adds a layer of intrigue and intimacy to her music, leaving us to wonder which bits of her lyrics are drawn from these nostalgic exchanges.

This subtle revelation invites us to explore Aanchal’s music with a newfound curiosity, imagining the stories and emotions that may be woven into each song. It’s a reminder of the power of personal experiences in shaping art, and how even the most seemingly mundane conversations can leave a lasting impact on our creative expressions.


The deadly combination of sass and jazz is always something to look out for and if that comes out of an artist doing it for the first time, it automatically becomes special. Ruins becomes the embodiment of Aanchal’s mind and vision for the EP and doesn’t shy away from describing it as is. As a listener this makes you engrossed in what she has to say but accompanied by the mesmerizing vocals. 

The synergy between Sanjith Nair’s production, Joel Sakkari’s mixing finesse, and Manan Kathuria’s evocative cover art expertly brings Aanchal’s vision to life.  While “Letters to Bombay” might introduce you to Aanchal’s musical world, remember it’s just the beginning!

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