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Singles Roundup #48: Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock and More

While the May mayhem is finally over, the season has served well for independent artists across India with their upcoming releases. The pop, hip-hop, folk and rap industry have found new inclusions and we are proud to share a few handpicked singles that were released this month.

1. Merry Go Round by Twinq

Manipur-based Tanishq Asem who goes by the artist name ‘Twinq’ is our first pick for the list. Merry Go Round is his second single from an upcoming EP titled THISCONNECTED. Merry Go Round is a soaring upbeat groovy track on friendship and parting. It features KAALA who also produced this alt hip-hop track alongside adding a fuzzy rap addressing a particular phase in friendship when things begin to change.

2. Band Aid Love by The Puncher Shop

The Puncher Shop is an upcoming rock band from Bangalore consisting of Gowri, Sharjes and Anirban. Their sophomore single Band Aid Love is an incendiary track on the courage to be able to find love again and the ability to forgive oneself. The track opens with a heavy blues riff and progresses into powerful vocals backed with an irresistible rhythm to vibe on.

3. Hello Cheater by Arrows feat. The Lightyears Explode

Bombay-based artist Arrows in collaboration with the punk/rock/pop band The Lightyears Explode releases his fourth single ‘Hello Cheater’. This expeditious track is an ode to an unfaithful relationship. The power-packed soundtrack with a boomy guitar riff and savage lyrics encaptures deceit and a brawny hope to move on.

4. Khair Chhodiye by Urban Poet X Anirban!

In collaboration with the Urban Poet, Anirban! after taking a break from music releases, is back with his first hip-hop fusion track ‘Khair Chhodiye’. In this personal rant, Anirban! tries to enliven an infuriating feeling among Indians who discourage original voices. This fusion track is a message to society to promote artists and support voices who are often intimidated by what is expected and ironically exclaimed ‘Khair Chhodiye’.

5. Dear Madeline by Sai Vsr

Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter Sai Vsr in his latest single ‘Dear Madeline’ expresses his unstated feelings on falling out of friendship and the relief in finally being able to let those words out. This lofi pop mix is produced by Sidharth Bendi and features Pritpal Sudan on guitars and Kenneth Harrison on the drums. The track is motley driven by that one feeling of unsettled dispute and the ease found in being able to convey.

6. Sab Dhuaan Hai by Daira

Daira is a Mumbai-based alt rock band who launched their latest single ‘Sab Dhuaan Hai’ on 12th May. The song questions everyday reality with a soulful melody and delivers a humbling message on humanity as a whole. While their music video was shot in Himachal Pradesh their track resonates with an universal feeling of disillusionment and the music impresses us with a refreshing rock buzz.

7. Saanjh by Utsavi Jha

Mumbai-based singer and writer Utsavi Jha impresses the audience yet again with her next song ‘Saanjh’. The song is a magical rendition on love and finding a comfort in tender feelings we share towards someone we love. Utsavi’s melodic voice and the sincere music gives this track an essential quality found in the solace of evenings and the little things that keep couples equipped with love.

8. Dariya by Ramil Ganjoo

Ramil is an independent artist based out of Mumbai, his upcoming single ‘Dariya’ is a euphonic self-expression of what we call the limitless. Ramil loves to experiment on the acoustic and this single is a take on society. He gently asks us all to look beyond the framework of our minds and explore the enormity of life. ‘Dariya’ is an epic muse for liberation and an incentive to seek our inner flow that is often jammed by Society.

9. Still Around by Parth Gadhvi

Here’s Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Parth Gadhvi with his latest single ‘Still Around’. The track is driven by figerstyle acoustic guitars and vocals that sing a song of nostalgia. The orchestral music elevates us to our crucial selves, a part of us that we have carried everywhere. A deep sense of longing for places that we miss and the comfort of being known at home.

10. Moonbrain by Shikhar

Shikar is a 23 year old singer-songwriter from Bhopal who indulges himself in pop and rock music. His debut single ‘Moonbrain’ is an uptempo acoustic track that plays on the feelings of alienation and and a fragile worry about not being able to fit in. The pop rock track transitions into a sanguine set up of guitar and drums and settles on a feeling of sympathy towards the protagonist of the song.

11. Dil Ne by KASYAP

Dil Ne in association with Sony music is an upbeat pop song composed by KASYAP, previously known for his global track ‘Start the machine’ used in Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home’s TV Spots Worldwide. ‘Dil Ne’ is sweet rendition on attempts made in love. The pop track is composed with care for that special someone your heart skips a beat for and for a party mix to set the vibe in.

12. I’m tired by Trisha

Chennai-based independent artist trisha, a startling 15-year-old with her own production releases her first single ‘i’m tired’. The track is a mellow hit with high vocals addressing the tiring monotony of life. The track encaptures a common feeling of not being understood and finding repose in fantasies. trisha has been training with a Nigerian pop artist and this young talent is all set to launch into the musical world with her debut song.

13. Zaroori Hai Kya- Viraj Naramdeo

Viraj Naramdeo, an Indore-based artist in his latest single speaks of love in its profound sense. ‘Zaroori Hai Kya’ is a song of reminiscence for rainy evenings dedicated to your lover. The acoustic folk track revolves around the feelings of love and a sense of reckoning of the heart in favour of the lover.

14. Sheep- Sanjeev T featuring Keralanka

Sanjeev T is a rap artist known for his bold style and valiant lyrics. In his upcoming track named ‘Sheep’ featuring Keralanka, Sanjeev exposes the two-faced realities of today’s culture. Sanjeev encourages originality and with his apt vocals he delivers a powerful message to the society that dwells on counterfeit lies.

15. Shaandaar/Restart- Sammad, Tarun. & 3BHK

Delhi-based musicians Sammad, Tarun. & 3BHK in their upcoming double release ‘Shaandar/Restart’. While ‘Shaandar’ is a pumpy hip-hop track co-writter by Sammad and Tarun. the track shines off as a bold attempt at expressing quaint luminescence of everyday life. The track is produced by 3BHK. Their second track ‘Restart’ features Quest and is produced by Sammad. ‘Restart’ is a funky and wildly energetic track for party nights or for an evening buzz.

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