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In Conversation With Hanita Bhambri About Her Pop And Soul Number ‘Khushiyon Ke Pal’

Delhi-based self-taught singer/songwriter Hanita Bhambri, previously featured in Vogue among ‘top 10 musicians to know from India’, is a powerhouse all-rounder who deserves to be on your playlist. Also the proud winner of our TIMD Awards 2020 Best Singer-Songwriter in India and the internationally coveted title of Project Aloft Star Asia, she has successively released more than fifteen singles since 2018 and has worked alongside popular names such as Zaeden and Jubin Nautiyal. Her music is inclined towards soft rock/soulful pop and within a short span she has garnered over 25 Million views across streaming platforms. Being a semi-finalist in International Songwriting Competition 2019 is just amongst her many accolades. The high-functioning power packed singer and performer was on an India tour recently covering 8 cities and has performed at Nh7 Weekender and Zomaland.  

Her new single ‘Khusiyon Ke Pal’, launched on 18th August, is a soulful track that defines love for its ability to bring us simple joys that are often neglected. Speaking of the song, Hanita mentions how this song allowed her to venture into low vocal range and experiment with soft rock.

Here’s more about Hanita Bhambri and her new single. 

1. How did you begin as a musician? What are your earliest memories with music?

I started writing songs when I was 11, even before I knew I could sing. Music was something that helped me find my place in the world. It helped me express emotions that I couldn’t make sense of. My earliest memories with music including dancing to Bollywood songs; listening to indie pop artists like Alisha chenoi and Adnan Sami and discovering the world of rock through Bryan Adams.

2. What do you like to reflect the most on in your music?

My music is like a diary entry that I’m showing to the world. It’s vulnerable and there’s fear of judgment but at the end of the day it helps me speak my truth and craft stories and songs out of my life experiences. 

3. Do you have a creative ritual or do you like to wait for inspiration as it strikes?

I am very inspiration driven – I don’t think there’s a way to force good music. Although – writing is like a muscle and the more you write the better you get. I like to think of creative rituals as ways to stay active so when that inspiration strikes you’re ready to capture it in the most real way possible 

4. What would you say “Khushiyon Ke Pal” is about? What are your personal highlights from the making of this song?

The song is about the little moments in a relationship that makes all the tough times seem worth it. Often passion in relationships is viewed as a rollercoaster or a hurricane but there’s merit to a quiet peaceful kind of love and that’s what I wanted to talk about especially to my younger audiences. The personal highlight for me was venturing into a soft rock space and experimenting with a low vocal range. It provided the intimacy that the song needed 

5. Which bands/artists did you grow up listening to? How have they changed over the years?

I grew up listening to Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, Coldplay; Damien rice and I still listen to them but I also listen to newer artists like Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo. And definitely I listen to a lot more independent music 

6. What interests or hobbies do you have outside music?

I love to swim and read books. I also love cooking and creating doodle animations 

7. Name one artist you think you resonate the most with.

I think at present it’s Olivia Rodrigo 

8. What do you dislike the most about the current music scene in India? How would you like that to change?

I really wish there was more representation of womxn artists in playlists, in festivals and press. I feel despite there being so many of us out there – I repeatedly see male artists getting preferential treatment at every single thing. And it really sucks

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