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Singles Roundup #74: Experimental R&B, Synth-Pop And More!

As we’re reaching the end of another crazy month, let’s look at some of the best releases in the independent music scene. Cozy up, kick back, and relax while listening to this specially curated playlist made for you!

1. Hold Me-Ditty

From his upcoming EP ‘Skin,’ Ditty released his single ‘Hold Me,’ a tender and vulnerable confession of the fears that love makes one face. The Berlin-based artist’s song is mainly inspired by his experiences during the pandemic. The songwriter, also an ecologist took an Indian approach to this indie-pop song that also talks about his experiences with the earth.

2. Bahaane – OAFF, Somanshu ft The Rish and Lisa Mishra 

Taking a break from the usual, ‘Bahaane’ talks about a couple who’s trying to re-ignite their relationship that has reached its lowest point by fighting for their love. Put together by Mumbai-based OAFF, Nainital-based Somanshu, The Rish, and Lisa Mishra, the track has a more ‘real and grounded’ approach towards love. Going beyond the superficiality of modern romance, ‘Bahaane’ dives deep into the complexities of a connection worth preserving in the most musical way possible.

3.Undeniable – Tiana Tarapor Vala, Sticky Twiggs

Partnering with Sticky Twiggs, Bombay-based artist Tiana released her latest single ‘Undeniable.’ It is a song that talks about the unrelenting hold that a person has over you. The experimental R&B bop talks about being with an emotionally unavailable person. With the tasteful guitars, gritty synths, and punctuated string parts, ‘Undeniable’ is a track you wouldn’t have to miss. 

4. Haal – Akshay Agarwal, Abhishek Gaura

Jaipur-based artist Akshay Agarwal paints a vivid picture of the burdens and disappointment one carries through his latest single ‘Haal.’ The quiet energetic emotional landscape of the track mirrors the journey of finding solace in solitude. It expresses the weight of unexpressed emotions and intricacies of human relationships with the guitar melodies, cello, and drums. Overall, it is a powerful track that you would love.

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5. Sahara – Nive

Poetically portraying four distinct phases of life is Nive’s ‘Sahara.’ Delhi-based artist Nivedita Lakra aka Nive’s single has themes of destiny, money, drugs, and love through the perspective of someone going through substance abuse. The composition has a touch of melancholy and is also satanic.

6.Ek Zubani Tere Naam – Gunda 

Qawwali, Shayari, and house-music artist Tanmay Saxena aka Gunda questions his experiences in his latest single ‘Ek Zubani Tere Naam.’ A eulogy to his love, the track is a pensive declaration of self-depreciation as he serenades the pain of perpetually reliving his past.

7.Teri Aankhein – Dhiren 

New – Delhi-based artist’s latest deep chill-out track ‘Teri Aankhein’ is perfect for your road trips. The indie acoustic track traverses along the feelings of a guy for a girl as he describes her. The sonic journey of love and its emotions is quite heartfelt and relatable, leaving you feeling quite nostalgic. 

8. Unke Rangon Mein – Ashwin Advani 

Indore-based Ashwin Advani’s latest synth-pop track ‘Unke Rangon Mein,’ is an ode to all the people who make the world better and brighter by just being themselves. Laced with palpable emotion and brimming hope, this song will surely make you grateful and lift your spirits.

9. Fire in the Mind – Balkirat

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Punjabi–Canadian artist Balkirat’s indie rock ballad track is a tale of him betting on himself and following his dreams as a singer and producer. ‘Fire In the Mind,’ co–crafted with Sunny Diamonds and Taab with its captivating drums serves as a reminder for people to chase their dreams. 

10. Doom’s My Religion – Sachi ft Ayan De

‘Doom’s My Religion,’ Saachi’s latest track with Ayan De is about the destruction and decay caused by COVID–19 but from the perspective of the virus. Expertly capturing themes like capitalism and hate, the OST-esque music style with pop- pop-storytelling elements was released on the Day of the Dead during the Halloween season. 

11. Remain a Memory – Fallen Letters 

Bangalore–based band Fallen Letters with duo Vishal Naidu and Aditya Ramesh released their latest single ‘Remain a Memory.’ Drawing heavy influence from artists like Blackfield, Deftones, Opeth, and Katatonia, the track embraces melancholy and a certain darkness as the duo embark on an emotional and vulnerable journey.

12. More Saiyaan – Suyash 

‘More Saiyaan,’ Suyash’s latest Fusion-pop/dance-pop song is about a lover asking to respond to his beckoning. The track with its driving groove and ethnic melodic structures has Sadaat Shafqat Amanat on the vocals, supported by Utpal Udit. The folk-like song can also be interpreted as a plea to God, giving it a very Sufi texture.

13.Kuch Bhi Nahi – Drotolix 

‘Kuch Bhi Nahi’ is Drotolix’s enchanting R&B/Pop fusion with heartfelt lyrics and fantastical melodies. With themes of emptiness and the quest for meaning in a seemingly void world, the emotive vocals and expert production talk about the emotions associated with someone left behind. 

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14. Pradhaman – Anonymous

Kerala–based artist Anoh Jacob Biju aka Anohnymouss recently released his single ‘Pradhaman.’ A song with quirky flows and an enigmatic rapping style, the beat has a thick Indian flavor that created this satirical banger with authentic culinary innuendos. The song with its ecstatic hook and verses is a take on the Kerala sweet rice pudding.

15. Manwa – Prithviraj Singh and Nitisha Agrawal

Delving into the theme of love, capturing the restlessness of the heart on a romantic journey, ‘Manwa’ is a song by artists Prithviraj Singh and Nitisha Agrawal. Based on Raag Bhupali, the song features electronic elements and a soothing slide guitar, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Capturing deep feelings of love transcending gender differences, ‘Manwa’ serves as a serene, emotional experience for listeners.

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