Be The Next Artist To Be Unboxed By Numero Uno

Numero Uno, the Indian indigenous denim brand, has released the second edition of their #UnboxingArtists brand campaign for independent musicians. Part of the campaign they have launched a nationwide competition to find gems in the rough, to give the musicians a chance to showcase their art and win :

1. A deal to record one original composition
2. A studio session music video
3. A chance to perform in front of a live audience

You can participate in the competition by uploading a 1-minute video of yourself performing your original song and tagging Numero Uno on Instagram (@numerounojeanswear) and Facebook. Don’t forget to use their official hashtag #UnboxingArtists. The deadline for submitting your entry is 30th August.

About the campaign: Through the campaign, Numero Uno is celebrating ‘I am who I am, unapologetically’ in their campaign Den I’M & unboxing independent artists to showcase the campaign with musicians. The first season showcased singer-songwriter Saby Singh, followed by Sanjeeta Bhattacharya and Dhruv Visvanath and Samar Mehdi. Numero Uno’s brand’s approach is to own this very core of Denim’s being, and speak to the ‘I’ in every Den’I’m wearer, the ones who own their quirks and idiosyncrasies. In fact I’M is an inseparable part of DenI’M. Denim has always called on the ‘rebel’ spirit of youth who have dared to challenge the status quo, questioned the dogma and believed in forming their own beliefs. Numero Uno has extended their new campaign DEN I’M by unboxing such 4 musicians who refuse to be labeled by society. Asha Esther Jaikishan, Marketing Head says about the campaign “When we were planning our DEN I’M campaign we felt we wanted to explore the music scene to spread the message since denim & music have connected since the beginning. With #UnboxingArtists we are bringing forth artists who have a unique style of creating music and each has a story connecting with DEN I”M

About Numero Uno: Numero Uno, one of India’s first indigenously manufactured denim labels, was incorporated in 1987 by Hi Fashion Clothing Co., the Flagship brand of Numero Uno Clothing Ltd.