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“It questions the nature of existence and the meaning to life” In Conversation With Stonned Generation

As Mumabi based alt rockers Stonned Generation releases their debut album ‘Mellow Fantasy’ earlier this year, we got in touch with them to find about how the band formed, what their music making process is and what is their music all about. Read below.

1. Tell us a bit about your band. How did it form?

Stonned Generation is a 3-piece musical group coming from various fields of music and cultures. We all met in a studio called “Beat Factory” where we were learning music production. Stonned Generation plays various types of genres, as we admire all types of music. The music and theme of band questions the nature of existence and relentlessly seek to grow to their fullest potential. Stonned Generation formed in 2017 as we started with our journey we were gaining our experiences so gradually we started to work on our Debut album ‘MELLOW FANTASY’, which we released on 4th march 2019. Stonned Generation has always been searching for the meaning of life, meaning of existence through where with the experiences we are making our music. So this is what Stonned Generation is about.

2. Which bands/artists did you first fell in love with and who’s your biggest influence?

As we were growing step by step we came up with lots of amazing music and musicians. We were always inspired and intimidated by the music we listened to. So every single member had their first love in terms of artists or bands. But as together Stonned Generation was always inspired by Nirvana, and by rock music.  Kurt Cobain has always been the biggest influence in terms of music but as we were on our highest level of curiosity to know more about music we came up with the bands called The Beatles and The Doors. The Beatles and The Doors have played an important role in our life. We came up with many ideas and concepts by listening to their music. So we love to appreciate all kinds of music and we always get inspired by all kinds of music.

3. You recently released your debut album. Tell us about it. How would you describe your music?

We recently released our debut album in March 2019 called ‘Mellow Fantasy’, which is a conceptual album full of mysteries. It questions the nature of existence and the meaning to life, also how it is related to every one of us. I personally feel every one of us is stuck in a loop and we are always trying to break through from that. Some people try alcohol or maybe more intense drugs, some do it by music, Some people go to temple some go to bars but every one of us wants to experience something more in our life. There is no answer to why there are 7 days in a week, 7 colours in a rainbow, 7 notes in music,etc… Even the moon is going around the Earth and Earth around the sun. I can go into this very deep but for now, I hope you get the point. So, trying to break out of the loop or patterns and want to experience something more that’s what the album is about.

4. What’s your music making and recording process like?

There’s not a process for making music. Music comes from within where we take our instruments and start playing the melody and putting up your feelings into words where we come up with our ideas how the song gonna be like what message we are conveying to the world. To get our ideas clear and to experiment we go to jam pads to play. So after every puzzle gets solved we go to our Studio Which is Wyne Studios to record the song. In the studio, we often jam out first to know what kind of sounds, drum setup going to work out for us. So gradually after setting up these basic things we start our recordings. First, we record the guitar then we go for the drums and along with the drums we record the bass guitar. After recording gets done we go for the Mixings and mastering. This way we have recorded our first album and for the second album, we are going to try some different techniques. Also, it is a continuous album what I mean by that its 1st song’s ending is the start of 2nd song and the ending of 7th song is the start of the first song. The whole album is a loop in terms of musical notes, melodies etc. There are many hints and things that will point out to all of this.

5. Why do you make music? What drives you as a band and what are your songs about?

We wish to inspire people who are messed up due to various things in life and not enjoying or embracing life but suffering it. I want you to come join us and dance with us in this beautiful creation by the creator. We are dividing and killing the world instead there is another way to be by embracing, love, and an inclusive way of living not exclusive. Peace and Harmony is what we believe in. Stonned generation is not about doing drugs or promoting all these things. It’s about seeking the truth of life because one day you and I will die. People have some ideas about what happens when you die but the reality is no one knows where we come from and where we are gonna go after we die. So, there is no time to waste we feel you should do what really matters to you in your life without being in fear of someone and motivate everyone to take the same path otherwise what’s the point of living in depression, fear and sadness.

6. Which Indian bands or artists do you admire?

Since all 3 of us are coming from different cultures we have different influences. Arun listens to Indian classical musicians like Ravi Shankar, Sounds of Isha etc. Bedanta and Nilesh listen to Indian Ocean, Amit Trivedi, A R Rahman, Hari Haran and Leslie lewis, Kk, Indus Creed, Sifar, Girish and the chronicles Etc.

7. What’s your take on the independent Music scene in India?

I feel Indian music was much way better unique when we were making classical music because it has that Indian flavor and spiritual aspect. Right now most artists are making music just for money so they get into making stupid music or just copying the west. There are some artists who are trying to change that and stepping out against that. I am not saying this is right and this is wrong but all these artists who are famous and are working in Bollywood industry should be conscious of this and should inspire not just musicians but every person who may come in contact with you. I mean if you make Chikni Chameli and expect there will be no rape cases then you have no brains. That is why we are stepping out and doing whatever we can. We thank Indian music diaries that they are promoting original music in India and doing a great job.

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