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Release Spotlight #83 – hyper-pop, psy trance, hard rock, & more!

We are back with another roundup of hottest releases! Featuring some of the most talented artists across the country and genres, we have handpicked our favourites. From alt pop to hard rock, there’s something for every one of you.

1.Attention – Kayan

Mumbai-based singer, producer-DJ and pop artist Kayan’s latest track ‘Attention’ is a hyper-pop track that captures the journey of all the highs and lows in young love. It is a vibrant, emotional roller coaster capturing the thrill of a secret high school romance and the heartache of unrequited feelings. With electrifying new – age production and relatable lyrics, ‘Attention’ is a testament to Kayan’s prowess as a lyricist and a composer.

2. Baavre – Suzonn

Sujan Sinha aka Suzonn’s latest single ‘Baavre’ resonates with the Bollywood romantic ballads that the artist grew up listening to and adore deeply. With its poignant melody, the song celebrates the irresistible charm of the madness of love, introducing delicate elements of surprise and delight for the audience. The song also has an official music video shot in Jaipur depicting old school love rooting from the brainks of the city, a story of two romantics – Badri and Meera.

3. Second Guessing – Angstinmypantz

’Second Guessing’ by Bengaluru-based songwriter and producer Kaustubh aka Angstinmypantz presents an anomaly to the hip-hop world with a vulnerable artist introspecting his self-doubt and insecurity through a hard-hitting rap-verse, contrasting the typical hardcore facade of the genre. The song features a lush soundscape inhabited by thick vocal harmonies and ornate Polyphia – style guitar lines.

4. Drugs, etc. – Kaumayy

Kaumudi aka Kaumayy’s latest single ‘Drugs, etc.’ is a pop alternative song which was written and made in the artist’s bedroom inspired by Orion Sun. Mastered by Shikhil, the song talks about liking someone to an extent where you don’t care if it hurts you anymore with drugs being a metaphor for love.

5. No Vices – Jaimin, Kadambari Zorarkar, Pradyumna Singh Manot

Jaimin’s latest single ‘No Vices’ with Pune-based waltz duet Kadambari Zorarkar, American bassist Charles Parker Mertens and Latin-jazz pianist Pradyumna Singh Manot is about a missed connection. The song unfolds within the ambience of a bustling bar, capturing the social tension between two strangers yearning to connect. But as their path intertwine, they realise the futility of trying to make acquaintances due to their vastly different preferences in beverages.

6. Maa – Hanita Bhambri

Hanita Bhambri’s ‘Maa’ is a heartfelt track that delves into the universal longing for a mother’s embrace. With touching lyrics and haunting vocals, this song is a reminder of the peace and comfort we found in the arms of our mothers growing up, whenever we felt lost. With powerful yet soulful vocals, Hanita dedicates this song to her mother and all the other mums worldwide.

7. Main Haath Jodun – Babyface

Delhi-based duo Babyface’s latest single ‘Main Haath Jodun’ is an optimistic take on unrequited love with a more wishful approach. The song gives a nod to the musical styles of John Mayer as well as A R Rahman and feels like a warm hot chocolate after a tiring long day. The visuals of the song captured the innocent yet colourful vibe of the song through the context of the multi-layered city of Delhi – through its auto rides, on the metro, as well as the various parts of New Delhi.

8. Venom – Co-Existence, Aaron King

Delhi-based electronic music duo Co-Existence’s newest EP ‘Venom’ captivates their audience with an infectious blend of techno and psy-trance. The three-track EP is a sonic journey like no other showcasing the artists’ talent and creativity which also features a remix by New Zealand-based artist Aaron King.

9. You drive me crazy – Shurastra ft. KnownAsNat

An independent music producer/DJ based in Los Angeles, Shurastra’s latest single ‘You Drive Me Crazy’ is a celebration of the joy and liberation that follows after a breakup. With feel-good themes, the track gets the listeners moving and smiling with its unique blend of upbeat happy melodies and dance beats.

10. Khush Reheta Hoon – Shyama Agrawal

Raipur-based artist Shyama Agrawal’s latest song ‘Khush Reheta Hoon’ depicts a person still trying to move on from a past relationship, where his happiness depends on the other person’s happiness. The artist wishes to reach the ears of listeners who relate to this stagnant feeling of not letting go of a person from their life.

11. Am I wrong to be human? – Dev Mehta

Dev Mehta’s latest single ‘Am I Wrong to be human?’ Is about the question which haunted the artist all his life. The track serves as an enquiry into human nature and a commentary on the sad predicament of war and greed that humans find themselves in today. Featuring production by Keshav Dhar with his rock sensibilities, it is a modern day rock anthem with a relevant theme.

12. Time – Artha, Shubham Kundu

‘Time’ by Artha and Shubham Kundu is a melodic house track weaving intricate melodies and rhythms that dive deep into the theme of time. It interweaves intricate melodies and pulsating rhythms to create a captivating auditory experience. Through its layered soundscapes, the track prompts listeners to reflect on the passage of time and its profound influence on human existence.

13. Kahani – Rawnaq

Delhi-based artist Rawnaq’s latest track ‘Kahani’ focuses on pausing life for a moment and questions the importance of the present and all the time people lose in the pursuit of a better tomorrow. The song cherishes how necessary it is to take a slow, deep breath and let go of all the rush and then walk freely again.

14. City Lights – White Vinyl

Mumbai-based rock outfit White Vinyl’s debut release ‘City Lights’ captures the feeling of loneliness living in a modern matchbox apartment, alone in a big city, especially in the past pandemic times which was when the song was written. The song features performances from Shreyas Iyengar and Sharad Rao on drums and bass while Samvardhan Singh added the eps and synths to the track. All of this was finally brought together by music producer and mixing engineer Itek Bhutani.

15. Running – Steve Knight X Peekay

California’s noted rap/rock artist Steve Knight and Hyderabad – based rock artist Peekay’s latest single ‘Running’ written by Peekay is a song that talks about the wandering spirit. Co-written and co-produced by Steve Knight, this hard rock banger feels electric by the signature guitar solo and ‘chugs’ and borrows from the improve session Knight did when he was back in California.

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