Be Your Own Hero – Skytrip’s remarkable releases

Skytrip is a pop-rock outfit from Bangalore. Formed in 2015, their origins lie in coastal Mangalore where they were formerly known as This Little Question.

Having released four singles until now, their music is characterized by slow drum grooves, ambient guitar riffs and tasteful vocal harmonies. Although the band is a pop-rock outfit , it packs quite a punch. All of the tracks are easy-going and listening to their music feels as if everything has slowed down in a marijuana triggered daze, and it’s just you and the music.

“Not Your Hero” their latest single, invokes people to be their own heroes in times of strife and find the strength within themselves to overcome their hurdles. The slow motion edits in the music video feel similar to a cherry on top of the cake and make the video even more interesting to watch. The songs “Cold Rain” and “Feather” talk about the longing for a loved one. Both are slow paced and are great for unwinding from the hustle bustle of life. . Interestingly, the track “Spaces” is based on the infamous simulation theory where the protagonist realizes that he is in fact in a simulation. This leads to emergence of certain questions which doubt reality.

A band that might go places, Skytrip’s music is definitely a must listen for all those who are looking for original Indian rock.