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Seven Of The Best filmmakers In Desi Hip-Hop

I. KyaBC

Pulkit Sharma a.k.a KyaBC is a filmmaker/editor hailing from Delhi. The young prodigy had previously indulged in travel photography and random stills that boasted about his prowess. Known for his stop-motion graphics and dynamic transitions, his music videos add a certain energy to the songs. With the lively and exemplary visuals, he further compliments the tracks with his crystal clear shots and stills in splendid frames. His recent works with Seedhe Maut such as Joint in the Booth and Khatta Flow are instances of his art. The filmmaker has also worked with Rawal, Rebel 7, and Yashraj.

II. Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma is an esteemed filmmaker and photographer, celebrated thanks to the crisp stills he captures of known talents in the scene and primarily encapsulating the energy of a said track in the finest way possible. With his admirable skills in filmmaking, he has directed the videos of a few of the best hits from Delhi. His one-shots, specifically ‘Pew Pew’ starring Rawal, Ikka, and Bharg are one of his notable works, while the others such as Nadaan, Natkhat, and Nawazuddin featuring Seedhe Maut showcase his capabilities.

III. Manil Kandwal

Based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Manil Kandwal has contributed his skills in visual designing and storytelling in the Hip-Hop industry by directing music videos, editing, and cover art. He has worked with one of the best talents from Uttarakhand, helping them visually present their music. The filmmaker has the potential to switch styles and themes based on the soundscape of each track, some examples being the comic MV of ‘Harami’ by Khullar G where he also presented a skit, to the vibey visuals of ‘Banned’ by ReVo Lekhak. His collaborations with Karma are also perfect instances of his artistry.

IV. Chaar Diwaari

Although renowned for his eccentric musical persona and celebrated as one of the best Rapper-Producers in DHH, Chaar Diwaari is also recognized as an exceptional filmmaker. His Music Videos are an example of how peerless music can be presented visually, while not only retaining the intended theme but also adding more to it with quirky shots and dedicated direction. His Videos such as Barood, Rang, Mera Saman Kahan Hai? speak of his abilities to picture music and aptly present it visually, almost making it an outlandish yet exquisite audio-visual.

V. Canfuse

Karan Shelar, also known as Canfuse, is a filmmaker, director, and cinematographer. He has been making music videos since 2013 and has been into B-boying and Hip-Hop dance forms as well. Being an avid admirer of Hip-Hop culture, the renowned filmmaker has worked with rap talents such as KR$NA, Seedhe Maut, Karma, Nazz, and many more. His skills of aptly capturing the ethos of a track or a project, and projecting it visually while making banger videos is commendable. In Music Videos such as ‘PNP,’ he used sets and props that complimented the meaning of the track bangers such as ‘Saza-E-Maut’ featuring the rage and aggression the rappers intended to flex about.

VI. WaddupJTN

Residing in New Delhi, Jatin Prabhakar, better known by his stage name – WaddupJTN, is one of the best young prodigies in visual storytelling. Being a visual artist since 2019, he got his first filmmaking project in 2020 featuring Huzur in ‘Lullaby’. Since then, he has worked with talents such as Seedhe Maut, MC Altaf, Qaab, Ab 17, Yungsta, Rawal, Pho, Rebel 7 and a few more. He has also created a music video for ‘Total Gaming’ a celebrated YouTuber in the gaming industry. His best works include the videos he has created for Seedhe Maut, this was well recognized by Radio City as they recently awarded him the ‘Best Music Video’ for ‘Anaadi’.

VII. Bijoy Shetty

Being one from the city of dreams, Bijoy Shetty is one of the most eccentric filmmakers and video creators the scene celebrates. With his outlandish themes and frames, an artist can completely trust him with the energy a track carries. His distinctive style of presenting moods and emotions is the forte Bijoy’s work boasts about, and pieces such as ‘Go To Sleep’ – Hanumankind and ‘Sanak’ – Badshah are testimonials to this. His best works include directing Hanumankind’s energetic singles such as ‘Genghis’ and ‘Damnson’ as well as the one-shot ‘Skyline’. He has also worked with King in his recent release, ‘Crown’, which teases his upcoming album.

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