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Singles Roundup #77 – Alt Rock, Indie Fusion, Progressive Metal, and More!

Introducing the 77th edition of The Indian Music Diaries! Explore the dynamic realm of independent music with our latest roundup featuring standout releases from December and January. From mesmerizing melodies to infectious rhythms, immerse yourself in a diverse array of sounds that showcase the unparalleled creativity and talent within the indie music scene.

1) Talk to Me Nice – Tech Panda, Kenzani, Raxstar feat Hari and Sukhmani

Loved for their ability to make old Indian sounds talk a modern language, electronic duo Tech Panda and Kenzani’s ‘Talk to Me Nice’ features British Punjabi rapper Raxstar and folktronica duo Hari and Sukhmani. Mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning producer Luca Pretolesi, this track is a musical powerhouse.

2) Step Back – Nis Murphy and Moosa

The first single from their upcoming album, ‘Step Back by Nis Murphy and Moosa is a mix of RnB, Soul, psychedelic, and experimental hip-hop tracks. It talks about a person who falls asleep at the wheel and finds themselves in heaven, weighing the value of the life they led. The Hook is a play on retrograde motion, it is one of the most unique tracks in a while.

3) Lilith – Ron B and Zuboski 

Mumbai-based artist Ron B and Zuboski’s ‘Lilith,’ is an Alt Rock track for a woman the artist meets in a bar. The song fawns over the woman’s opinions and abilities to see through the singer – similarly characterized to the Hebrew mythology goddess Lilith, also considered to be the first woman on earth.

4) Baby, we can make this right… – Cinnamon Cigars

Duo Shubham Kundu and Geetika Chatterjee, better known as Cinnamon Cigars, recently released their anthem of reassurance ‘Baby, we can make this right…’ It brings out the essence of a strong, unwavering bond between two individuals who share a profound connection built on trust, Love, and belief that together, they can overcome anything. The song expertly talks about transcending relationship challenges in the most musical way possible. 

5) Tere Sang Piya – Anshul Negi 

Indie alt and R&B artist Anshul Negi released his latest single ‘Tere Sang Piya, a song that talks about overcoming darkness and finding love after a heartbreak. Shedding light on resilience and rebuilding capacity, the song has heartfelt lyrics paired with the artist’s distinctive vocals. It would be one of the most evocative and innovative additions to your playlist.

6) Collide – Digparatsa and Aronjoy Das, Issac Munoz, Rishika Roy

Gurgaon-based duo Digparatsa and Aronjoy Das’s single ‘Collide’ with Argentinian violinist Issac Munoz and Delhi–based vocalist Rishika Roy is a gritty yet ambient track capturing the raw emotions of a relationship on the verge of ending. With electronic beats and alt-rock/metal influences, the electronica, downtempo, and experimental track is something you wouldn’t want to miss. 

7) Khoye – Bombay Noor 

Bombay Noor, a music collective comprising of Sanchi, Anway Gangawane, Adith Anande, and Abhijit Kacchap released their latest track ‘Khoye.’ A track about adulting, the song is a very reassuring track on how we keep hustling while trying to make our dreams a reality. Capturing the often feeling of ‘we don’t have enough time on our hands,’ it’s a very peppy and cheerful track at the same time. 

8) Mann Bawra Re – Sharanya Ghosh 

Mumbai-based artist Sharanya Ghosh’s ‘Mann Bawra Re’ is an experimental piece that compliments both her classical roots and contemporary side. With contemporary beats and sitar by Mehtab Ali Niazi, the music video depicts Mumbai as a cyclical rhythm of the faster-paced life as well as the monotony of it. 

9) Gulaam – Mameluke ft Shreeya 

Mumbai–based rapper Mameluke’s latest track ‘Gulaam’ is about a gangster who turned his life around by switching his career to hip-hop and how the past still haunts him at times. With hip-hop beats and Hindustani classical melodic instruments, this track has the fastest rap verse in the Indian hip-hop scene with 301 words in 36 seconds. 

10) I knew – Ira Sharma, CurioCity 

Berklee College of Music student Ira Sharma released her pop-tinged future bass soundtrack ‘I knew.’ With vocals that are easy on the ear and a dreamy atmosphere, the Delhi-bred, Boston–based artist’s song involves dubstep and clever vocal chopping.

11) Compromised – Aaditya Goswami ft Urvi Bhattacharya 

Progressive metal song ‘Compromised’ by Glasgow-based artist Aaditya Goswami along with Urvi Bhattacharya and Nishanth Hagier on the drums talks about the impending doom of earth. Capturing the inevitable struggle of humanity in confronting its shortcomings and hypocrisies as it searches for hope, it evokes feelings of fear, and depression as well as hope and valor. 

12) Thoda Sa Pyaar – Samaksh 

New – Delhi-based singer/ songwriter Samaksh’s song ‘Thoda Sa Pyaar’ delves into those delicate emotions that accompany the discovery of love for the first time. With a mellow vibes backdrop, it hosts a rich interplay of electric guitars, drums, synths, and Samaksh’s soulful vocals. It deftly captures the boundaries between friendship, and something more.

13) Homage – Imon 

Guhwati singer/songwriter Imon’s exploration of his passion for life took shape as he paid tribute to the people he’s grown up to idolize and admire through his song ‘Homage.’ The 26-year-old introduces his fears and passions through this song very effectively. 

14) Feel So Good – Artha 

Ojas Balge aka Artha’s electronic debut single ‘Feel So Good’ is a melodic house groove that “came to life through a burst of experimentation” with his “trusty MIDI keyboard.” It is a groovy number you would want to listen to. 

15) Most of the days – Anoushka Maskey 

Written in 10 minutes, Sikkim-born, Mumbai–based artist Anoushka Maskey’s ‘Most of the Days’ is a song written in the heat of a moment when her burdening financials and emotional baggage were oppressing her life and spirit. The new but consistent feelings of unrest are expressed in this folk ballad with just the artist’s vocals and her guitar. 

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