Sound Drome’s Launch : A Visual Recap Of Their 1st Gig

July marks a special time in Delhi. It’s the onset of monsoons, yes, but it is also the time when the live music circuit picks up in pace in anticipation of a more enjoyable weather. 25th July marked the launch of the very first Sound Drome, a live music venture started by Flashcraft Entertainment. The gig took place at Auro Kitchen and Bar in Delhi with Bandish Projekt featuring Mumbai’s hip hop crew Swadesi, Sumit Roy’s band Rolls Roy’s and Sidharth Morrison with Basti Crew. The gig was marked by a very distinct and varied group of audience coming together to attend.

Partnering up with Skillbox’s live music property ‘Live Box’, the launch of Sound Drome saw an ecstatic DJ+percussion set by Sidharth Morrison and the Basti Crew. Mixing in hard rock plus Drum n Bass, Siddharth’s skills on the console were complimented by a live playing of percussion instruments by two members of the Basti Crew.

Then descended a smooth yet energetic set by Rolls Roy’s an ensemble fronted by Delhi’s home boy Sumit Roy, who was spitting out bars after after of meaningful resistance poetry. The ensemble’s sound, refined and dynamic, provided the perfect base for Sumit to take wings and get the crowd involved. The crowd too joined him in on multiple occasions during the set.

The night progressed on to Bandish Projekt and the Swadesi crew taking the stage. An explosive mix of Swadesi’s vernacular flavor mixed with Bandish Projekt’s mastery over creating a full, bass heavy sound, got everyone moving. Everyone, not having heard such a sound before, reacted to it differently with some people bobbing their heads, some moving to the rhythm and some straight up dancing.