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Singles Roundup #53: Soul Pop, Hip-Hop, Metal and More

Like clockwork, we are back with this month’s best, most exciting releases for you to add in your playlist. Each and every artist’s work in this list is commendable and deserves to reach its audience. Find something new to take with you among these must-hear songs.

1. Chanchal Mann- Utsavi Jha 

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Utsavi Jha releases her latest original Hindi song ‘Chanchal Mann’ in which she expresses the jaunt feeling of crushing on someone. The song was mixed and mastered by Suraj Gulvady and freshly redefines love for its small but consequential gestures. The song remains characteristic to Utsavi’s style of warmly displaying love and affection through her cheerful vocals and acoustics. 

2. Khula Aasmaan- Saptak Chatterjee

Classical singer/songwriter and Music Producer Saptak Chatterjee talks about the sheer grandeur of life in his latest song ‘Khula Aasmaan’. The song has travel vibes and stays true to its themes of freedom and being limitless. Saptak has a benevolent voice and with his recent track, we get to hear a cheerful melody in play with acoustic sounds that are soothing to listen to. 

3. Courtyards- Shourya Malhotra, Varun Rajput ft Rini Rajput

Delhi-based singer/songwriter Shourya Malhotra celebrates the feeling of being at home in his new song ‘Courtyards’. The song is written from the perspective of an aged man reminiscing on all the things that construe his childhood. The indie-rock song follows a reconciling trajectory and is soulful in its essence with music that touches on emotions of seeking comfort in things and places that you grew up with. 

4. Jaan Baaki- Shubham Kabra

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter releases his 11th single with Times Music by the title ‘Jaan Baaki’. The indie-folk track is written from the perspective of a grieving old woman who has lost her partner. The track is composed using classical tunes and the notes swiftly flow on the Sitar telling a tale of eternal love and living with the loss of a loved one. 

5. Azadi Haraam- BC Azad 

Kolkata-based Alt hip-hop artist BC Azad releases his first single ‘Azadi Haraam’ from his debut album ‘Naya Hindustan’. The track is a satirical take on the nation’s current political scene and the artist skillfully displays cynicism in his rap verse. The hip-hop song uses trap music and catchy beats to bring the audience’s attention to a crucial ongoing issue.


6. Bombay Ke Don- Vijay DK 

Vijay DK is a Mumbai-based Hip-Hop Rapper who delivers stellar performances in a desi street style. ‘Bombay Ke Don’ is his latest Hinglish-Marathi Hip-Hop track with folkish flute samples and groovy trap beats. The song is a recountal of his growing up days in Mumbai, what the city means to him and how he wants to represent the Mumbai’s rap culture. 

7. Buland Singh Mastana- Sangram Malik

Sangram Malik pays tribute to the legendary Punjabi artist Asa Singh Mastana in his recent release with Gaah Records. ‘Buland Singh Mastana’ is a song about longing and introspection. With mellowed drums and mind-numbing lyrics, the song is a soulful rendition and a retrograde honour to his beloved artist. The song has a unique charm and the listening experience is elevated with a music video that offers startling visuals. 

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8. Ghalib- Sugandha Garg

Kolkata-based actress/director turned Indie artist Sugandha Garg drops her debut bluesy single ‘Ghalib’ in which she uses poetry to express a human condition about happiness. The song has Lo-Fi instrumental vibes and her sultry vocals bring relief from the scrupulous idea about life as expressed in Mirza Ghalib’s poetry and gets reinvented in the song.

9. Katha – Aabishkar Thatal

Gangtok-based singer/songwriter Aabishkar Thatal releases ‘Katha’ as a story of two childhood friends who were parted by time and age. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Elvin James. Aabishkar uses a beautiful chord progression to layer the story with a sense of nostalgia. The alt-rock song is a test of friendship against time and how growing up only strengthens the bond once shared.


10. Barhwngkha- Dwi

Jimmy Daimari under the artist name ‘Dwi’ takes the world by storm with his fourth single ‘Barhwngkha’. Jimmy shows his exceptional shredding guitar skills and the four-minute heavy metal track is an absolute banger to listen to. The music video was covered by Ayush Agrawal and the artwork by his brother Ronnie Daimari. There goes tremendous hard work in the composition of this track, and with the release Jimmy effortlessly establishes himself as a new-age metalhead. 

11. Paper Boats – Chirag Todi (ft. Gouri and Aksha) 

Ahmedabad-based songwriter Chirag Todi in collaboration with the Mumbai-based duo Gouri and Aksha releases ‘Paper Boats’ as a part of his upcoming 8-track album. The jazz-pop song is about finding joy in the little things in life and the artist uses the theme ‘Paper Boats’ to explore themes of nostalgia and isolation. The listening experience is unreasonably calming and dreamy music gives a new sense to the feelings of reminiscence and coping. 

12. Depresent- Noni-Mouse

Mumbai-based artist Radhapriya Gupta aka Noni-Mouse releases her latest song ‘Depresent’ with The garage electronica track was mixed by Sahej Bakshi and mastered by Audible Oddities Mastering. The song comes with myriad variations of vocal hooks and let-loose kind of dance beats. The song talks about liberation and taking moments of introspection to realise ourselves before moving ahead. 

13. Curtain Call- Viraaj Arora

Bangalore-based pianist Viraaj Arora releases his latest single ‘Curtain Call’ in which he tries to explore delicate emotions around the need to be in control of ourselves. The soulful track is purely instrumental with melodies that touch different corners of our inner world. The listening experience amalgamates all the roles we play in society, all together acknowledging our essential self. 

14. Oh Darling!- Priyanka Nath

Hyderabad-based singer/songwriter Priyanka Nath releases her latest pop track ‘Oh Darling’ in an attempt to move on from a relationship. The high-energy pop-rock song was produced by Jonathan Edward and talks of a demented phase in the process of letting go and how arduous it can be sometimes. The electric elements in the song resonate with an inner wailing while the song maintains a headbanger of a mood. 

15. Septic Soul- Crimson Gates

Meghalaya-based thrash metal band Crimson Gates release their new song ‘Septic Soul’ criticising manipulators, politicians and prophets who suck the soul out of people. The song was mixed and mastered by Zuala Jahau and remains original to its genre. The rage spills out in every verse and the music tells us to be careful of our leaders and what we believe in. 

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