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How PAV4N of Foreign Beggars Is Re-imagining The Indian Hip-Hop Aesthetic

The legacy of Foreign Beggars is cemented by their 17 active years of putting in blood, sweat and tears to their sound. They gave us all legendary UK Grime/Dubstep music, that still feels sonically refreshing to this day.

Frontman PAV4N has now embarked on a new chapter of his journey in music. On the surface, the overall theme is soul-searching. PAV4N is on a spiritual journey to learn, explore, and infuse culture with his inner perspectives and experiences with life, the system and the external world.

Life, Karma & Energy

PAV4N brings in an experienced, ethereal vision and aesthetic that sets his ventures apart from a lot of clutter in the scene today. His lyrical prowess on each periodic release has already created a stand-apart catalogue, which ties in trademark PAV4N style, flow and presence. Building from scratch, 4NCurrency is a global platform that connects pathbreaking potential to newer, fresher audiences. Further in the pipeline for 4NCurrency are releases from grinding artists throughout the scene and much more.

From debut release “Karma” to his latest “Doom”, PAV4N has been relentless in his effort to establish the labels’ bar for quality on a very high note. The visuals by Bombay Arthouse not only enhance the look and feel of the string of releases, but give an in-depth metaphorical insight to each of these projects.

More Life

Through sheer drive and perseverance, 4NCurrency hopes to push sounds out and beyond the ordinary sonic circles and geographical barriers that keep unique talents at bay in the global music scene. For Hip-Hop veteran PAV4N, this is a new beginning that explores his own sounds, as well as the sounds of the constantly brewing Indian music scene in much more detail and depth.

Indian Hip-Hop is waking up to broadcast their voice over a global frontier. This is a time for foreign connections, establishing our homegrown benchmarks on the global Hip-Hop canvas, and reinforcing our best ideas and potentials. There couldn’t be a better time for growth and outward connections than this.

Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, systemic oppression, racism, classism, and the other evils that cloud our days, a Foreign Beggar’s journey continues. More power to the movement! Check out the string of releases on 4NCurrency.

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