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Singles Roundup #45: Diversify Your Playlist With These Latest Tracks

Releasing singles is a stepping stone for most upcoming musicians. But for renowned artists, it’s always an eager welcome by fans. We, at The Indian Music Diaries scout for the latest single releases by upcoming, and known artists when we curate each compilation. We are open to all genres, styles, languages for our compilation. The only rule? Make good music and we aim to recognise as much talent as possible and give a push forward to the musicians in the independent music scene of India.

1. Dooba Dooba by Sez on the Beat x DAKAIT

Music producer Sajeel Kapoor aka Sez on the Beat collaborated with DAKAIT for their latest single Dooba Dooba. This is the sophomore song from their upcoming album Chaand Paar. Through this song, DAKAIT shows his prowess as a storyteller and a songwriter as he tries to show the raw, authentic state of the world through his eyes. This Hindi hip-hop track has a melodic hook by Kapoor and through the lyrics, DAKAIT conveys his own disillusionment and feeling of isolation with this matlabi world.

2. Whiskey Blues by Aanchal Bardoloi

Assam/Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter Aanchal Bardoloi released her debut song Whiskey Blues. Known as a vocalist, Bardoloi proves her prowess with her debut release too. With her folk inspirations and the singer-songwriter style, this song is perfect to unwind with her mature vocals and a soothing melody.

3.  For Lost Memories by Shourya Malhotra ft. Varun Rajput

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Shourya Malhotra collaborated with composer, producer and founder, singer of the rock band Antarikh – Varun Rajput for his latest single For Lost Memories. This acoustic folk track has a sense of melancholy the listener can’t help but love. The song is a narration of healing through the grief of unrequited love. It talks about the acceptance of truth and the realisation that even though love manifests itself differently in people, it stays with them in unique ways, forever.

4. Lately Maybe by Varun Agnihotri

Mumbai-based multi-genre musician Varun Agnihotri released his sophomore single Lately Maybe. This acoustic song with Agnihotri’s calming vocals and soothing guitar attempts to explore the feeling of ‘sad hope.’ It describes a state of confusion where one is not sure where they stand in a person’s life with whom they are deeply in love.

5. Sanware by Garvit Soni x Priyansh Srivastava ft. Saurabh 

Udaipur-based singer, composer and producer Garvit Soni collaborated with singer-songwriter and composer Priyansh Srivastava and Saurabh Jain for their latest single Sanware. This indie-fusion song stems from the real-life experiences of all the artists. This song aims to make one believe that the world still survives on hope.

6. Swrapsa by Koloma

Tripura-based folk-fusion band Koloma released their latest single Swrapsa. This alt-rock and post-rock song has seamlessly combined elements of Tripuri film music too. The song captures the feelings of love, loss, and longing of a contemplative It essays the missed opportunity and a deep heartache felt due to unrequited love for the mystery woman. The lyrics give a fresh outlook towards emotion. 

7. Fariyaadein by Agaahi Raahi

Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter and rapper Farhan Ahmed who goes by the moniker Agaahi Raahi released his single Fariyaadein. The song speaks out against the discriminatory behaviour minorities have to tackle on a day-to-day basis. It portrays all the emotions that are bottled up within the Muslim community and how things are getting worse day by day.

8. Adhura by DAKU

Singer-songwriter and producer Darshan who goes by the moniker DAKU released his latest single Adhura. This R&B Hindi track sticks to his style of blending acoustic with electronic music with a catchy hook. A recent break-up is what led to this song that narrates the story of feeling lonely and incomplete without a companion.

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9. I’m Not Me When I’m With You by Tarra

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Tarra released her latest single I’m Not Me When I’m With You. This song comes from a personal experience where she talks about the feeling of nervousness and feeling jittery around a particular person – the feeling of having a crush. This upbeat song describes this feeling which is common to many.

10. 12 Ways I See Myself by Moli

Moli’s debut single 12 Ways I See Myself looks into the many ways we perceive ourselves and how the surrounding world looks at us. It is about the mind of a person suffering through a mental problem called schizophrenia, more than that one can say that it’s an introspective journey into one’s own self and existence. This eight-and-a-half-minute track with its music video is more than just a song. It is a journey, ranging from genres such as psychedelic, rock, and even a piano composition. It’s the kind of track to keep people at the edge of their seats.

11. Sapney by Ykaayy

Mumbai-based artist Yuktam Khosla who goes by the moniker Ykaayy released his latest track Sapney. This track is about dreams where Khosla talks about how the world of his own dreams has consumed him into living life according to them but happily. The deeper vocals in the track express the inner contradiction of thoughts while the calmer vocals express a sense of comfort and acceptance.

12. Unakkagavey Naan by Chandar Karunakaran

Chennai-based artist and music producer Chandar Karunakaran released his debut single Unakkagavey Naan. This pop song not only has electronic music but also has violin solos making it a fun interesting track.

13. Story To Tell by Panvi Podder

Dublin/Delhi-based singer-songwriter Panvi Podder released her debut single Story To Tell. This song challenges the concept of “happily ever after” and recognises the societal pressures of masking troubled marriages and hopes for the protagonists to find back the bond they once shared. Podder’s soaring mature vocals are paired with Dublin-based musician Agransh Anand.

14. The Autumn Song/秋詠 by Barun Sinha feat Jason Qui

Delhi/US-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and producer Barun Sinha collaborated with Vancouver-born singer-songwriter Jason Qui for their latest single The Autumn Song/秋詠. This electronic-pop song is in Chinese. It talks about loving too much and trying to let go of wounds.

15. Don’t Let Go by Doctor Lincoln

Kochi-based alt-pop act Doctor Lincoln released his single Don’t Let Go. This song is part of his upcoming sophomore album Will See You Now where each song tells about the artist’s story. In this song, he speaks of love and loss and asks for help in the midst of the resultant severe depression.

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