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Singles Roundup #68 – Soul Funk, Jazz-Hop, Slow Drill Hip-Hop and More!

We’re bringing together a plethora of fresh voices in the next release of our single’s roundup – enough to have a slick couch party! Cosy up in your PJs and tune into some of the latest tunes that are giving all the right feels for this chilly, drizzly weather. We have got songs with genres ranging from Hindi house rap, jazz-hop and more.

1.Tu Jae Jahan – Osho Jain ft Sanchi:

Indie sensation Osho Jain is back with track that skirts along his signature melody in ‘Tu Jae Jahan’ featuring Sanchi. The track with its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody talks about the duality between the simplicities and complexities of love. It is poetic, soothing, and a song that you can blissfully drown in. The composition, like the music video, gives off the feeling of a bumpy boat ride riding away into the horizon, creating an immersive experience. The harmonies are beautifully interwoven with dreamy synths and beats, making it a song you wouldn’t want to miss.

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2.Masroor – Yashraj, Katoptris: 

Mumbai-based hip-hop artist Yashraj and Katoptris have a released a track, ‘Masroor’ recently and it is full of pleasant surprises. It acknowledges the journey of the artist in his pursuit of fulfilling a dream while also celebrating the collective aspirations. Rather than being influenced, Yashraj believes in producing music to inspire the next generation, a wonderful perspective that is carried forward into this song as well. Melodic in the beginning, the track progresses to a hypnotic background with the artist’s vocals. The harmonies towards the end act as a secret surprise.

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3.Because Because Because – Nikhil D’Souza

Nikhil D’Souza dropped another unmissable release with international collaborators including Jamie Hartman who is known for producing with artists like Lewis Capaldi and Celeste. A naked, raw view into what makes or breaks a relationship, this hauntingly beautiful track is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Asking the right questions about being in a relationship, the song with its catchy beats, killer guitar melodies talks about how while breaking up is convenient, staying together is harder. The production quality of the song, needless to say, is topnotch.

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4.One Me – Bulli Bainbridge, Irfana and Trichia Grace – Ann: 

After his very successful debut album ‘Seasons,’ Bulli Bainbridge is back with a hip-hop single featuring Kodaikanal-based artist Irfana and Trichia Grace – Ann, whom Bainbridge had worked with previously. The track is all about breaking the mould and refusing to conform amidst all the pressure to be the best in the creative field. The artists have successfully translated this feeling into the track ‘One Me’ by stepping out of the conventional hip-hop aesthetics and changing up the beats. The song screams ‘art for art’s sake’ and has an Indian classical touch to it. It’s rebellious, stubborn and incredibly empowering.

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5.Differences – Shreya Bajpai: 

Hindustani and Western contemporary singer/songwriter Shreya Bajpai’s ‘Differences’ is vivid, sensitive and strongly inspired by personal experiences. The Noida-based singer’s track is a playful escape from deep-rooted emotions embedded with groove and sensuality. It hits a low in the bridge, which reflects the emotions that are generally suppressed by us humans and the playful nature of the song is an ode to the way we cope with such emotions – by using sensuality. The mischievous melody with Bajpai’s vocals that blends Hindustani and jazz/pop will surely make you dance along to this catchy track. 

6.Raani – Shashwat Bulusu: 

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After gaining popularity for ‘Raani’ through WhatsApp forwards and YouTube comments, Baroda-based singer/songwriter Shashwat Bulusu released the track as a gift for his fans. The minimal-produced track is soothing to the ears with the artist’s dulcet vocals. A balm for the broken heart, ‘Raani’ talks about finding peace amidst mountains. The lullaby-like soundtrack is perfect for the monsoon. A certain delightful softness is carried throughout the track as if someone is whispering the song into your ear!

7.Fly–Fakeer and the Arc ft Sange Wangchuk: 

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This song is enough to put a smile on anybody’s face and make them feel liberated from the boundaries of life. Fakeer and the Arc, a jazz-hop band from Bengaluru examines the hustle culture through their latest release ‘Fly.’ It is an escape to life’s simpler longings away from materialistic greed. The laid-back groove of the song calms down the anxiety and the upbeat crescendo represents the clarity of self-realisation. With its heavy instrumental drums and bass section, spaced-out guitar melodies and vocals, the track is a decadent melody apt for the theme. A sort of bittersweet tone is carried throughout the song, one that you wouldn’t want to miss.

8.Kaise Main Bataun (Last Chance For Love) – Ujjwal:

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Delhi-based newbie Ujjwal released his debut single ‘Kaise Main Bataun,’ a very poetic pop song that talks about a ‘last chance for love.’ It has an intriguing guitar intro and a mysterious melody that makes you crave more. You feel a slight pang while listening to the song like the narrator. With a soothing piano and guitar background, the production quality of the song is on point, making Ujjwal a promising talent. 

9.Aate Jaate Kyun – Shai, Mazza on the track: 

Delving into the relentless grip of memories that resurface after heartbreak, Shai aka Shayaan Oshidar’s new single ‘Aate Jaate Kyun,’ is a techno-pop song that gets you moving. It talks about situations where you may want to move on from someone/something but your heart beats another tune. Their un-loving, haunting presence of them lingers on becoming a source of torment. The UK and India-based singer’s sweet voice blended with fast-paced beats makes this track irresistible.

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10.Jaane Na De – Sarthak Bharadwaj, Amisha and KARN: 

‘Jaane Na De,’ a romantic slow drill hip-hop by Dehradun-based artists Sarthak Bharadwaj and Amisha with KARN, talks about the depths of love and the anguish of letting go. It aims to deliver the power of music to transcend language and cultural barriers, therefore, delivering a universal message of love and heartbreak. With raw emotions, infectious beats and melodies paired with honey-sweet vocals, this track is simple yet infectious. 

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11.Tumble – Loose Puppets: 

With lyrics that stick with you even after the song ends, Loose Puppet’s ‘Tumble’ is one you would love. The three-piece Chandigarh and New Delhi-based progressive/alternative rock band’s song begins with haunting guitar melodies and traverses beautifully amidst the darkness. The listener is drawn to the melody right from the start with a change after which the song becomes fast-paced. The song came to life when the band was writing songs in a village in Himachal Pradesh and focuses on getting back up and the feeling of being stuck in a comfortable loop. 

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12.Like Never Before – Dirty Class: 

Rock n Roll band Dirty Class’s latest single ‘Like Never Before’ is a track with energetic riffs, a driving rhythm section and captivating vocals. A refreshing trick to the rock genre, the hard-going distorted riffs which later settle into a steady and satisfying rhythm with the grunge vocals make the song irresistible. The track has something new every minute which keeps the listener going.

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13.Inna Minute – NATE08 ft Azamaan Hoyvoy:

With a hopeful, fun yet an intent to spread a deep message NATE08 aka Nathan Thomas recently released this track with frequent collaborator Azamaan Hoyvoy on the vocals. The Mumbai-based bassist/producer’s ‘Inna Minute’ begins with a soothing intro which later transforms into a groovy and uplifting track. The soul-funk song with its steady beats has Azamaan’s unusual, dulcet vocals. The chorus moves up with a marvellous crescendo leading to the perfect drop afterwards. It is pleasant to the ears thus filling up your heart with warmth. Everything blends perfectly well together, it leaves the listener with a high and hopeful feeling. Check it out!

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14.Besharam – Nirvick and Mohak: 

This Hindi house rap track by Mumbai-based Nirvick and Mohak blends genres and is a song with a light-hearted narrative about how artists are viewing music with a more enjoyable lens these days. The guitar melody, playful bass and pads lead up to a lush drop that pops out with vocal chops. What’s refreshing, however, is the tropical instrumental, a new approach to house and rap. It is also accompanied by a very fun music video.

15.Kaveri – PRI: 

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Raised in Toronto with South Indian roots, PRI recently released her debut single ‘Kaveri, with Bak n 4th, a production duo. Reminiscent of AR Rahman music, the artist experimented with contemporary and classical music in ‘Kaveri,’ making it as pleasant and free–flowing as the river. The song talks about going on a self-created path of pursuing what you’re passionate about alluding to the rivers in India. It urges one to choose your river in the most scintillating manner possible with its uplifting blend of contemporary acoustic and Indian classical music. ‘Kaveri’ makes use of Dholakia, thavil, acoustic guitar and ambient river-gushing sounds to create a wholesome experience with PRI’s vocals that are like honey being poured into your ears.  

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