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Singles Roundup #52: Romantic Pop, Hip-Hop, Fusion and More

It’s September and we are back with another round of artists to add in your radar. We are nearing the year end but the indie music scene in India is still fresh and ablaze. New music keeps rolling in and here are our picks for the month. 

1. Go Back Home- Diya Mittal

Noida-based budding talent Diya Mittal expresses the dismal cries of feeling trapped. ‘Go Back Home’ is about the overbearing cloud of thoughts that hang above us creating a certain gloom too hard to pass. We get to hear Diya’s distinct vocals in accord with the orchestral arrangement that captures the intensity of her emotions. The song ends on an empathetic note as we hear the protagonist go through rapture and repair. 

2. Time- Shujan De ft. Koko

Nagaland-based artists Shujan De and Koko release their single ‘Time’ in which they beautifully pen down a delicate feeling of love and solace. The soft vocals and melodic strings along with a cinematically shot video soothes the listener. The lyrics are romantically etched into the tranquil vibe of the song and reminds us of how comforting it is to be in love and yet carefree. 

3. Wasta- Ray3urn & Uncle Wahab ft.Rabby Rich

Kolkata-based producer Ray3urn in collaboration with Kuwait rapper Uncle Wahab releases his recent track ‘Wasta’. The song has an Arabic vibe and talks of gang life and street violence in Middle Eastern and Asian countries. The upbeat blazing track is an innovative rendition of old-school and new-school hip-hop, and the song immediately transports us to the glamour, politics and charm of the Mid-East. 

4. Always Be- Abdon Mech

Nagaland-based singer-songwriter Abdon Mech releases his new song after a long break of fourteen months. The song ‘Always Be’ in collaboration with Zuchobeni Tungoe is a humble attempt at expressing how everyone experiences Love differently. The musical ensemble was produced by Kevi Pucho and was recorded at Element Indie Records. The track is grand in scale and resonates with the idea of Love being multi-dimensional. 

5. Rooh- Moongphali

Delhi-based Indie rock band Moonghphali highlight the relationship of an individual to their soul in the new track ‘Rooh’. The song was mixed by Yawan Lepcha and mastered by Debangshu Roy. ‘Rooh’ is a modern rock track that attempts to introspect on the very nature of our existence and the sorrows linked to our hardships. The song is an inspiriting rock ballad that digs into the depths of our emotions and the heavy sounds are a soul-stirring experience for the listeners. 

6. HIDE- Anushka x Bønehead

Written in the middle of lockdown, ‘HIDE’ is an electronic track aimed to create an uplifting tune. The track was written and performed by Anushka while Bønehead composed and produced it. The track is inspired by ’80s synth and dreamy vocals to describe triumph over one’s fear. The music video offers vivid imagery and Anushka’s vocals blend into the electronic vibe of the song expressing a certain zeal for fighting back.

7. Two- Nitansha

New-Delhi-based singer/songwriter Nitansha releases her new alt-pop song ‘Two’ in which she expresses how challenging the last two years have been. Nitansha does this very effectively using house and trap music along with dreamy vocals that slither its way into the tunes. The track is co-produced by her DJ/producer brother BaddMint and draws inspiration from the likes of Billie Eilish and Lorde. 

8. Your Shame- Fieto Rohith

Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter releases a song most artists would relate to. ‘Your Shame’ is an afro beat pop song that talks about the initial resistance almost all indie artists face from society. The song has a groovy upbeat and is fun to listen to while it addresses some of the heavier topics around career and shame. Fieto Rohith with his appealing sounds and catchy vocals lightens the issue for the listeners through his ironic lyrics and uplifts the audience to pursue their art. 

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9. too bad- Rudy Mukta

Bengaluru-based singer Rudy Mukta releases her new song ‘too bad’ in which she displays her angst about an unsuitable relationship. The track is self-produced mostly on Garageband. The song is a lo-fi pop song with steady beats and stilted lyrics that indicate a lopsided dynamic. 

10. Jhoothi Tasalli- Samaksh

Samaksh is a New Delhi-based singer/songwriter and producer. In his recent release ‘Jhoothi Tasalli’ Samaksh tries to convey the importance of taking care of one’s mental health and well-being. The acoustic track is relaxing and the melodic vocals encourage listeners to speak up about their emotions. Samaksh tries to make a point that at times, even false hope can bring us ease and more importantly letting it out makes a difference. 

11. Tu Hi Bata- Nikhita Gandhi and Siddhant Bhosle  

Singer/songwriter Nikitha Gandhi and Siddhant Bhosle collaborate for a new single ‘Tu Hi Bata’ which was born in a songwriting session during the pandemic. The romantic pop song is a heartfelt ballad with plain sailing lyrics and catchy vocals. The bilingual love song captures the early feelings of being in love and the butterflies that we feel around them. 

12. Khoya Hun- Shanks

Singer, songwriter and producer Shanks releases his ‘Khoya Hun’ from his debut album ‘Dil Bechara’. The song is about separation from your partner and the trainwreck of memories that accompany it. The song is simple to relate with acoustic tunes and amiable vocals. The entire album is about the various emotions one goes through while in love and is scheduled to release in the second half of the year. 

13. LAZy – Rada X 7th Sense X Khakiee

Rada is a rapper and composer from Pune who’s presenting his new track by the title ‘LAZy’. The track features the rapper 7th Sense and is produced by Khakiee. The hip-hop rap is an upbeat underground banger with power packed rap and catchy hook lines. ‘LAZy’ immediately blows the audience with its unique sounds and keeps you buzzing throughout the ride. 

14. Ship Of Sands- Rohan Prasanna

New Delhi-based Indian Classical Sarod player Rohan Prasanna portrays an enticing journey of a ship that finds itself in the middle of a desert. ‘Ship of Sands’ is mixed by Rohan himself and mastered by Shaun Hatfield. The track has a desert jazz vibe and has a distinct melody that transpires various genres. The four minute long track is a metaphor for the different phases of life until the old ship is forgotten in the swept of sands. 

15. Khilte Rang- Nikhil Swaroop

Delhi-based singer/songwriter Nikhil Swaroop releases his new single ‘Khilte Rang’ as an ode to his future daughter and dedicates the song to all the women in his life. Nikhil wrote the song in commemoration to the resilience women have shown throughout. The track was produced and arranged by Keshav Dhar and follows a simple melody in praise of the incredible women he grew up with.

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