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Singles Roundup #72: Lo-Fi, Pune Hip-Hop, Instrumental Prog Metal, and More!

Officially entering the last quarter of 2023 and the independent music scene in India remains super awesome! Artists from all walks of life have been releasing new music and here are our top picks. Feel free to add them to your playlist and support them.

1.Khoya Khoya Chand – Rebel 7, Encore ABJ, and Huzur

Delhi-based artist Rebel 7 and rapper Huzur recently released their lo-fi track ‘Khoya Khoya Chand.’ It is a track that talks about the existential dread faced by today’s youth. What’s interesting is that it explores this feeling as a result of dealing with the burden of living in a world that remains unfazed despite the chaos, unlike the popular belief that it’s because of lifestyle choices. The jazz influences and the bass riff complement the melancholic intonation of the song throughout. The smooth flow and sensual vocals make this a track that you should listen to.

2.Maujooda – Voctronica 

Mumbai-based A Capella group Voctronica explored the power of the human voice through their latest single ‘Maujooda.’ A blend of synth-pop, disco, and electronica, the track explores the power of the human voice, and embracing the now. Staying true to their slogan ‘No Instruments, No Kidding,’ everything in the song has been made using human voices. The fun and peppy track is capable of bringing a smile to your face. It also makes use of the classic Hindustani Bol which makes the experience even more vibrant. 

3. Mazaakiyan – Saahel

A love that is complex and all-consuming leaving one perplexed. That’s what Radio City Award ‘Best Young Indie Artist 2022’ winner Sahel’s track explores. Coming straight from his heart, ‘Mazaakiyan’ has excellent vocals from the 21-year-old and aptly captures the nourishing yet suffocating love in a way that resonates with everyone. 

4.Ranveer Singh – Sabby 

Adding to the charm of the Pune hip-hop scene is Sabby’s ‘Ranveer Singh.’ With its very local melody, the track has an amazing flow. It makes use of the melody from one of the songs (‘Malhari’) from the actor’s popular movie ‘Bajirao Mastani.’ The song was loved and appreciated by Ranveer Singh himself leading the artist and him to create a merch idea. Check the song out! 

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5.Baatein Ankahi – Kappi Kat

Kappi Kat’s recent soulful yet upbeat release ‘Baatein Ankahi,’ explores the feelings associated with being left ghosted. Using his influence on the UK bass music scene, the song features Vivaswath Rao on the vocals and is mastered by Anindo Bose. The quick and easy listen track has a music video that features the artist dancing around as a ghost on the streets of Bombay, adding a very creative touch to the song. 

6. Home – Arjun C 

Staying true to his usual style of having a little bit of everything, indie artist Arjun C released his track ‘Home’ recently. A track that quite literally hits home, the guitar-driven indie synth-pop ‘Home’ explores themes like anxiety, love, lust, family, comfort, a bar of chocolate, and missing one’s dog. Producer Aman Saxena has done a fabulous job in producing the music alongside Arjun C to give their listeners a very relatable track. 

7. Mabla Thwjase Jagwn – Jimmy Daimari 

‘When will it be enough?’ Asks Jimmy Daimari’s single in the native tongue of Bodo, a tribe from Assam. An instrumental progressive metal track centered around guitar riffs and melodies, ‘Mabla Thwjase Jagwn’ is a very powerful track that takes you on an intense journey led by the guitar and drums. The Bangalore-based artist recorded this in his home studio and we must say, has done an amazing job at it. 

8.Radio – Neha Hariharan 

15-year-old Neha Hariharan’s ‘Radio’ is a catchy pop song that explores powerful childhood friendships that don’t fade due to the passage of time or the distance. Mentored and guided by Dr.Subramaniam, co-founder and CEO of ‘Sa Pa,’ ‘Radio’ has so much magic in it and has a nice bass that runs throughout the song.

9. Mi Amor – Sai Vsr 

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Hyderabad–based artist Sai Vsr recently released his track ‘Mi Amor,’ an emotionally fuelled ballad. With ambient synths, guitars, and bilingual lyrics (English and Spanish), the track talks about past regrets and the memories of a love that once was. Sai Vsr’s storytelling skills came out through this song that was produced, mixed, and mastered by Pritpal Sudan. What stands out in the track is the artist’s cottony whisper vocals that just elevate the song.

10. High Society – Space is all we have 

Bengaluru-based Space Rock Act’s ‘High Society’ deftly captures the darker allure of instant gratification as a journey through different phases. Written during the peak of the pandemic era, the rap-infused prog-rock track captures the world chasing that dopamine hit. It is an immersive experience that listeners would love. It accurately paints the picture of being drowned in a chaotic society where everything is fast melodically.

11. Retro Override – Rohan Raveesh

‘This too shall pass,’ says Rohan Raveesh’s latest single ‘Retro Override.’ The Bangalore-based artist talks about how no matter what we go through, it eventually passes, therefore making it important to enjoy the ride. The track is heavy on the electric guitar and is reminiscent of synth wave and disco pop from the early 90s and 80s. Through the song, Raveesh has managed to beautifully express how to take the situations as they come, making it a track you wouldn’t want to miss. 

12. My Regrets Start With Your Name- Aditi 

22-year-old Aditi’s ‘My Regrets Start With Your Name’ stems from a very personal and honest space in the artist’s heart. A clinical pharmacist intern at Manipal, this heartbreak anthem helped her through difficult times in her life. Produced by Rajnath Krishnan, the song is elevated by Aditi’s strong vocals.

13.Alone – Dhruv Visvanath

With his unique arrangement that is a crossover between tropical melodies and orchestral elements, New Delhi’s Dhruv Visvanath’s latest release ‘Alone’ is surely a song you would like to add to your playlist. It talks about the inner monologues during the highs and lows of one’s life and the impact self-talk can have on his/her well-being. It is a relatable and empowering track that sheds light on the importance of self-compassion and self-care. 

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14.Kho Na Jau – Shubham Sarita

Shubham Sarita’s debut single ‘Kho Na Jau’ is a sweet and fresh take on falling in love and learning to let the same go. Amazingly produced by Akshay Kacchap, the track is fun and light with a tasteful guitar melody. With layers of instances that are compiled into a love song and the artist’s impressive vocals, ‘Kho Na Jau’ is surely a single that makes music lovers look forward to hearing more from Shubham Sarita.

15. Goodbye – Izora 

Our last track for this roundup is ‘Goodbye’ by the LA-based Izora. It is an emotionally charged song about love and heartbreak. The 20-year-old captures the pain and vulnerability of saying farewell to a relationship that has run its course. With a haunting melody and relatable songwriting, the R&B pop track is elevated by Izora’s soothing vocals. 

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