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Singles Roundup #71 – New Wave Goth/Post-Punk, Blues-Pop, Progressive Punjabi And More!

Ready for the 71st edition of the TIMD singles roundup? We sure are! This month, we come with some of India’s hottest indie releases. And you get to hear our top picks. Enjoy!

1. Delicate Surrender – Long Distances

Indie rock group Long Distances released ‘Delicate Surrender,’ a single from their upcoming EP ‘How the Mighty Will Fall.’ An introspective yet dancey track, ‘Delicate Surrender’ explores the inevitability of change and the endless cycle of life’s promises and disappointment through a bouncy bass line, driving backbeat, chorus-soaked guitar motifs, juicy synths and contemplative vocals. Its fresh yet nostalgic feel is complemented well with the male vocals adding a lovely grunge texture to the song. 

2. Yearning – Chirag Todi, Anubha Kaul

This contemporary blues track melds jazz and pop elements to break free from conventions. Ahmedabad-based artist Chirag Todi’s ‘Yearning’ takes a fresh path and talks about the unyielding ambition and deep aspirations within the ever-changing world. With intricate groove changes, harmonic variations, and a fusion of jazz and pop elements, embraces complexities and pushes listeners to find strength in both the old and the new.

3. City of Heartache – Perfect Strangers 

Bangalore-based Perfect Stranger’s latest release talks about the desperation that invariably follows a life in the city and the harsh realities of love and loss. The bittersweet experiences of city life with its feelings of nostalgia, yearning, and loneliness are deftly captured in the song with its fusion of blues, funk, rock, and jazz. 

4.Grey – KillZen, Karma 

Written during the pandemic as a part of a 50-hour music creation competition, KillZen, and Karma’s ‘Grey’ is a mysterious yet groovy track that keeps you on your toes right from the beginning. The strangely soothing track has a unique dystopian feel to it with its scintillating and slow-hitting beats and keeps you hooked.

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5.Aawazein Meri – Nikita Ahuja

A song about being isolated and giving that time to become self-aware, Nikita Ahuja’s ‘Aawazein Meri’ hopes to connect with its listeners. With a pleasant intro that builds up with Ahuja’s sweet vocals, the track reminds you that grief is but love is hidden. It’s a simple song that can have a major impact on the listener and urges you to come back stronger.

6.Khayaal – Shahi, Bharath

With Shahi’s rap poetry and Bharath’s beautiful verses, ‘Khayaal’ is a bittersweet, melancholic, and introspective hip-hop/RnB track with a hint of Indian classical music. It talks about the fast love in this modern world and the feelings it brings about in a common man. It is a track that’s neatly made with a delightful classical twist.

7. So If You’re Gone? – Mohit Mukhi 

Mumbai-based Mohit Mukhi’s ‘So If You’re Gone?’ Captures the unease of unresolved love and the spaces that are tingled with absence. With the guitar, fun synth bass, and steady beats with grungy vocals, the mood of the song changes now and then mimicking the experiences of an unresolved love. 

8. Snowflake Suicide – All that Native 

New Delhi/Bangalore-based duo Suraj Ranjan and Satwik Tripathy aka All that Native recently released their blues-pop track ‘Snowflake Suicide,’ an honest reflection of personal experiences. With nostalgic guitar melodies and catchy background music, the track is pure poetry with great artwork as well.

9. Never Met You – Aditi Iyer

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Berklee School of Music student Aditi Iyer released her latest track ‘Never Met You,’ an angst bop that talks about undoing one-sided teen crushes. The opera-trained dark-pop singer’s summer/monsoon track brings about unrequited infatuations with powerful vocals. The dance music rendition is very relatable and is quite an upbeat track. 

10.Mere Makaan – Aabha Hanjura

Talking about her long-lost home in Kashmir, Kashmiri folk artist Aabha Hanjura’s soulful ballad ‘Mere Makaan’ is a melody that unsettles you. With its jazz piano and melancholic cello, the track is a poem about displacement and brings the culture to the forefront. The music video has haunting visuals of empty streets and spaces that capture the feelings perfectly. It is a song that talks about childhood home as a faded memory with traditional folk instruments.

11. Dassde – Jai Dhir 

Punjabi progressive track ‘Dassde’ by 22-year-old singer/songwriter Jai Dhir is a story of two individuals with mismatched expectations in a relationship. With its hard-hitting UK drill production and melancholic lyrics with soulful vocals, ‘Dassde’ is about seeking clarity from the partner. The experimental track also comes with a trippy music video.

12. Tu Aazma – Garvit, Priyansh

An indie fusion track about not giving up, Garvit and Priyansh’s new track ‘Tu Aazma’ motivates listeners to push themselves to achieve whatever they desire. With soothing piano melodies, electric guitar riffs, and energetic vocals, the track is a fast-paced blissful journey. With imageries of soaring high up in the clouds, it is a delightful track that you would love to hear. 

13. I will let you go – Micheal Dias 

With intrinsic electronic beats and captivating synth bass sounds, Kochi’s Micheal Dias’ latest synth-pop track has a chorus that will keep you hooked. A track about letting someone go because it’s the right thing to do, ‘I Will Let You Go’ is a part of the artist’s debut album ‘Show Me What’s Real.’ It has diverse melodies and makes you feel a range of emotions.

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14. Tu Marz Hai – Kamlesh Purohit

A journey into the wild world of love that’s both intoxicating and mystifying, Kamlesh Purohit’s ‘Tu Marz Hai’ is a classical piece with a modern twist. With an immersive intro along with some synth layers, this track feels like a classical Hindustani Bandish that is revamped to fit today’s day and age. With Purohit’s soft vocals and the layered background, the song is a journey you would love.

15. Obvious – New Micah 

Bangalore-based New Micah’s latest RnB track ‘Obvious’ has a beat that gets you moving right from the start. The melodic, vocal-driven track is produced by HVSH and has a retro R&B intro with a chorus that’s very smooth. It also has a slight hip-hop touch to it making this quite a unique track that you shouldn’t miss. 

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