Gully Gang Records releases debut single with Aavrutti, Shah Rule and D’evil

#Announced in May, 2019, GULLY GANG Records has released its first single ‘Gully Gang Cypher’ today. Content in the face of ambitions and determination, ‘Gully Gang Cypher’ features fresh and up-and-coming hip-hop talent like the Kurla quartet AAVRUTTI MUSIC, Mumbai hip-hop’s stalwarts D’EVIL and Shah RuLe showcasing the best in multiple languages. Produced by Karan Kanchan, the label is all for pushing the emerging talent in Indian Hip-Hop. “I never imagined I would say this but I’m thrilled to put out our first project as a team in form of a cypher which is the rawest form of rap with lyrics being the soul,” says DIVINE . “I love every verse on that beat because it’s all different and everyone came with their own style. This is one of my favourite songs that has come from the scene. There’s Punjabi, there’s Hindi, Bambaiya Hindi, English, Hinglish…it’s a problem! I can’t wait to see how people react!” he adds. 
The single will be launched as a part of a new club-focused hip-hop property called The Scene in Mumbai on May 22 at Raasta Bombay with its narrative fleshed out clearly in the record.

Watch the video here below :