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Singles Roundup #46 : Pop, Electronic and Post-Rock

A lot of great singles release all throughout the year, and this month has been no different. A lot of great artists have recorded, produced, mixed and mastered some great tracks. From Deep house and Synth pop to indie folk and pop punk, there have been many amazing singles that have been released recently, and we would like to feature some of them here.

1. Sunshine on the Street by Peekay & Andrea Tariang

Hyderabad based pop singer Peekay collaborated with singer and actor Andrea Tariang for their new single ‘Sunshine on the Street. A chill-pop, jazzy and mellow vibe makes it a perfect song for the coming warm spring and summer month. The beautifully written lyrics tackle themes of equality, love, representation. An aesthetic and beautiful music video accompanies the song and stars members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The production, done by Jonathan Edward, perfectly matches the vibe of the song and the well crafted mixing and mastering is done by Daniel Meshac.

2. Square One by Amogh Balaji

Chennai based singer, songwriter and producer Amogh Balaji released the track ‘Square One’ in collaboration with Namitha Anand, known as Nami, who provides backing vocals to the track. The track has an unmistakable indie-folk vibe. The lyrics, written by Amogh himself, are about ‘the struggles of crossing a worn out broken wooden bridge which has planks that keep breaking and after every fall, it’s back to “Square One” again’. The song is well produced and mixed and again, is done by Amogh.

3. Do Me a Favour by Perp & VAVAE

Bombay-based Singer-Songwriter Perp released a single titled ‘Do me a Favour’ in collaboration with electronic singer and producer VAVAE. The track, based around the sexual fantasy of a woman, takes heavy inspiration from the genres of synth pop, chill pop and electro funk, with funky synths, metallic percussion and a groovy bassline. The track was conceptualised and completed fully online, with the collaborators finding each other on instagram and eventually recording and arranging a whole song together.

4. Astrality by Blu Attic

Electronic Producer and DJ Blu Attic released a single titled ‘Astrality’. It is a deep house / melodic house track featuring minimal synths and harmonies and a strong driving groove. In the words of the artists, ‘the track represents release, from all the tough moments that we face in our lives’. Since its release on 21st January, it has been featured on Martin Garrix’s Weekly Spotify Playlist.

5. Suffocation by Dhruv Vishwanath

New Delhi-based singer, songwriter, producer and acoustic guitarist Dhruv Visvanath released a single titled ‘Suffocation’. The song speaks of the fear of growing older and and more alone, and addresses the need to grow past our loneliness.The single is part of a EP “Demons” that was released on the 4th of March 2022. The tracks give off indie pop vibes and is well produced. It was written, recorded and produced by Dhruv Visvanath, and was mastered by Keshav Dhar.

6. Limerence by Adarsh Arjun

Adarsh Arjun is an independent songwriter and guitarist who is based in Kerala. He released his third single ‘Limerence’ which is a progressive rock instrumental track, inspired by artists such as Plini and Dream Theatre. The track is described by the artist as being a ‘happy, chill mood song’. The track is quite guitar heavy, and features good solos and riffs.

7. Rain by Shivansh Chagti & Sameera Bhardwaj

New Delhi-based singer-songwriter Shivansh Chagti released the single ‘Rain’ in collaboration with acclaimed Tollywood playback singer Sameera Bharadwaj. The track features peaceful, mellow vocals, minimal guitars and percussion and takes inspiration from Indian classical music. The track also features Saptak Sharma on Tabla which adds to the beautiful percussion. The mix and master is done by Aditya Paul and complements the great production and arrangement of the track.

8. Cost of Lies by Utkarsh Dhami & Cliston Martis

Rapper Utkarsh Dhami released his first single ‘Cost of Lies’ in collaboration with producer and mixing engineer Cliston Martis. The lyrics tackle the present political scenario of India and refer to several sensitive topics like the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the recent Farmer’s protest and the increasing ignorance of people due to the present political scenario. The artist has always had a keen interest in Protest Poetry and has been making songs and covers for five years. 

9. Pride and Joy by Yush!

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter and composer Yush! released his third single ‘Pride and Joy’. The song is heavily influenced by western pop and retro synth pop, with vintage synth leads and funky guitar licks abundantly present in the song. The lyrics express what he feels through the song, things which he doesn’t have the courage to say in person to his muse. 

10. Mehfooz by Aaditya Rakheja

Bhopal-born, New York based singer-songwriter Aaditya Rakheja released his single ‘Mehfooz’. The track features Warren Mendonsa of Blackstratblues on guitar, Darshan Doshi on drums, Jarvis Menzes on keys and Vivian D’souza on bass. The instrumentation sounds absolutely amazing and creates a warm, mellow and comfortable mood. In the words of the artist, the lyrics explore ‘how intimacy comes in many forms, but the underlying emotion is the feeling of having a safe space’.

11. Haath Chhod Mera by Junglee

Delhi-based indie-pop musical project Junglee released their single ‘Haath Chhod Mera’. The group describes themselves as ‘creating elevated mainstream Hindi pop music’, which takes inspiration from genres such as lofi, neo-RnB and neo-soul. The group also released a beautiful live action music video to accompany the release. 

12. Hojayega by Debo Sanyal & Dr. Kritika

Siliguri-based producer and songwriter Debo Sanyal, in collaboration with vocalist Dr. Kritika, released their single ‘Hojayega’. The track is a Hindi pop punk-ish song with obvious synthpop influences and an amazing guitar solo played by Anuj Gurung. The artists also released a creative lyric video which perfectly matches the vibe of the song. The song is out exclusively on Wynk Music where it amassed 120k+ streams in the first 4 days of release.


13. Aadat by Mohak & Nirvik

Mumbai-based hip hop artist Mohak released the single ‘Aadat’ in collaboration with producer Nirvik. The track is described as a ‘Cinematic Experimental Ballad’, containing elements of genres like indie pop, hip hop, electronic, bollywood and lofi. The beautiful soundscape of the song is made of electronic synths, violins, bells and sounds of the Mumbai rain, as well as great vocal performances from the artists. 

14. Sway by PorkJet

Delhi based indie rock outfit PorkJet released their for their new single ‘Sway’, accompanied with a great music video. The song is described as “an indie rock banger with a perpetual emo state of mind”. Lyrically, the song is confessional and personal to the band and are about getting over yet wanting to turn back time and the feeling of nostalgia. The sound is reminiscent of bands such as The Cure, Hippo Campus and Arctic Monkeys. The current lineup of the band includes Tushar Simkhada on Vocals, Aman Kashyap on Guitars, Shubham Khanduri on Bass and Sagar Hirani on Drums.

15. Sisyphus by Treble Puns

Bangalore-based Electronic instrumental Rock duo Treble Puns released their track ‘Sisyphus’. The track has been released in both English and Hindi. The lyrics of the song tell the story of Sisyphus, a figure in Greek Mythology and relate it to the modern day. The track has indie and post rock inspired production and the instrumentals sound polished to perfection. Vocals of both the Hindi and English versions are powerful and melodious.

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