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Singles Roundup #9: Diversify Your Playlist With These Latest Tracks

Every few weeks there are many singles released by both, renowned and new ones in the Indian independent music scene. It can be really difficult to keep up with all the new music released so we, at The Indian Music Diaries, have compiled a list of the best new singles released which you should definitely check out!

1. Impassive by Collin Francis

Collin Francis, who is also the vocalist of the Pune-based band Lotus, came up with his own act The Francis Collective which is an alternative rock band. The band released their debut single Impassive, which has been written during the quarantine. The track is about how people connect. A lot of people communicate, but they aren’t connecting, listening nor understanding and that is why it is often taken for granted. With his new act, Collin has found his sound, with his vocals being in sync with the music and everything just fitting well together.

2. I Promise by Tannison Mathews

Tannison Mathews is a Bhopal-based songwriter who is also known as the drummer/songwriter for the band Bandishein. He started his solo project a year ago, and he released his latest single I Promise. The song is about personal loss and how people think that some dear departed are always around them, despite not physically being around. It’s about being grateful that these loved ones are always watching over them. The track has a beautiful, mellow melody with piano and impactful lyrics and vocals, trying to create the perfect emotional feeling which seems to be intended.

3. Sikho Na by Srujan Kulkarni

Srujan Kulkarni is a Pune-based singer-songwriter, composer, and guitarist. His latest single Sikho Na is part of his album Ailaan which has already been released. His music combines his melodious vocals, along with his guitar skills, Hindi lyrics, giving it a slightly pop tune. He comes from a musical family, thus having his interest in music since a long time.

4. Hum Hai by Zariya ft. Aseem, Rocky Gorkhali

Zariya, an electronic musician and producer, in collaboration with Aseem and Rock Gorkhali released his latest single Hum Hai. Zariya is known to blend Indian traditional music, hip-hop, and electronica into a seamless fusion of new age music. His new song Hum Hai is also a genre-bending twist on electronica, pop, rap, and Indian music to create a fresh vibe. The track is overall a fun song to listen, giving fun vibes.

5. Stay You by Chinmaya Nanda

Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter Chinmaya Nanda released his latest single Stay You. Chinmaya is a blues musician, and his latest single is a fast-paced song, with a catchy tune, and a hook and the right amount of blues vibes.

6. Dard by Zillionglare

Bangalore-based hip-hop artist and songwriter Zillionglare released his fifth single Dard. Dard, which literally translates to ‘pain’ is a lo-fi hip-hop track. It talks about a lost love story which takes place at a very important time of the artist’s life. It aims to take the listener on an emotional journey with its heartfelt vocals and lyrics, and a moody lo-fi tune.

7. Intact by Lotus

Lotus, a post-rock band based out of Pune released their latest single Intact which is part of their debut album Emergence. This instrumental track has peaceful, almost meditative tunes, with vast and calming soundscapes, giving it overall a very soothing vibe.

8. Gaihaan by Tapas

Tapas is a Hindi alternative rock band, hailing from Mumbai. Tapas derived its name from the term Tapasya because the band believes in the power of art to create a change in the society. Their latest single Gaihaan is an energetic rock track, with catchy Hindi lyrics and tunes.

9. Sonder by Joel Sakkari

Joel Sakkari, a music producer and composer from Bangalore. His music can be described as soft fingerpicked acoustic guitars and dramatic synths. His latest release Sonder has a soft, peaceful vibe with acoustic guitars, and Joel’s calm, mellow vocals going perfectly well with the tune.

10. Desire by Chirag Todi ft. Pushkar Srivatsal and Tanya Nambiar

Ahmedabad-based songwriter, composer, guitarist, and founding member of Heat Sink – Chirag Todi released his debut single Desire which is to be part of his upcoming EP Panodrama. The track has jazzy, groovy tunes and features artists from across India. This song is about the process of creating and how the ‘desire’ to create something holds you by the collar and that goes you the power and strength to overcome any and every obstacle.

11. Shades by Manas Jha

Manas Jha’s latest single Shades is part of his EP Reimagined. Shades is a message of faith and empathy for those who are our future, living through a present turned upside down. The track talks about anxiety disorders in children and aims at raising awareness and to encourage the ones struggling to call out for help.

12. No Mercy by Naveen Shekhar

Naveen Shekhar is an electronic artist from a small town of Jharkhand called Hazaribagh. From being part of a metal band to performing live shows as DJ, he finally released his debut EP Zenith of Beauty. His single No Mercy is part of the same EP. The track has a fun, dance vibe along with a few classical elements of the flute.

13. Airdrop by Axolotl

Axolotl is a quarantine project, formed by the members of Frostcraft, a hardcore/experimental band. Influences of the music style of Frostcraft can be noticed in Axolotl’s music as well. Their single Airdrop is a part of their bedroom album called Bedroom Alchemy. Airdrop has the experimental, rock influences which seem to be the sound of the band.

14. Dog Days by Sarfaad

Mumbai-based modern math-metal band Sarfaad. The band has developed a distinct style for themselves with heavy breakdowns, and riffs, their lyrical aggression paired with pounding drums. The track Dog Days utilizes elements of hip-hop and electronic music, which the band call it as ‘nu-metalcore. The track explores the idiom of dog days while seeing the constant decline of the world we live in.

15. Khayaal by Aseem

The latest single by Aseem, singer-songwriter and music producer based out of Pune, is an upbeat track about the realization that most of us are having in this lockdown. The artist wants to say that through the course of the lockdown, we’ve started experiencing calmness. People have started appreciating the smaller things in life and this song highlights that. The crux of the song is a conversation that we have with ourselves in our minds that leads to an affirming resolution that says everything is going to be alright. 

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