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From JBABE to Raman Negi, G5A’s Newest Gig Series ‘Live At The Warehouse’ Gets Curation On-Point

In the heart of Mumbai’s bustling mill district, G5A’s warehouse stands as a beacon of artistic innovation and community engagement. Far from a mere venue, it’s a dynamic space where creativity thrives and boundaries are challenged. G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture is a not-for-profit organization committed to celebrating the intersections of culture, community, and city life.

With four spaces within the warehouse, namely The black box, the study, the terrace, and PORT Kitchen & Bar, programs across a range of contemporary art disciplines and forms are hosted. It also provides a safe and inclusive space for new ideas, new conversations, and new connections.

Setting the Stage: Live At The Warehouse

Live At The Warehouse is a transformative gig series that’s not just about the music, but a curated journey into the depths of artistic expression. From soul-stirring melodies to avant-garde performances, ‘Live At The Warehouse’ promises an immersive experience unlike any other.

Season 2022-23

The inaugural season of Live At The Warehouse was a proof of “G5A’s commitment to fostering independent talent”, very evident in every aspect of the series. Let’s take a closer look at the lineup:

  • Lojal
  • Darshan Doshi Trio featuring Hashbass and Rickraj
  • Ankit Dayal + Meba Ofilia
  • Moli + Sunflower Tape Machine
  • Aarifah + Nush Lewis
  • Alif

Season 2023-24

With Season 2022-23 being a massive success, Season 2023-24 of Live At The Warehouse promises even more excitement, innovation, and unforgettable moments. G5A’s newest lineup is a testament to their dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. Here’s what’s in store:

  • SVDP | Supported by Reble
  • Hashbass + Sijya : 22nd March
  • JBABE + Long Distances : 26th April
  • Parekh & Singh: 17th May Raman Negi: 24th May
    (Due to an unforeseen injury to one of the band members, G5A is forced to cancel Parekh & Singh Live at the warehouse concert.)

Join the journey where creativity knows no bounds

Step into the heart of Mumbai’s creative epicenter and experience the magic of Live At The Warehouse for yourself.  It promises curated excellence and a vibrant celebration of artistic expression. Don’t just witness the curation; immerse yourself in the cultural odyssey that is Live At The Warehouse.

The nearest ‘Live at the Warehouse’ gig series you can catch is on the 22nd of March, Friday featuring Mumbai-based bass player Hashbass and New Delhi – based artist Sijya. Click here for passes.

For more information and ticket bookings, visit G5A’s website and embark on your own journey of artistic discovery.

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