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Singles Roundup #37: Diversify your playlist with these latest tracks

It’s been more than a year in India that the music industry had to put an indefinite halt on all live shows. These live shows were a massive source of income for most musicians but instead of being frazzled, they came up with various alternatives in the past one and a half years. While some really started digging and being accepting of these online shows, some buried themselves deep into their work and releasing original music. While we did get a glimpse of what could be the new normal in the music industry for a couple of months, we are back to square one now.

The only consistent thing in the industry has been the constant new releases by established as well as new musicians. We, at The Indian Music Diaries, recognise this talent by creating our bi-monthly compilation of the latest releases in the music scene.

1. Eventide by Anoushka Maskey x Cosmic Grooves

Singer-songwriter Anoushka Maskey collaborated with Mumbai-based songwriter, producer and DJ Pranay Bakshi who goes by the moniker Cosmic Grooves for their latest single Eventide. Based on Maskey’s personal life, this song paints a picture of a complacent person leading a mundane life, with dreams and ambitions placed on hold. It is a narrative of life that feels unfinished. However, as the song reaches its crescendo there is a sense of forthcomingness that hints towards a growing need to change the course of things. Maskey’s soothing vocals compliment this free-flowing track. Supplementing this dream-pop track is an equally dreamy music video.

2. Dumplings for the Sad by Temsu Clover

Dimapur-Nagaland based singer-songwriter Temsukala Lemtur who goes by the moniker Temsu Clover released her third single Dumplings for the sad. This song was born during the pandemic last year when the artist had a Q&A session and the most common feeling which people felt was sadness. Hence, this song is for her sad friends. It gives you the same feeling you get when biting into a hot succulent dumpling on a sad day. Lemtur’s soothing raw vocals, paired with an acoustic ukulele, a sweet guitar solo and the cute animated video could most probably be the next cure to sadness!

3. Fly by JACQVILS 

Mumbai-based music producer Jones Jangila who goes by the moniker JACQVILS released his latest single Fly. This pop hip hop track has catchy beats with pop, rock and hip-hop influences.

4. Mandrem by Blu Attic

Delhi-based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Aniket Jain who goes by the moniker Blu Attic released his latest single Mandrem. This single is signed by California-based label, Routine Espresso. This all-instrumental track can be categorised as melodic house music with elements of Carnatic music that blend well and is overall pleasing to the ear.

5. To Your World by Arrows X Raghav Meattle

Mumbai-based music journalist David Britto’s music project Arrows released its third single To Your World in collaboration with singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle. The song is inspired by moving away from a relationship, but constantly being drawn back into situations surrounding it and that there’s more to life than a relationship. This feel-good song has an energetic tone with drums and guitar riffs to give the rock element too with subtle sweet piano riffs, complimenting the catchy tune.

6. changing cities, reprise by Vishruti

Valencia, Spain-based singer-songwriter Vishruti released her debut single changing cities, reprise. This song talks about the difficult confrontations that come with moving to a new place; a combination of feelings, from leaving your loved ones behind to the uncertainties of what’s going to happen next, as well as the need to find yourself. This simple piano composition and Vishruti’s mature melodic vocals together make the perfect melancholic combination that can transport the listener in a dream-like state.

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7. Vaari Vaari by Shubham Kabra

Rajasthan-based singer-songwriter Shubham Kabra released his latest single Vaari Vaari. This track has been produced by drummer and producer Aditya Ashok who goes by the moniker 7Nation. This Hindi ballad is an ode to eternal, endless love and a love song reminiscent of the stories of Heer – Ranjha and Mirza – Sahiba. Kabra is known for combining traditional Indian music styles with pop, making the track nostalgic.

8. Hocus Pocus by Skeletron, BMD & Trichia Grace-Ann

Goa-based DJ and producer Allan D’souza who goes by the moniker Skeletron collaborated with vocalist, pianist, rapper Trichia, hip-hop artist Karl Rodrigues who goes by the stage name BMD (BrotherManDude) and Grace-Ann for their latest hip-hop single Hocus Pocus. This song is a medium for the artists to shout out their love for their home state, Goa. The track is an interesting combination of rhyming rapping verses along with Arabic flutes and tabla beats making it catchy with a strong hook.

9. Lonely by Mister Miyagi

Mumbai-based Jeremy Samson who goes by the alias Mister Miyagi released his debut single Lonely. With laid-back guitars and vocals, along with mellow drums gives this song a chill vibe. It is the kind of song you would play while just enjoying some time with friends and on a lazy evening.

10. Djaanemann by Sukanya ft. High Elements

Kolkata-based Sukanya collaborated with French dub artist High Elements for her latest single Djaanemann. It has two mixes, which are released as a Hindi dub song. With reggae elements, a catchy hook, a little bit of Bollywood and middle-eastern inspired music, this track is catchy enough to make you dance.

11. Zalzale by Nerak X Flexing MAC | Prod. by Gawthi | The Pune Project

Pune-based rapper Vishal Gaikwad who goes by the moniker Nerak collaborated with fellow rapper Flexing MAC and producer Gawthi for their latest track Zalzale which is part of The Pune Project. This track is a cry for protest against all the manhandled journalists and artists who rose their voices about issues considered social and turned political. It depicts the struggles and fears an artist goes through when writing about the issues that need to be addressed and penning it down despite all the angst.

12. Desi Rap by JayD ft.Tay Edwards

Kolkata-based music producer and DJ Joydeep Chaturvedi who goes by the alias JayD collaborated with North Carolina-based rapper Tay Edwards for his latest track Desi Rap. The song came up with a simple idea of making something unique with a table infused drop and a commercial rap track. This song is a dedication to every artist, who does not quit and who is here to change the world one beat at a time.

13. I’ll Find You by Mehr

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Mehr released her latest single I’ll Find You. As an ode to someone who reminded her that the greatest power isn’t in yielding worlds, it’s in the little things – since then she has been creating fables and dreaming of magical scenarios. This song is to remind the listener to never stop believing in magic and remember that it was always in your hands. Mehr’s soothing vocals with a minimalist acoustic production is magical in its own way.

14. Hot Air Balloon by Anika

Mumbai/Goa-based singer-songwriter Anika released her debut single Hot Air Balloon. Her song revolves around the adage – ‘it’s the little things that matter the most.’ She hopes that the song opens the listeners’ eyes a little more towards the mundane. With breezy acoustic guitar, a sweet short electronic guitar part and Anika’s melodious mature vocals give it an optimistic feeling.

15. No Limit by Enem

Hip-hop artist Enem released his latest track No Limit. This rap song has a smooth chorus and catchy beats, which has been produced, mixed and mastered by himself.

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With the future of live music still bleak, musicians can definitely use all your support. Stream their music, encourage them, give feedback, support them in any way possible. After all, music is what has helped in getting us through this year full of uncertainties.

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