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A Wondrous and Immersive Experience that is ‘SHOR’

The Indian independent music scene has seen a surge in the number of new bands and artists springing up from different parts of the country hailing from a large assortment of genres. One such newcomer who has managed to turn quite a few heads is ‘SHOR’. This electro-pop artist, originally from Bahrain, has been able to make a distinctive mark among fans transcending genres due to his innovative and resplendent sound that leaves the listener wanting more.

When asked about the grassroots of SHOR, Rohan Shetty recounts the days in his childhood where his newfound love and vigor to create and proliferate his own music led him to form his own band and how that experience educated him to make better and more mature decisions about the type of music that would sit easier with the public. Time passed and he navigated his way around a few other projects before he decided to take a leap of faith with a future as a solo artist, leading to the creation of SHOR. He spoke about his influences, listing artists like Bon Iver, Kanye West and Lucky Ali among others, stating that their music inspired his own creations and accent the innovative elements that he has managed to inculcate in his own songs.

SHOR can be explained as a wholesome, immersive experience that expands the horizon when it comes to music listening. The artist attempts to create a fantastical world through his songs and takes the listener on a trip through his imagination not only through audio, but visually as well. A recurring theme that can be spotted in any SHOR video release is the avant-garde type of storytelling, contemporary to the lyrics and the vibe of the song. The artist strives to maintain this invigorating audio-visual experience not only in his digital releases, but also in his live sets. With SHOR, Shetty dares to look past his own limitations by creating music that is unexampled in its own right. He ushers in an eclectic bevy of instruments and tones in his tracks and manages to unlock their potential as well and extricate the most out of them. Being relatively new on the scene, SHOR attempts to capture everyone’s attention with the release of his first EP while his previous tracks cleverly act as a trailer to this new release in terms of its dreamy and ingenious elements.

In a nutshell, SHOR’s unique sound and musical experience makes it extremely difficult for anyone to conclusively place it in any particular genre. Nevertheless, music has never been about the genre but about how it makes that listener feel. SHOR may be relatively new on the scene, but with the type of content being shelled out by this artist, it’s only a matter of time before everyone is talking about him.

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