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Indian Metal Heavyweights Establish PR Agency Aimed At Promoting Indian Metal Globally

The past decade has been great for Indian metal music. With bands like Bloodywood, Gutslit, Godless and System House 33 having completed multiple international tours, the presence of modern Indian metal music is being felt on a global scale. Enter, Replicant PR an independent, full-service public relations agency, based out of India, dedicated to promoting heavy music. Being the first-of-its-kind music PR agency from the region, Replicant PR’s primary focus lies in pushing extreme music and talent from Asia and more specifically, the Indian subcontinent.

The agency was co-founded by Abbas Razvi and Anoop Bhat. Abbas Razvi is a veteran musician, sound engineer and a promoter from Hyderabad. Along with running a successful live-sound production company, Abbas has been organizing shows for over 10 years; most recently under the Aggressive Tendencies banner. He’s played in bands like Skrypt and more recently, Godless. Godless is an illustrious death/thrash metal band from India, with two globally-acclaimed EPs under their belt, who are known world over for their intense live shows and their undying penchant for touring – both in the country and abroad. Anoop Bhat is an architect, an illustrator and an artist manager from Bangalore. He has worked with some of the most celebrated heavy bands from around the world including Opeth, Anathema, A Place To Bury Strangers, Mono, Conan and others. He has also been managing a two-piece heavy rock band called Diarchy for over two years.

With their combined industry experience of over 20 years, Abbas and Anoop have acquired a deep and nuanced understanding of the inner mechanics of the heavy music industry. They’ve also, in this time, built professional relationships with numerous media and press personnel, music writers, radio hosts and tastemakers from around the world. With Replicant PR, they want to use their knowledge and influence to help elevate, promote and raise the overall profiles of deserving bands from the region. Replicant PR believes in devising highly-customized, tactful and meticulous promotional campaigns to yield maximum impact. The agency only wants the best for its clients and is determined to work round-the-clock, employing all its faculties to secure genuine, meaningful results.

Given the magnitude of work involved in a typical promotional campaign, Replicant PR takes up only a limited number of projects at a time. This allows the agency to give the clients its undivided attention and ensures total commitment to its ongoing campaigns. Hence, all requests undergo a screening process. A project may be picked up if it satisfies all/most of the under-mentioned criteria

  • The music must belong to a heavy genre – hard rock, metal, hardcore/punk, alternative etc.
  • The music must be liked by RPR. The agency cannot be expected to sign on a project whose music it doesn’t like, believe in or feel confident about promoting.
  • The music must hold a certain edge and/or flair; something that sets it apart or makes it interesting.

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