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Singles Roundup #40: Diversify your playlist with these latest tracks

Releasing singles is a stepping stone for most upcoming musicians. But for renowned artists, it’s always an eager welcome by fans. We, at The Indian Music Diaries scout for the latest single releases by upcoming, and known artists when we curate each compilation. We are open to all genres, styles, languages for our compilation. The only criteria? Make good music and we aim to recognise as much talent as possible and give a push forward to the musicians in the independent music scene of India.

1. Parking Lot by Zyakuni In My Backyard

Delhi-based band Zyakuni In My Backyard released their debut single Parking Lot. This female-led pop/rock band is definitely the one to look out for after their debut single. The first thought that came to mind after listening to their song was how they sounded like Canadian indie-pop band Peach Pit, yet managed to stand out with their quirky lyrics, a catchy synth-rock based melody and a chorus you can’t help but hum along.

2. Dus Minute Aur by Swarathma

Bengaluru-based renowned folk-rock band Swarathma released their latest single Dus Minute Aur. Sticking to their tongue-in-cheek style, this song is about a sleep-deprived generation. This high-energy, catchy track aims to shine light on the attitude of young professionals that they can sleep for 10 more minutes. It is a snooze button and a cry for mercy from the relentless alarm clocks. With the artwork for this single, the band will also be debuting their collection of NFTs.

3. Sacchi Si Duniya by Kirdaar

Mumbai-based five-piece rock band Kirdaar released their latest single Sacchi Si Duniya. The name Kirdaar resonates with the different ‘characters’ as a different band member. The song takes one back to the good old times when times were simpler and when simple things like the smell of a new box of crayons, jumping into water fearlessly, climbing the old mango tree, dancing with the fireflies bought joy. The song, along with a poetic verse recitation is a retrospection on adulthood and the band compares it to a blind chase for happiness.

4. Call My Name by Maanuni & Brainsetter

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Maanuni collaborated with composer and music producer Shinjan Parmar, who goes by the alias Brainsetter, for her debut released Call My Name. The song is a blend of both the artist’s styles with Maanuni’s advanced vocal styles as she is also a vocal artist and Parmar’s techno, dance and bass inspired composition. The open-ending music video of this ‘80s inspired synth-pop track revolves around the storyline of Maanuni finding a cassette that transports her in the 80s. The track is groovy, chill and has a dreamy vibe to it.

5. Achamillai by DEB X Mc Artslord

Drummer and newly turned producer DEB collaborated with Mumbai-based Tamil rapper, actor and beatboxer Kalaivanan Kannan aka Mc Artslord for their single Achamillai. DEB conceptualised this track with mandolin player Raman Iyer last year which now has Tamil rap by Mc Artslord. The song translates to ‘no fears’ and it represents rejecting the boundaries of mainstream luggage and expectations.

6. Vultures by Anami

Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter Anami released her sophomore single Vultures. The song is about Vultures and the recent issue of the number of vultures in India falling down to about 96%. The music video and artwork are made in such a way that the colours reflect a vulture but in an interesting way. Vultures often connote death or a bad omen and with less knowledge about them, they are mysterious, intriguing creatures. Anami’s mysteriously haunting vocals seem to give an ode to this characteristic belief for vultures.

7. Kahaniya by Folk Masti

Mumbai-based folk-rock trio Folk Masti released their latest single Kahaniya. This feel-good song with a music video shot in Himachal touches upon different emotions but emphasises self-love the most. The song aims to put forth the idea that life is all about different stories and one should celebrate life with these ‘kahaniya.’

8. Chaii by Varun Fernandes

Electronic artist Varun Fernandes released his latest single Chaii. This track is part of the ‘ADE’ compilation via a Spanish label–BeatFreak Recordings. The compilation also features many other electronic tracks. This progressive house track makes for the perfect dance tune for party lovers.

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9. Ruke Hai by Akash Chopra

Jaipur-based singer-songwriter Akash Chopra released his debut Hindi single Ruke Hai. Known for his English songwriting, Chopra shows his prowess as a Hindi songwriter too with extremely intimate and heartfelt lyrics. Just like his previous songs, he has stuck with his acoustic vibe but the outro, besides his melancholic vocals is something to look out for! This song is about the feeling when you are stuck in a moment that has already passed.

10. Jaane Kyun by SAIYAM

Singer-songwriter SAIYAM released his latest single Jaane Kyun. This lo-fi bedroom chill song is the kind that makes you reminiscence your loved one after a long day. It is about two lovers in a long-distance relationship who, despite the love, miss the physical touch and the intimacy and spending time together.

11. Aflatune by Udbhav

Delhi-based Udbhav released his latest single Aflatune. Udbhav is also part of Delhi’s experimental trio Teesri Duniya. This Hindi-pop track is a groovy track with Udbhav’s trance like vocals and a catchy hook along with R&B inspired saxophone composition. This song is a testament to showing that life is filled with ups and downs but one shouldn’t forget life is a celebration also.

12. Musafir Si Zindagi by Beyond Horizon

Indore-based experimental rock band Beyond Horizon released their sophomore single Musafir Si Zindagi. The nature of this Hindi rock song is such that one can compare it to the renowned Hindi rock band The Local Train. However, they stand out in their own way with a catchy hook and a feel-good, optimistic video. This song is about the hope of life and how hope makes us see a better tomorrow and that’s what makes us keep fighting.

13. Bhedchaal by Maamuli

Delhi-based singer-songwriter duo Maamuli which comprises of Lakshay Khurana and Vardaan Malhotra released their sophomore single Bhedchaal. This song portrays the world today in its truest manner where people follow the same course of monotony and mannerisms on loops. It’s about breaking yourself free from this cycle. Despite the introspective lyrics the song has a soothing piano composition towards the end and soothing vocals.

14. October by Shachi Pathak ft Suyash

Singer-songwriter Shachi Pathakcollaborated with producer Suyash for her latest single October. This sad pop song gradually transitions into a pop-rock song with Pathak’s mature vocals. She wrote this song for her mother whom she lost to cancer, six years ago in October. She also decided to write this song in wake of the second wave where many people lost their loved ones.

15. Falling For You by Niraj ft Devika Deepak Dev

Bengaluru-based music producer Niraj Prakash released his latest song Falling For You in collaboration with Devika Deepak Dev, daughter of renowned music director Deepak Dev. This future bass track incorporates different genres but overall sticks to the electronic genre, making it a catchy song.

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