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Singles Roundup #56: Pop Rock, Rap, Fusion and more

We are back covering the latest releases in November and here are artists you need to add to your radar. Find the new songs in your genre below or dive into others, the community has a lot to offer and it continues to grow.

1. Crumble And Fade Away- Sahil

Sahil Shah an aspiring musician from Mumbai drops his debut single ‘Crumble And Fade Away’ which is themed on the unabating tendencies of our mind to fall into cycles of doubts and uncertainty. Sahil uses his soft vocals and skillful production to create an immersive listening experience for ideas that need a new style of expression. 

2. September- Arham

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Arham Fulfagar releases his eighth single ‘September’ which was extended from a catchy hook he wrote two years ago. The chill/melancholic ballad takes us on a journey from excitement to the nostalgia of meeting someone. The lyrics are poetic and the musical elements are arranged perfectly that capture the trajectory of a relationship within a song.

3. Aaja- JAW

Siliguri-based artist Akash Tripathi who goes by the stage name ‘JAW’ releases his latest single ‘Aaja’ in which he exhibits his professional rap skills. The music was produced, mixed and mastered by Starbxy, and talks of uncertain times for love in the modern era. The lyrics come from sincere songwriting and the music is definitive of the vibe JAW has. 

4. The Sensitive Man- Living Stones

Guwahati-based experimental rock band Living Stones release their third studio single ‘The Sensitive man’. The song was mixed by Xulfi Nawaz and mastered by Chaw prodyot handique. The 7-minute-long song talks about our inner world and the intensities of emotions that we feel. The progressive rock song has mellow vocals and the organic production is quite startling in its contemplating sense.

5. Submissive- Beyond Charlie

Pune-based Techno artist Ashok Pai aka ‘Beyond Charlie’ releases his latest single ‘Submissive’ with Encore Recordings. The six-minute-long track has a groovy beat with unique sounds that compliment with the vocals. The track is hypnotic in nature and resonates with the title of the song in a mysterious sense which marks Beyond Charlie’s dynamic music production. 

6. Ek Pal- Akanksha Sethi

Singer/songwriter Akanksha Sethi releases her latest single ‘Ek Pal’ in which she writes about love and separation. The track was produced, mixed and mastered by Aman Arakh, and consists of a soothing acoustic melody with a soft blend of Progressive Rock. The experimental pop song was inspired from artist’s personal journey in a relationship and the song has a strong hold on the emotions she felt in it. 

7. Cheques- Tienas

Mumbai-based Hip-hop and Rap artist Tienas releases his latest track ‘Cheques’ with Azadi Records and uses a marathi sample from the famous song ‘Vaat Majhi Baghtoy Rickshawala’. The two-minute-long track focuses on entraping the regional sounds into the global pop scene and the artist demonstrates impeccable rap skills with music that remains true to its culture and origins.

8. Gumsum- Mayank Thakur

Indire-based singer/songwriter Mayank Thakur releases his debut single ‘Gumsum’ in which he talks about a certain phase in life when everything seems to fall apart. The song is full of hope and uniquely pushes the listener into a dreamy vibe with a soulful composition consisting of Shehnai and Mayank’s soothing voice. The music video provides stunning visuals to the theme and assuredly, we need to keep any eye on more music from the talented artist. 

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9. Aerodrome- Polkanose

Vadodara-based electronic music producer Gautam Trivedi aka Polkanose releases his latest track by the title ‘Aerodrome’. The track was mastered by Waves Kraft Mastering and the unique track delivers a gratifying listening experience for techno enthusiasts. The track was released along with a visualiser on youtube and the artist is on a spree with new music coming out every alternative Friday for a whole year.

10. Waste- Jashwin Ramchand

Singer/songwriter Jashwin Ramchand releases his debut single by the title ‘Waste’. The acoustic track was produced, mixed and mastered by Apurva Ojha. The song is written from a perspective of someone revisiting their past relationsips and questioning the time they spent. The song settles on a convincing note that the protagonist has finally made peace with himself and is ready to move on.


11. Goodbye, Mr. GnG- Mr. GnG

Mr. GnG is a 2-piece prog/hard rock band consisting of Ishan and Abhilash. The band release their debut single ‘Goodbye, Mr GnG’ as a part of their upcoming EP ‘EPonymous’. The song takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions with its massive production and talented vocals. As the first track of their EP, the duo has nailed it and the hopes are high for the rest of their EP.

12. Gum- Piya Podder

Delhi-based singer/songwriter Piya Podder releases her third single by the title ‘Gum’. The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Barun Sinha, and talks about feeling lost and helpless. This is also her first hindi single and the song has a calming piano melody that resonates with feelings of uncertainty and loss and Piya’s shrill vocals compliments the songwriting and composition. 

13. Need You- Big Trouble

Bangalore-based Tanush Hegde who goes by the artist name Big Trouble releases his latest single ‘Need You’ on 3rd October. The sci-fi electronic song sees futuristic composition with catchy hooks. The song will be followed by two remixes from producers Aeon Waves and Kaali Duniya. The song takes us into a trance-like state and uniquely brings together elements of nostalgia and doom.

14. Jenny- Big Bang Blues

Delhi-based band Big Bang Blues release their blues rock song ‘Jenny’ which is written from a perspective of an outlaw who is about to die and hopes to meet his lover in heaven. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Anindo Bose, and consists of an outstanding solo by Manjit Joseph. 

15. Le Chalo- Saptak Chatterjee

Classical singer/songwriter Saptak Chatterjee releases his latest track ‘Le Chalo’ which is the second single from his upcoming EP. The hindi song is a story about grief and loss, and talks of an unreal bond between two people going through a similar citation. The song consists of acoustic sounds and Saptak’s vocals are uplifting to listen to.

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