Anand Bhaskar Collective to go on 5 city tour

Anand Bhaskar Collective, Mumbai based Hindi rock band, announces a 5-city tour starting the 8th of June. The band is the brain-child of singer-songwriter Anand Bhaskar, who started it as an extension of his solo project. The tour has been put put together with the help of Divya Vishwanathan who kickstarted the up and coming podcast Discover Desi.
“We’re calling this tour the ‘Shukraguzaar Tour’. This is our way of showing our fans how grateful we are for their love and support and their constant faith in us. For having supported us and our music through our ups and downs, and the fact that they’ve so patiently waited for our third album, singles from which will released periodically starting August this year. This is us taking our music to them including some songs that we haven’t played live before and our newer compositions as well.” says Anand.

Here are the tour dates confirmed so far:

8th June, 2019: Tabula Rasa, Hyderabad

15th June, 2019: Secret Gig Chennai

20th June, 2019: Bay 146, Chennai

21st June, 2019: B Flar, Bangalore (World Music Day Performance)

28th June, 2019: The Finch, Mumbai