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‘Mohabbat’ Sees Kaam Bhaari Wear His Heart On His Sleeve

Kaam Bhaari has been having a great year. From hosting a TED Talk, releasing a string of quality music videos, to performing on grand stages – he’s a man on a mission. With ‘Mohabbat’ – Kaam Bhaari opens up about himself, spilling his signature off-centre flow rapping about love and loss.

Pariyon Ki Raani Tum, Insaan Aawara Main, Ya Firr Bechara Main, Chaahat Ki Khoj Mein, Raahat Jo Miljaaye Aahat se

Kaam Bhaari

Heartfelt Poetry

Rakhis & Nuka, Mumbai based producer duo Shikhar Manchanda aka RĀKHIS and Anushka Manchanda aka Nuka, present the song with a mix of heavy bass, emotional keys and some pensive synths. Signed to actor Ranveer Singh and filmmaker Navzar Eranee’s music label, IncInk Records, Kaam Bhaari pours his emotions on to the song, stringing together intrinsic metaphors, a varied flow, and heartfelt words.

Though most of the song is repetitive of the hook, Kaam expertly pens his entire message into around one and a half verses within the track. Verses that long for lost love and share a personal story. The song comes from a place of purity and very few artists truly share this side of themselves.

A Ballad Of Longing For Love

Kaam Bhaari has turned the typical tide of love songs by introducing a rather off-center flow intertwined with imagination and imagery, about the things he is talking about, as well as the person he is referring to. It comes across as a blunt apology. A ballad of longing for love. Not a lot of emcees around nowadays keep exploring the depths of their themes, concepts, ideas and general sound. It is good to see Kaam set his tone by first understanding where he comes from and build around that.

IncInk is all set to go places with their frontier line of emcees. Kaam Bhaari shines as an emcee in the scene and displays his way with words uniquely.

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