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Singles Roundup #54: Electronica, Hip-Hop, Rap and more

October has some of the finest releases and we are amazed by the extraordinary talent that’s budding in the Independent music scene. The number of submissions we receive has geared up and it only calls for this months roundup featuring the diverse music artists are producing across India. Read more below.

1. Trigger Fool- Nate08 feat. Azamaan Hoyvoy

Mumbai-based producer and DJ Nathan Thomas releases his latest track ‘Trigger Fool’ which is a part of his upcoming album ‘Furaha’ and features singer, songwriter and drummer Azamaan Hoyvoy. In this electronic dance track, we get to witness meticulous composing and beats that can easily set us in a groove. With mellowed vocals and a thoughtful choice of chords, the track is suitable for keeping the vibe of the party going. 

2. Let’s- Meera 

Ahmedabad-based singer/songwriter Meera releases her latest track ‘Let’s’ in which she talks about the little things that make a person. The song embraces the simple stuff of a relationship and how missing someone actually brings us closer to them. The acoustic track with plain-sailing melodies and soft vocals reminds us of who we are when we are with our partner and the comfort found in love. 

3. my turn/meri vaari- tricksingh

Tirath Sandhu who goes by the artist name ‘tricksingh’ releases his sophomore bilingual track ‘my turn/meri vaari’. The 23 year old artist and composer attempts to reform the Punjabi culture through his Rap and Alternative indie style. The songs are a mix of his travels and life experiences, and with his latest release the contemporary artists paves way for himself into the music scene. 

4. नalla Freestyle- Seedhe Maut & DJ SA

Delhi-based duo Seedhe Maut comprising Encore ABJ ad Calm in collaboration with DJ SA release their latest single ‘नalla Freestyle’. The hip-hop track is produced by DJ SA and mixed and mastered by Tanmay Saxena. The song confronts the realities of being famous and how artists handle it. With sharp-witted lyrics and Seedhe Maut’s powerful rap performance the song reliably takes the Indian hip-hop scene ahead. 

5. Mayflower- Easy Wanderlings feat Nikhil D’souza

Pune-based eight-piece band Easy Wanderlings release their latest single ‘Mayflower’ featuring the soulful voice of Nikhil D’Souza. The song is released under their EP ‘Caught in a Parade’ and recounts cherished memories through soulful pop music. The song was written and composed by member Sanyanth Naroth and finds consolation in the idea that going through the hassles of life only makes us wish we were dealt a better hand. 

6. Tu Kaun Hai- Shadow and Light feat. Salim Merchant

Anindo Bose and Pavithra Chari, as known by the artist name Shadow and Light release their latest single ‘Tu kaun Hai’ in collaboration with the Bollywood composer Salim Merchant. The song arrangement is uplifting and the theme largely deals with powerful inquisition. The song talks about the ever-lasting impact somebody has on you and how it shapes our perception. 

7. Heavyweight- Siyaahi, Vichaar, Dhanji Prod. By Neil CK

Ahmedabad-based hip-hop artist Siyaahi delivers a breathtaking performance in his latest release ‘Heavywright’ along with artists Vichaar and Dhaji. With catchy tunes and a striking beat, the track talks about how the artists go through their lives keeping the music alive inside them. The track was produced by Neil CK and the rappers Siyaahi, Vichaar and Dhanji present exceptional vocals that make this song an absolute banger to listen to. 

8. Fervor Freeverse- Yooosh

Songwriter, rapper and producer Yooosh releases his latest track by the title ‘Fervor Freeverse’. The song is produced by the artist Sarcastically Kumar and is the opening track of his upcoming EP. The bilingual song takes us through the artist’s ambition to be on top and consists a few of rapper’s personal philosophies. With witty rhymes and R&B soul instrumentals, the track is beset to give listeners a story-telling experience. 

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9. Kahaani- Aditya Dcruz

Singer, songwriter and producer Aditya Dcruz releases his third single ‘Kahaani’ in which he tries to rediscover the freshness of being in love. The fresh Hindi R&B soul track touches on the topics of young love and has the sense of nostalgia to it. Aditya Dcruz pulls a one man show with this track by also producing and directing the video song to this beautiful track. 

10. Find You There- Mohit Mukhi

Mumbai-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Mohit Mukhi releases his latest track ‘Find You There’ as an ode to love, loss and longing. The four-minute-long track consists of acoustics and piano melodies with vocals that hit the right spot. The song was mixed and mastered by Mohit himself and the composition is soothing to listen to while pertaining to the multiple interpretations of the song’s title.

11. Resurface- Blu Attic

New Delhi-based producer and DJ Aniket Jain who goes by the name Blu Attic releases his new EP ‘Resurface’ which comprises of three electronic/dance tracks featuring different vocalists. The tracks are an attempt at fusing House music with Indian classical and Hindi vocals. The result is an evermore new listening experience with melodies and beats that are deeply soulful and touching.

12. Kahani- Aneesha, Kenzani & Tech Panda, Konark Sikka

‘Kahani’ is the latest track by Aneesha in collaboration with the producers Kenzani and Tech Panda and Konark Sikka. The bilingual indie track consists of electronic and disco sounds with vocals that smoothly blend with the techno beats and create an enticing listening experience. The five-minute long track consists of Hindi and English vocals and the lyrics are a simple lure of an evening. 

13. Minar – North Axis Project

Gujarat-based indie band by the name North Axis Project release their new track ‘Minar’ which is inspired by their trip to Turkey and what the country had to offer. The track contains sounds from unique instruments like ‘OUD’ and Darbuka, thus adding the element of Arabic orient music. The novel listening experience succeeds at transporting the listener to its Turkish origins.

14. sad song – Pandabhi

Singer-songwriter Abhimanyu Prakash aka Pandabhi releases his latest track ‘sad song’. The acoustic track has mellifluous vocals and is calming to listen to and seems to have a post-breakup mood associated with it. The track is adorned with intelligible composing and Abhimanyu’s apt vocals make this independent track a must listen.

15. Heal- Shujan De & State Human

Nagaland-based artist Shujan De in collaboration with State Human releases his latest track ‘Heal’. The track is an honest attempt at expressing the delicate feelings around the healing journey one goes through. The track as the artist likes to call it was a bedroom session and the song resonates with a solitary feeling of finding ourselves and understanding who we are. 

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