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Singles Roundup #75: Alt Electro Fusion, Dreamy Pop EDM, and More!

We come bearing gifts for Christmas – India’s hottest tunes in the independent scene! Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got it all. Be it pop rock, Rajasthani hip-hop, everything.

Tune in!

1. Stop Calling Me – Kayan and Yashraj 

Soul and R&B artist Kayan and hip-hop artist Yashraj’s latest release ‘Stop calling me,’ is a conversation between two people who cannot commit to each other and don’t know what they want out of the relationship. The bilingual track explores a conflicted relationship in an ear candy production and some playful effects blending to get you grooving to the hook. 

2. Citylights – Ruhdabeh, ATHRV, Tanay Parulekar 

Artists Tanay Parulekar, ATHRV, and Ruhdabeh brought each pop their unique styles into their symphonic new track ‘Citylights.’ It captures the beauty of the Mumbai hustle both sonically and visually. The alternative electronic fusion track deftly paints the city that never sleeps as an ideal place for dreamers. 

3. Worst Thing – Diya Dhar 

Pune-based artist Diya Dhar recently released her emotionally fuelled track ‘Worst Thing.’ The Zomaland 2023 performer poured her heart into this pop-rock track starting with its simple arrangement of the piano and her hard–hitting vocals. The charged electric guitar melodies shed light on intense emotions and is a track you wouldn’t want to miss.

4.Kahaani – Nidhi Wagle 

22-year-old Nidhi Wagle’s latest track ‘Kahaani’ talks about falling in love with someone and the longing for them to feel the same. The Mumbai-based artist’s dreamy pop EDM song is produced by Jai Kalki and mixed by Rahul Agrawat with guitar riffs by Mihir Degaonkar. 

5. Slipstream – Screetus 

A powerful and explosive song that captures the feeling of pent–up anger amidst life’s frustrations, Screetus’s latest track ‘Slipstream’ is a track so unique you will regret not hearing. The Bangalore-based prog rock band also has a short film that beautifully illustrates the delicate yet impactful nature of existence to complement the brilliant song.

6. Obsidian – Kount

Lew Hilt aka Kount’s latest track ‘Obsidian’ is a track inspired by the famous flutist Shri Hariprasad Chaurasia. This can be heard on the track as a resampled flute working as a pad all creatively crafted by the Delhi-based artist.

7. Poi – Kaber Vasuki 

Tamil indie musician Kaber Vasuki departs from his usual acoustic songs to electrifying electronic single in his latest single. ‘Po’ is a club anthem with backing vocals by Anjana Rajagopalan and guitar by Sahib Singh. The track delves into the shadow of human nature with the lyrics unfolding the journey of an unsuspecting youth navigating the deceitful ways of the world. 

8. Hooded Figures – Aadya Jaswal

22-year-old artist Aadya Jaswal released her latest indie rock song ‘Hooded Figures,’ a song that explores insecurities and inner demons. The Gurgaon-based artist’s song has whimsical melodies, sinister undertones, and groovy rhythms. It is both a sonic and a visual experience.

9. Filhaal – The Western Ghats and Alyssa Mendonsa 

Mumbai–based band The Western Ghats and Alyssa Mendonsa released their latest track ‘Filhaal.’ A song that is light-hearted and has that feel-good element, it’s a track with rock, modern pop, and electronic styles infused making it an amazing sonic experience.

10. Nineteen Seventy Five – Aanya 

Encapsulating the strange, formative, and uncertain phase of teenage life is Aanya’s single ‘Nineteen Seventy Five.’ One of the singles from her upcoming EP ‘Retrograde,’ this track deals with themes of grief, heartbreak, etc, as a bittersweet contemplation of being suspended in between acceptance and denial. 

11. Pali Drill – Rumii

Intertwining the rich heritage of Rajasthani folk music with gritty urban vibes of the UK underground hip-hop scene is Rumii’s ‘Pali Drill.’ A brainchild of Shivam Choraria, this track is a complex dance of tradition and innovation in a changing world. Transcending geographical boundaries, ‘Pali Drill’ has Dholakia, dhol, and desert melodies and talks about cultural identity, resilience, and the power of unity. 

12. Here and Now – Cana Nongkhlaw

Shillong–based artist Cana Nongkhlaw’s latest track ‘Here and Now’ blends introspection, nuances of mental health, emotional escapism, and pure privilege to love. All of these elements put through as a tribute to her mother is the first of her upcoming EP and is an emotional labyrinth you wouldn’t want to miss. 

13. Why – Cinnamon Cigars 

Made in one day from scratch is Cinnamon Cigars’’ ‘Why.’ The band is comprised of Nagpur-based Shubham Kundu and Geetika Chatterjee, the single talks about how one has to get out of the monotony of life and be more adventurous. Recorded with Shankh, the music video also has a DIY approach to it and has themes of escapism, wanting to escape to the familiar and the unknown. It also has images of waves in sand to give that sensory connection. 

14. Yaad – Ritwick Das 

New Delhi-based artist Ritwick Das’s ‘Yaad’ talks about unrequited love and the agony as well as the pleasure of not knowing if the other person feels the same. Co-produced by Das along with Prajjawal Pant, the track with Tabla beats was written in 2019 but didn’t see the light of day until recently due to COVID. 

15. Sunny Days – Melythm 

Noida-based Instrumental band Melythm’s ‘Sunny Days’ is a trip down memory lane to simpler times. Inspired by jazz, blues, R&B, math rock, and progressive genres, the band’s track is a recollection of a day in school’s summer break. With bright chord melodies interwoven with a blissful saxophone solo, and minimal drums, it hits that sweet nostalgic sweet spot. 

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