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Singles Roundup #67- R&B, Hip-Hop, Tamil Rap and more!

In this 67th edition of our singles roundup, we have some of the most unique, killer tracks for you to listen to and bask under. Ranging from soothing melodies to the most local flavour, we have brought you a diverse range of tracks from the most talented artists. So hit play, sit back and enjoy!

  1. Walk Away – Mali 

Chennai-bred, Mumbai-based Malavika Manoj aka Mali brings hauntingly beautiful melodies to the music scene through her latest single ‘Walk Away.’ This neo-folk pop track is about picking up pieces and finding the strength to walk away that highlights the artist’s enthralling voice. With the pain perfectly conveyed through her vocals backed with the ambient effect representing the loneliness one might feel, the track also has a sort of silent strength amidst all this vulnerability through the drums. This perfectly arranged song is one you wouldn’t want to miss.

2. 90’s ke Ladke – SlowCheeta ft. D’Evil

Major hip-hop talents SlowCheeta and D’Evil’s latest banger ‘90’s ke Ladke’ is a hip-hop song produced by InkHeart. With an impeccable flow and captivating lyrics, they kept all things desi while giving a shout-out to all the 90’s kids through the track. While being a very fun track, both artists have brought something unique to the song without compromising the overall flow of the song. 

3. Filter Coffee – Aditi Ramesh 

After her award-winning single ‘Shakti,’ Aditi Ramesh is back with a song as refreshing as its title. The track explores themes of desire for genuine connection, the need for self-expression an appreciation of life’s simple pleasures making it captivating and relatable to everyone. Ramesh has poured her heart out in this cuppa with her enchanting melodies and evocative lyrics. Beginning with an ASMR-worthy sound of filter coffee being poured, the Pop/R&B/Disco track has a nostalgic flavour throughout the song. Whether you’re a fan of the South-Indian delight or not, you would love this song. 

4. One Night – Aarya 

Based on his personal experience of a one-night stand, singer/songwriter Aarya recently released this powerful band anthem that explores a night in his life. With a gentle blend of sensual songwriting and Aarya’s silky-smooth vocals, the catchy song pops into your ear. The sonically fierce and vocally driven song has a smooth crescendo through the song and leaves you with a high you wouldn’t want to come out of. 

5. Awaaz – Ady Manral

Mussoorie based singer songwriter Ady Manral explores the profound influence of nature and its stillness through his latest single ‘Awaaz.’ Incorporating authentic recordings of natural sounds of rainfall in Landour adds an irresistible, unique texture to the song. The song is surely a connection point for those who are lost and find themselves in the great outdoors. The guitar melody that teases your ear and the soul is coupled with some scintillating beats that make you feel as though you’re walking through a maze. To top all t

6. Silaai – Zeux ft. Ryan Hmar

Raw, intimate, and relatable. These three words perfectly describe Zeux’s latest release ‘Silaai’ featuring Ryan Hmar on the exceptional guitar riffs. It is a ballad, or a love letter infused with courage and Zeux’s typical lush harmonies. The Bombay-based artist created a simple yet soothing track with this one. The outro guitar solo has been well complemented by the artist’s refreshingly sensitive vocals. This minimalist chic beauty is perfect for a rainy day.

7. Ruby – Saahel 

Mumbai-based 20-year-old indie pop artist Saahel recently released a nostalgic track ‘Ruby’ that talks about old-school romance. The soulful track reassures the fact that love can be simple, gentle, innocent, gullible, and pure. The unique effect added to the song makes it feel like it’s a song that pops on the radio while you’re driving away into the horizon. It is a standout addition to the artist’s discography. 

8. You’re Alright – Dev Mehta 

The pandemic was a tough time for all of us mentally. But how often does one make a beautiful song out of it? Dev Mehta certainly did. The Mumbai-based artist whipped up this pop indie track describing his battle with anxiety during the pandemic. The happy, upbeat song feels like a warm hug to those who need it. Its simple, smooth-flowing melody reminds us to take it. Little easy and be the magic-loving child again.

9. Save the living – Hiraeth 

This contemporary jazz band from Guhwati recently released their debut single ‘Save the Living’ as a response to the deforestation in the Assam region. The soulful melodies and infectious rhythms demand action and ignite a sense of urgency in its listeners. The intersection of jazz melodies and environmental themes in this song proves that themes and genres need not stick to the status quo. Hieratic is one of the newest sounds from the Assamese music scene. 

10. Gulabi Chadar – Anurag Kaushal 

Easy writing and relaxed melodies define this Bangalore-based gem of an artist. Originally from Assam, he was inspired by the pink veil of flowers in Bangalore during the springtime. Everyone in the city felt a momentary sense of calm and rest. Wanting to capture this, the artist set out to create something that we know as ‘Gulabi Chadar’ today. With its warm guitar chords, simple vocal lines and harmonies, the song has a dreamy soundscape creating a ballad and orchestral effect. His perfect baritone blends beautifully to create a melody you would surely want to hear. 

11. Alice and I – Jordan Johnson ft. Ditty

These days, the art of doing nothing is truly lost on us. It is quite common for people to feel restless while resting and this is exactly what Jordan Johnson talks about in his latest single ‘Alice and I.’ With gentle guitars, it is surprisingly calming for a song that talks about such a niche theme as being restless. The sweet vocals will certainly transport you to a world that is way too beautiful.

12. Aunty Ko Tato Bagaicha – Gauley Bhai 

Drawing from the sounds of their childhood growing up in a small town, Bangalore and Kalimpong based trans traditional rock band Gauley Bhai recently released their single ‘Aunty Ko Tato Bagaicha,’ or ‘In Aunty’s Warm Garden.’ It is dedicated to the young people living and working along the Teesta Highway in West Bengal. Exploring themes of psychological and political realms inhabited by these boys as they live along the highway, the song’s haunting synths are reminiscent of folk music with modern melodies. Its interesting sounds culminate into something you wouldn’t have heard before. 

13. Superstar – Killa K ft Parimal Shais 

Tamil rap phenomenon Killa K released what can be termed a Bangalore bop with Parimal Shais radiating pure energy and infectious beats. The track expertly captures the essence of the city and celebrates its vibrant music culture and unique flavour. The rap song with its local flavour and Tamil beats includes all of Bangalore’s favourite lingo and can be enjoyed by everyone!

14. Hello Summer – Raj

Raj’s latest Latin Hip-hop/jazz track ‘Hello Summer’ makes you feel as though you’re on a beach in the hot summer with a Pina colada in hand somewhere in Cuba. The track is cool, funky and captivates your senses with its groovy drums. The smooth bass and guitar chops are all the swagger you need. This seamless fusion of elements is just what you need if all this rain is making you miss summer!

15. Happy Place – Rohan Solomon 

To commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month in May, singer-songwriter Rohan Solomon released his classic pop earworm ‘Happy Place.’ The song was his way of trying to calm himself down during an anxiety attack and is reminiscent of 2000s music with gliding pianos, guitars, and earthy vocals. Although the song might initially appear as a happy, upbeat song, it perfectly brings about the chaos, desperation and confusion anxiety might bring about subtly. The happy tone reminds us that we need an anchor to keep us grounded all the time. 

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