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Singles Roundup #70 – Qawwali fusion, Punjabi R&B, Bengali Rap And More!

This could easily be our most versatile roundup yet with genres ranging from Qawwali fusion, dreamy indie-tronica, Bengali rap, and more such exciting blends of genres. Tune into these epic tracks with us!

1.Dev Nagri – DAKAIT, Aniket Raturi, Sez On The Beat

An expression of love for the lovely place of Uttarakhand, ‘Dev Nagri’ dwells deep within the roots of the state. With Sez On The Beat’s delicate production, ambient nature sounds and stunning visuals, the track celebrates Uttarakhand’s love, hospitality, unity, and pride. The slow beats that fit the theme uplift this track you would want to hear.

2. Ghum – LAVI, Foenix

Bangalore-based duo LAVI and Foenix recently released their bilingual track ‘Ghum,’ which speaks of lacking a real home. Sonically inspired by ‘The Marias,’ the moody pads, LAVI’s soft vocals, and dancey chorus represent the solace in loneliness. This nostalgic pop track is complemented very well by its music video which is fully shot in a car with the beats searching for a home with the tune in the background. 

3. Aaj Rang Hai – Aanchal Srivatsava

Originally penned by the Sufi artist Amir Khusrau, Aanchal Srivatsava’s ‘Aaj Rang Hai’ has the essence of Ibaadat or prayer in the first half. The second half of the track with its captivating electronic sounds breathes a refreshing breath into this ancient style. The song exudes a spirit of celebration rejoicing in love, the beloved, and the bliss of being in love. The soulful track picks up pace towards the end coupled beautifully with Aanchal’s captivating voice. What one must appreciate is that the artist changed the song in a way that keeps the heart of Qawwali/Sufi music intact. 

4. Suno Morey Mohan – Riddhi Vikamshi

17-year-old Riddhi Vikamshi’s debut electronic/Hindustani classical track ‘Suno Morey Mohan’ seamlessly fuses electronic elements with graceful violin pieces, ethereal flute melodies and intricate tabla rhythms creating a modern yet culturally rich experience. The TEDX events performer and Berklee College of Music graduate talks about the essence of love and lajja or shyness in a way that you can blissfully drown.


Cross country collab between Rounak Maiti, Kiranjit Singh, and Siddhant Vetekar ‘BILLO’ adopts Punjabi folk motifs and Plunderphonics. The breezy alternative indie pop track with its minimal and soulful arrangement gives room for vocal melodies and is as relatable as it can get. With a nuanced tapestry of guitars, harps, strings, vocal chops, and pianos, a steady drum shuffle and warm bass line are Desi and Punjabi in character. The sweet and fun music video shows three women in the car’s point of view. 

6. Bombay Bustle – House of Tuneman

Delhi-based house music producer and DJ Karan Dhingra aka House of Tuneman recently released his fun, chaotic, and fast-moving track ‘Bombay Bustle’ inspired by the city’s hustle-bustle. Accompanied by Carnatic vocals and Afro sounds like Doshru, Inhaca, and Gorongosa, the track has a music video that has visuals of Mumbai’s local trains, Laavni dancers, Bollywood posters, double deckers, Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations and an AI version of the artist himself. 

7. Accidentally Platonic – DREAMO

Shrawan aka DREAMO’s ‘Accidentally Platonic’ is a beautiful blend of dreamy indie-tronica, dream pop, and electronic indie elements. All of this has been wrapped in raw and beautiful lyrics that speak of heartbreak in a strangely poetic manner. The groovy track with its psychedelic visuals makes you feel as though you’re looking through a kaleidoscope. 

8. All aboard – Abhi Tambe

 Set in the cyberpunk fantasy world of his upcoming EP, Bangalore-based Abhi’s debut track ‘All aboard’ is a punk rock track with fuzzy guitars and an adrenaline-infused track. The searing loud, tongue-in-cheek track rips into the protagonist’s doomsday cynicism offering an escape that he secretly craves. It is one heck of an intense journey with the dystopian visuals adding more flavor to this brilliant alt-art track.

9. Run Away – Shreya Singh

Wanting to go back to the simpler times back in her childhood, Shreya Singh, an Indian musician based in London wrote ‘Run Away’ after a difficult period in her life. The track with its simple guitar melody is relatable and nostalgic. The airy and light vocals with pop-rock elements and harmonies have a bittersweet nostalgic flavor throughout.

10. Serendipity- Anunyaa Iyer

This easy-listening indie song written by the artist’s own experiences is full of nostalgia for young love with a powerful yearning to break free and fly. The ebbs and flows of the track with its breaks and pick-ups, mirror life’s ups and downs while also evoking feelings of comfort and silent reflection. With just piano melodies to support the captivating vocals, ‘Serendipity’ proves that less is indeed more.

11. Banana Cake- Anika Bharwani

20-year-old Mumbai-based artist Anika Bharwani’s ‘Banana Cake,’ is for all the people who love fearlessly no matter what life throws at them. An artist who believes that love is slowly losing all its weight and meaning today, Anika talks exactly about this in her song and portrays queer relationships in the most normal way possible. With light guitar melodies and gliding vocals, the song is accompanied by contemporary dance visuals for the music video. This track with its sweet harmonies and ballad-like melodies is one you wouldn’t want to miss. 

12. Phikke Pae Gaye Saare- Aranyaka, Bharg

This Punjabi Pop/R&B track produced by Bharg is a soothing/chill track that talks about an on-again/off-again relationship that’s getting quite toxic. With sonic influences from NYC and R&B, ‘Phikke Pae Gaye Saare’ is a unique and refreshing track.

13. Dhuaan- Ladders, Anwoy

LA-based Vrinda aka Ladders and Anwoy recently released their track ‘Dhuaan’ – a fusion of Tame Imapla and Dua Lipa. A modern Bollywood pop anthem, this dance-pop track with Bollywood allure has a lush soundscape that screams nostalgia and similarity. With their sensual vocals and hypnotizing melodies, they give a vivid description of love, longing, and daydreams. 

14. Bhebe Ki Labh – Avishek Bhattacharya

Avishek Bhattacharya aka Mc Avik is a Bengali rapper from the Jingata Music Label who released his track ‘Bhebe Ki Labh’ that talks about the overall mundane life and problems of people and how being busy has made them forget to be more present. 

15. Two Thousand Eighteen – JAFA

An exploration into the angst of doomed teenage love, 22-year-old Ananya aka JAFA’s ‘Two thousand eighteen’ is an expression of her self-aware yet foolish experiences when she was 18. The track has a mellow piano background paired with her vocals and ambient sounds that are very nostalgic. The painful and bittersweet track is accompanied by a music video filled with montages of grainy frames and shots of mundane moments of relationships and social media.

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