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Singles Roundup #38: Diversify Your Playlist With These Latest Tracks

It’s been more than a year in India that the music industry had to put an indefinite halt on all live shows. These live shows were a massive source of income for most musicians but instead of being frazzled, they came up with various alternatives in the past one and a half years. While some really started digging and being accepting of these online shows, some buried themselves deep into their work and releasing original music. While we did get a glimpse of what could be the new normal in the music industry for a couple of months, we are back to square one now.

The only consistent thing in the industry has been the constant new releases by established as well as new musicians. We, at The Indian Music Diaries, recognise this talent by creating our bi-monthly compilation of the latest releases in the music scene.

1. Song of the Seas by Anoushka

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter and producer Anoushka Sivasankar released her debut single Song of the Seas. The song stems from the Biblical narrative of Moses parting the Sea of Reeds. It is like an anthem that one would march ahead to, whilst encountering the seas of turbulence in their lives. With melodic guitar riffs and powerful mature vocals, she showcases her vocal brilliance in her debut song.

2. Milon by Madhav Khanna & Sahaj Chawla

Delhi-based Madhav Khanna and Sahaj Chawla got together to release their latest single Milon. This Hindi pop song celebrates a love that’s undying. A love that has shown up in the good and in the bad, which has lived, celebrated, forgiven, laughed and cried. With breezy vocals, soulful electric guitars – this song is like a warm hug on a rainy day.

3. Roshè by Meyhaa and Kaira ft. Amit Kilam

Musicians Meyhaa and Kaira got together with their father, drummer and vocalist of fusion rock band – Indian Ocean’s Amit Kilam for their debut single Roshè. This track is originally written by Kashmiri poet Habba Khatoon. This is a soulful rendition of a sacred Kashmiri folk song filled with anger, wrath, passion and pain. The song has a minimalist approach but pairing it with Amit’s expertise as a musician, definitely makes the song thought-provoking.

4. Tera Saath by Vylom x Talwiinder

Delhi-based composer and producer Vylom collaborated with Talwiinder for their latest track Tera Saath. The song talks about longing to reunite and to be with one’s lover which is complemented by a music video. This retro-synth hip-hop track with lo-fi beats and Punjabi lyrics definitely makes it an interesting combination.

5. Nagam by Saby X Rebel 7 X Huzur X Smoke | Prod by Vaamanthaeli 

Delhi-based hip-hop artists Saby, Rebel, Huzur and Smoke got together for their latest single Nagam. This song is about artistic struggles in the contemporary world and talks about the different perspectives of ways they see around them. The laid-back hip-hop beats infused with trumpet give it an interesting fusion jazz vibe.

6. Something I Need to Hear by Arbaaz Sharif

Pune-based Arbaaz Sharif released his debut single Something I Need to Hear. This single is part of his upcoming debut album The Only Way To Find Myself. This song explores the experience of a panic attack as Sharif delves into the debilitating condition with compelling honesty and a display of vulnerability. The song pairs acoustic fingerpicking and thumping beats, giving the sense of an adrenaline rush but also at a set pace.

7. Time by roradoll, Varun Rajput

Delhi-based singer-songwriter roradoll collaborated with seasoned composer, producer and performer Varun Rajput for her latest single Time. The song conveys the sass that is present during the flirting phase of a relationship – the classic tug of war of emotions where you don’t want to give too much of yourself, yet can’t get enough of the other person. Roradoll’s mature vocals give the right amount of sultry feel to this blues-jazz track that matches the theme. The minimalist production, that eventually has a dramatic turn is enough to lure the listener more into the track.

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8. Run by Vasundhara Vee

Mumbai-based artist Vasundhara Vee released her latest single Run. With this pop-jazz song, Vee proves her prowess as a jazz-soul vocalist once again. This song is about totally accepting and loving yourself. It talks about reconnecting and enjoying every single thing that makes a person. It is about claiming oneself and honouring every version that exists within ourselves. Vee’s mature, powerful vocals and a catchy pop tune makes this a song that can be hummed even after listening.

9. Gone So Long by Shanay Shah, Oswin Telis

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Shanay Shah collaborated with fellow musician Oswin Telisfor for his latest studio single Gone So Long. This song was born out of a guitar riff and that explains the prominent catchy guitar riff throughout the song. The song is about the emotion of separation and longing for someone. 

10. Rage On by Friends from Moon

Delhi-based songwriter and musician Ritwik Shivam who goes by the moniker Friends From Moon released his latest single featuring Pritam Adhikary on vocals and Prankreet Borah on drums. The song is written with the intention of making one feel weightless and offering some sense of solace and well-being. It is a song for everyone who wakes up headstrong despite all the pain and with a will to keep moving on. It is a powerful direct song with thumping drums, distorted guitars, harmonic synth and some growls.

11. LoneTime by Cynefin Rush 

Mumbai-based electro-pop ambient duo Cynefin Rush consisting of composer and producers Manov Bhowmick aka Maanov and Aruna Jade released their sophomore single LoneTime. This song is about needing space even in the best of relationships. The ambient, mature vocals, layered harmonious synth together makes this a dreamy track.

12. Delhi Trap House by Satyum

Delhi-based rapper Satyum’s single Delhi Trap House ­is the title track of his debut album by the same name. The album uses the storytelling method where every single will have a skit which ties every song together. This hip hop track is the artist’s own life journey about pursuing music with a 9-5 job and how it affects his mental health. It acts as an escape for the artist.

13. Bhimpalasi by Anirudh Varma Collective

Delhi-based contemporary Indian classical ensemble Anirudh Varma Collective led by pianist, composer and producer Anirudh Varma released his latest single Bhimpalasi. It is the first single from their upcoming sophomore album Homecoming. The track is based on Raga Bhimapalasi, a Raga performed in the afternoon and belongs to the Kafi Thaat of Indian classical music. The song talks about an individual longing for their lover to return home but the artists interpret it as a bird waiting to get back to its nest. While the entire song is an Indian classical song, a short electric guitar solo gives it the contemporary fusion twist.

14. Jamunar Nila Joley by Vishal J. Singh ft Kasturi Nath Singh, Siddharth Basrur, Andrey Sazonov and Ajay Jayanthi

Multi-instrumentalist, film (both, Bollywood and Hollywood) music composer and producer Vishal J. Singh collaborated with classical vocalist Kasturi Nath Singh, vocalist and composer Siddharth Basrur, Moscow-based western classical musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Andrey ‘Orochi’ Sazonov and violinist, composer, producer and singer-songwriter Ajay Jayanthi on this Assamese folk Jamunar Nila Joley. It is an ancient Brajavali folk song about finding God in the turbulent blue waters of river Yamuna. With such diverse collaborators, this song brings out every single person’s expertise into a wholesome, cohesive and melodic track.

15. Brindabani Sarang by Lateral & Ipsita Bharali 

Electronic duo Lateral, formed by two producer brothers collaborated with Guwahati-based versatile singer Ipsita Bharali for their latest single Brindabani Sarang. It is a rendition of a traditional Assamese folk song.  The song is a celebration of love between a beat and a raga. The track fuses elements from psychedelic, house, Bollywood and Indian classical music paired with this Assamese folk song, it indeed is an exceptional fusion song.

With the future of live music still bleak, musicians can definitely use all your support. Stream their music, encourage them, give feedback, support them in any way possible. After all, music is what has helped in getting us through this year full of uncertainties.

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