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Singles Roundup #55: Hip-Hop, Alt Rock, Rap, and more

Amidst the festive season and holidays, we are back with an astounding list of artists from across the nation creating music for all moods and occasions. As we proceed with the fourth quarter of this year, the independent music scene has grown, evolved, and transformed, and here are the keepers of the promise of taking it ahead.

1. Headrush- RANJ

Bangalore-based singer Ranjani Ramadoss who goes by the artist name RANJ releases her latest single ‘Headrush’ in collaboration with Shillong-based producer adL (Adiel Massar). The track is a R&B slow jam with unique vocals and lyrics that celebrate the act of receiving pleasure. The Shillong-based producer adds on with his trademark sounds giving this song a hip-hop vibe. RANJ exhibits quirky rap skills with catchy tunes and beats that provide an innovative listening experience. 

2. Walk Of Shame- Sahil Shah Ft. Yohan Marshall, Harsh

Mumbai-based drummer and composer Sahil Shah releases his debut English track ‘Walk Of Shame’ in collaboration with the artists Yohan Marshall and Harsh. The hip-hop funk track talks about power dynamics and how it plays among our peers. The song is layered with metaphors and uses idiosyncrasies to express the idea of being carefree. The three-minute track sees distinctive composing and new-age sounds that assuage the topic at its core. 

3. Itne Bure- Tyesha Kohli

New Delhi-based artist Tyesha Kohli releases her first bilingual track ‘Itne Bure’. The song has stayed with her since 2018 and finally sees the audience after tremendous revisions. The song talks about a breakup and an honest realization of people and relationships. The heart-warming track is available to listen to on all platforms and undoubtedly, Tyesha Kohli as an emerging artist holds a lot of promise. 

4. Fass Gaya – Mohak & Aman Sagar

Mumbai-based rapper, singer, and songwriter Mohak in collaboration with the talented artist Aman Sagar releases his latest single ‘Fass Gaya’. The hip-hop rap track talks about a stage when the lines between our personal and professional lives begin to blur. The song is inspired by the artist’s own experiences during the pandemic and through the rap, Mohak actualizes his stance as an artist. The song uses classical guitar tunes and drums accompanied by Aman’s harmonized vocals which add an element of charisma. 

5. Parchhai- Shayan Roy x Sez on the Beat

Mumbai-based rapper/singer Shayan Roy releases his first multi-lingual track by the title ‘Parchhai’. The song is written in Hindi, Bengali, and English, and features music producer Sez on the Beat. The song is about the many relationships we come across in our early twenties and how the image of the people we move on from lingers as a shadow in our memories. 

6. Andhera- Novacane

Delhi-based rapper, producer and mix engineer ‘Novacane’ releases his first single ‘Andhera’ from the upcoming EP ‘VOICES’. The song talks about the darkness within an individual and how we are conditioned to not confront it. The theme of this song is unique and so is the production. Novacane recorded all the sounds in the beat using his guitar by employing different styles of playing and the music video was directed by him too. 

7. Wish You The Best- Arrows feat. Tejas

Mumbai-based independent music project Arrows by musician and music journalist David Britto, release their fifth single ‘Wish You The Best’ featuring Tejas on vocals. The song is about those few instances when we meet a person and we are immediately able to connect with them and share a lifelong bond. The acoustic rock track is soothing to listen to and reminds us of such friendships that last beyond time. 

8. Arizona- Mocaine

Delhi-based artist Amrit Mohan aka ‘Mocaine’ releases his first single from the forthcoming sequel ‘Arizona’ following their widely accepted concept album ‘The Birth of Billy Munro’. The sequel is to be accompanied by a novel and will introduce character Jonah Stone, to the Billy Munro universe, who is wrongfully convicted of murder and set free 20 years later. The track has its own sensations and the nostalgic rock composition invites us into the fictional world of the protagonist. 

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9. I Just Wish That- Aary

Mumbai-based independent artist Aaryaman Sethi aka ‘Aary’ releases his second single ‘I Just Wish That’ in which he talks about finding solace after endless chaos and what it means to share that joy with our loved ones. The Lo-Fi pop song comes with beautiful lyrics and Aaryaman’s mellifluous vocals that give us a peaceful listening experience and a lot to ponder on. 

10. Cat Got My Tongue- Sultan Khan

New-Delhi-based independent musician Sultan Khan releases his debut song by the title ‘Cat Got My Tongue’. The electronic pop track commemorates the artist’s beloved cat who passed away not very long ago. The lyrics to this track were penned by Yuvika Kataria and the song is a story of the artist and his quirky cat. Sultan Khan demonstrates a varied sense of music through this experimental track and successfully produces beats that everyone can vibe to.

11. Tanne Thadu- Atrangi Funkaar

Jaipur-based indie band who go by the name ‘Atrangi Funkaar’ release their latest bilingual single ‘Tanne Thadu’ which is an off-the-wall song about love. The song was written in Marwadi and Hindi and remains true to the Folk Rhythm of Rajasthan. The song was produced by Akshay Agarwal and mixed and mastered by Abhishek Gautam. The folk track is enjoyable to listen to and talks of a love story between a smitten man and a free-spirited lady. 

12. Chote Chote Khwaab- Chirag Modi

Hailing from the state of Rajasthan is our next artist Chirag Modi who has been in the indie scene for five years. His latest track ‘Chote Chote Khwaab’ is a song about cherishing the little things in life. Chirag who is a CA by day and theatre artist by night is already popular for his rap songs addressing social issues. The hip-hop track by him is built on a simple melody and an undemanding narrative on how we don’t really need to be extravagant to find happiness. 

13. That Guy- Aarya

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Aarya releases his latest upbeat pop single ‘That Guy’ in which he talks about his disposition after a relationship. The upbeat track with honest lyrics was produced by Rahul Popawala and Raag Sethi. The track sees a varied soundscape and offers an irresistible groovy beat to the listener. The lyrics of this song are pretty straightforward and the artist expresses how he’s better off without his ex. 

14. If Rainbows Do Exist – Tasha Keswani

Bangalore-based singer-songwriter Tasha Keswani releases her third single ‘If Rainbows Do Exist’ which is a soulful bilingual rendition in English and Spanish featuring the quaint magic of an escapade in nature with your loved one. The song uses soft piano tunes and naturesque sounds with dreamy vocals to reveal a story of love and magic. 

15. Rudy- Disha Reddy

Bangalore-based aspiring singer and composer Disha Reddy releases her debut indie single ‘Rudy’ which is an acoustic track about art and expression, and what it means to be finally heard for your opinions. Disha characterizes herself in a little curly-haired boy who hides away from the world. Waiting to be discovered is his potential once he allows himself to be vulnerable. The song has a country vibe and empowers all artists to let themselves out and open up to the most naked expression of emotion, which is love. 

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