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Watch: Lyric video for ‘NOKSTOP’ by Nok Nok

New Delhi based blues-rock band Nok Nok is here with their fun new single ‘NOKSTOP‘. The song was released on all streaming platforms on the 22nd of July. The band released their debut self-titled EP in 2018.

Drawing inspiration from Twenty One Pilots, Green Day and even Katy Perry, the band has never been shy while exploring sounds and genres, breaking barriers with their sound. The lyric video fuses mind bending visuals with blues rock meeting alternative.

What do the lyrics mean? Amar Pandey, the band’s bassist said “…lyrically, it was supposed to be a rant against the summer. Basically, complaining about how hot it was. Somewhere, we started thinking about the song as being stuck in a tough situation, facing your insecurities and trying to get away from things that scare you. “

The song was written years ago and went through changes as the band’s sound developed. The band worked with Santana Issar in the making of the lyric video. Visually, it uses the creative imagination to show the concepts of ‘getting away’. The angsty lyrics aside, the song takes the listener back to the alt/grunge/punk sound of the 90s and early 00s. The guitar melodies and rhythms are the best takeaway from the song. What’s in store for the future of Nok Nok? “We’re planning to release our single ‘The Urge’ in August, followed by the rest of the album” adds Amar Pandey.

Watch and listen to NOKSTOP here :

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