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Singles Roundup #62: Pop, Rap, Feel-good and more!

We are three months unto 2023 and the vibe in Independent music remains great! Many artists emerging from all corners of the country creating new music everyday for everyone. Here’s we doing our best at connecting indie artists to their audience. Pick your favorite music below!

1. Indigo – Dot.

Bangalore based singer-songwriter Dot. (aka Aditi Saigal) releases her latest single ‘Indigo’. This single marks her return to music and is an attempt to move forward and explore her creative abilities with a newly innovated indie-pop style. The track is a dreamy yet gentle track that draws influence from both pop and folk music. The lyrics are inspired by a fantasy novel Dot started writing and talks about embracing what you create and turning away from judgement.

2. I’m Good- HVSH & Clint Lewis

Clint Lewis has recently released ‘I’m Good’, a collaborative single with producer & friend HVSH. ‘I’m Good’ by Clint Lewis is a catchy and upbeat track. The artist uses an eclectic mix of rhythmic synths and trippy vocal melodies to create an atmosphere perfect for a summer road trip. 

3. Cold- Kiara Chettri 

London-based artist Kiara Chettri releases her ninth single titled ‘Cold’. The track consists of beautiful melody and dreamy soundscape that creates an atmosphere of nostalgia. The addition of delicate acoustic guitar, violin, cello and synth bring a unique flavour to the track. With her captivating voice and heartfelt lyrics, Kiara takes us on a journey through the pain of lost love, evoking a range of emotions throughout the song.

4. Call Me Baby – Dear Kokum

The next song by the artist Dear Kokum takes you back to a time when first love meant excitement, shy glances and unexpected texts. ‘Call Me Baby’ brings to life the emotions of a young love that so many of us can relate to. You can feel her experience of being in a strictly boy-meets-girl society, yet her unspoken emotions were hard to beat. The song was written by Dear Kokum almost five years back and reflects on her first same-sex crush.

5. Udd Re – Saptak Chatterjee

New-Delhi-based singer-songwriter and music producer Saptak Chatterjee releases his new single ‘Udd Re’. Udd Re is a beautiful synth-pop anthem that speaks to anyone who is looking for hope and support during tough times. The song consists of lush synths, soaring vocals, and emotional production providing a powerful soundtrack for the depth of the message.

6. Aisha – Aadya Jaswal

Gurgaon-based singer-songwriter Aadya Jaswal releases her debut single ‘Aisha’. This soulful and emotionally stirring song was created spontaneously on a monsoon afternoon. The heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies make this a song that you’ll want to keep listening to. The song comes alive with Aadya’s powerful and emotive delivery. Her words form a one-sided conversation with the child inside all of us.

7. Low Profile- Pluto Monkey

New-Delhi-based musician Antriksh Mohapatra aka ‘Pluto Monkey’ releases his latest single ‘Low Profile’. The song slowly builds from a tranquil beginning to an enthralling climax that is filled with celestial chords and analog leads. A perfect choice for fans of electronic and modern jazz music, this track is sure to take listeners on an out-of-body experience with its unique soundscape. 

8. Homebound – Corner Café Chronicles

Mumbai-based electro-rock experience band Corner Cafe Chronicles release their latest track ‘Homebound’. The track takes the listener on an introspective journey as they ask the fundamental questions: who are we in this vast collection of noise? ‘Homebound’ starts out with a gentle, synth-driven beat that slowly builds up to a passionate, driving chorus with heavy guitar that is sure to move the listener both emotionally and musically.

9. Khoya Sa- Dhiren

New-Delhi-based singer-songwriter Dhiren releases his debut single ‘Khoya Sa’. The track consists of lush soundscape, smooth vocals and ethereal beats that create an atmosphere so mesmerising that it’s sure to whisk listeners away on a journey of longing and nostalgia.The perfect accompaniment for road trips and introspection, this track is a must-listen for fans of deep chillout and ambient music. 

10. Wajah – GarvitPriyansh

Music producer-songwriter Duo Garvit X Priyansh release their new single ‘Wajah’ The track explores the emotions associated with longing, and the struggle to understand why something that once felt so safe has become so distant. The blend of mellow flute and acoustic guitar, along with soothing vocals, create an ethereal and heartfelt atmosphere allowing those who hear to reflect on their struggles.  

11. Zindagi Buri Hai – Dirty Team

Nagpur-based artist Dirty Team release their latest hip-hop track ‘Zindagi Buri Hai’. The song weaves stories of life’s struggles and the various tribulations faced. With its tranquil soundscape of calm guitars, mellow keys, heavenly violins and steady drums, the song brings a sense of tranquility and understanding to its listeners. The combination of Riza’s production and Nvin and Hrishi’s heartfelt lyrics make ‘Zindagi Buri Hai’ an instant classic. 

12. CHITRANGADHA- shauharty, pakeezah

Delhi-based 19 year old artist shauharty releases his latest single ‘CHITRANGADHA’. The track instantly grabs your attention with its unique use of Tollywood samples and punchy beats. With clever lyricism, shauharty paints a picture of a man who stands on his own and does not depend on anyone. The track also features a groovy boom-bap beat which makes ‘CHITRANGADHA’ a surefire hit. 

13. Maybe Someday- Kelly

Mumbai-based artist Kelly releases her debut single ‘Maybe Someday’. ‘Maybe Someday’ is an uplifting indie-pop track that is sure to capture the listener. The lyrics are heartfelt and evoke a range of emotions that listeners can relate to. The song speaks of the excitement and curiosity that comes with getting to know someone new. Kelly’s soulful voice and a pleasant piano melody remind you of how fragile the emotions are and the dreamy soundscape sets apart from other pop music.

14. Serotonin Skies- Achante

Toronto-Mumbai based singer/songwriter Achante releases her second single ‘Serotonin Skies’. The track is a beautiful and powerful piece of music. It speaks to the power of love and being reborn from heartbreak, exploring both the struggles and the joys of finding and reclaiming love. The song starts off with a gentle introduction and builds to an emotional crescendo, with Achante’s powerful vocals reminiscent of a master storyteller guiding us on a journey through their emotional experiences. 

15. Crying – Jayesh Malani

Jayesh Malani’s latest single ‘Crying’ is a beautiful and captivating instrumental piece that explores the personal and emotional journey of crying. Combining the sounds of classical guitar and sarangi, this track draws its listeners into an inward space that allows them to pause and reflect on themselves. The soundscape created by Malani is both delicate and powerful, starting off slowly and eventually building to a crescendo of intense emotion.

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