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Singles Roundup #73: Indie Dream Pop, R&B Slow Jam, Blues-Pop And More!

Let’s enter November with a bang by listening to some of last month’s craziest singles. As always, this roundup has been curated with the most diverse tracks by artists from various backgrounds. Prepare yourself for the winter that is to come with these chill tracks!

1. Bottom of The Sea – Avyay and Perp 

New Delhi-based artist Avyay and Mumbai-based artist Perp released their debut single ‘Bottom of The Sea’ the previous month. With its heartfelt melodies, genuine songwriting, and lively instrumentation, the easy-listen track has some quirky electronic production. The husky/dreamy vocals are well-complemented with a fun beat. Groove to this track now!

2. Take Me Back – Gouri and Aksha 

Artists Gouri and Aksha’s latest track’s melody is not what you might think of when you think of songs about nostalgia. ‘Take Me Back’ takes you back in time with reminders of places, people, and moments that have shaped our times through a beautiful blend of emotion and melody. The track aims to serve as a reminder of places, people, and moments that have shaped our lives. With a synth-heavy landscape, the well-produced track celebrates cherished memories uniquely and pleasantly.

3. Mere Kahaani Tu – Rishi Kumar, Devanand SP, and Ashi Singh

Rishi Kumar, Devanand SP, and Ashi Singh’s ‘Mere Kahaani Tu’ is a track that mirrors the back-and-forth journey of finding one’s soulmate. With 2 contrasting vocalists Devanand SP and Ashi Singh, the track also has a melodic Veena interlude and some tabla rhythms that elevate the song.

4. Blaze – Soundarya 

Written in 3 acts, Soundarya’s single ‘Blaze’ reflects the musician’s constantly changing expression. With each act representing a different aspect of human emotion, Soundarya also talks about the artist and his/her art changing together. With this unique and unbounded perspective into songwriting, the melody of the song keeps shifts from synth melodies to tropical elements, and whisper vocals and it finally ends with melodic hip-hop outro. 

5.Mere Hisse Ki Mohabbat – Daku

Daku’s latest upbeat pop track ‘Mere Hisse Ki Mohabbat’ is a heartfelt rendition about being authentically committed to the person you love. His sweet vocals coupled with the groovy beat set a nice tone for Darshan Kataria aka Daku to talk about the unconditional love a boy feels for someone he waited for all his life.


6.DAKLA 8 – Bandish Projekt and Aishwarya Joshi ft Maulik Nayak

Electronic music outfit Bandish Projekt’s 8th edition of their ‘DAKLA’ series blends traditional Indian folk music with modern electronic production. Known for their innovative fusion of electronic, traditional, and global sounds, they teamed up with Aishwarya Joshi and Maulik Nayak for ‘DAKLA 8.’ It is a unique storytelling experience through both sound and visuals. With Gujarati motifs and a steady beat that sets the tone for the whole song, it is truly a song you would like to hear. 

7. I’m Not Exactly Sure What I’m Feeling – French Girlfriends 

French Girlfriends, the solo project of Kolkata-based Subhas Mazumdar recently released ‘I’m Not Exactly Sure What I’m Feeling,’ an ethereal and melancholic single. It is a psychedelic experience with vocals that feel far away from this universe for anyone who listens to this track. With hints of shoegaze, new wave, and post-punk elements, the track, typical to the French Girlfriends style has a dominant presence of drum machines and shimmering synths/guitars. All of this is beautifully tied up with the vocals that feel more like an instrument. 

8.Jo Tum Saath Hote – Praya S Rokde 

Ahmedabad–based artist Praya S Rokde released ‘Jo Tum Saath Hote’ as an ode to a lost love that once permeated all corners of existence. With its music video of a solitary painter visiting his past through his parents, the feelings of longing are expressed in this soothing acoustic song with only the guitar and vocals. The saxophone, flute, and faint female vocals add a beautiful layer to this amazing track.

9. Saibo – Parth 

Featuring two tracks, both of which represent the musical journey of the artist, ‘Saibo’ by Parth talks about the comfort in melancholy. A soothing concoction of agony, anguish, and wrath, the track feels like a timelapse of going back to the person you were before the relationship. The soothing grace and mysterious melody throughout the single will surely get you hooked. 

10. Beautiful Mess – Avreen

Amritsar-based singer/songwriter Avreen recently released ‘Beautiful Mess,’ a song based on mental health, in collaboration with Future Youth Records. The track explores the story of two individuals who struggle to establish a deep connection due to past experiences and fears. The main emphasis of the song is on self–acceptance and the chaos/messiness of life. The beautifully composed and produced track is both relatable and supportive.

11.Tu Jo Mila – Aman Sagar, Cherish Banhotra

‘Tu Jo Mila’ is an R&B slow jam track by Aman Sagar and Cherish Banhotra that captures the ecstasy and awkwardness of a 1st date that is going well. The soothing track derives its influences from soul and contemporary R&B with a strong backbeat. The neo-soul guitar lines, horn section, and gospel-esque choir add very interesting layers to the whole song. 

12. Wake Up- Shwe G 

Shwe G’s latest blues-pop track ‘Wake Up’ is a beautiful culmination of Indian Classical music, blues, and pop music. Known for bustling the streets of New York with their performances, Shwe G understood both genres in this track. With its thumping, deep bass rhythms, captivating guitar melodies, and pop vocals, ‘Wake Up’ is a song you would love to listen to. 

13. How I Saw The World – Preemal Serrao 

Mangalore-based singer/songwriter Preemal Serrao recently released her second single ‘How I Saw The World,’ a track that evokes the sweet nostalgia of childhood in anybody who listens to it. With soaring beats and melodies, the track reminds your perception of the world as a child – a frightening yet beautiful place. Much like the studio-Ghibli-inspired poster, the melody also has those elements that feel like a fantasy/escape. 

14. You Don’t Belong To Me – Vatsal 

‘You Don’t Belong To Me’ is a dreamy/sentimental pop/rock song by Delhi-based artist Vatsal that delves into the complexities of relationships. The dramatic tone of the song mirrors how small disagreements can escalate into huge arguments in a relationship, sometimes leading them to question the love that they have for each other. With its unique mix of genres and pulsating rhythm, the track tries to convey that fights are healthy in a relationship and can get two people closer. 

15. Drown Under – Apocryphal

Progressive metal project Apocryphal paints the picture of endless cycles of drowning in pain to break the chain of hurting and healing in their latest single ‘Drown Under.’ With djent riffs, metalcore, gothic, and trip metal elements, the track has a pulsating rhythm with mellow leads. The song has both growls and ethereal vocals, put together to mirror the fierce self and the compassionate self. 

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