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Singles Roundup #31: Diversify Your Playlist With These Latest Tracks

It’s been more than a year in India that the music industry had to put an indefinite halt on all live shows. These live shows were a massive source of income for most musicians but instead of being frazzled, they came up with various alternatives in this past one and a half year. While some really started digging and being accepting of these online shows, some buried themselves deep into their work and releasing original music. While we did get a glimpse of what could be the new normal in the music industry a couple of months, we are back to square one now.

The only consistent thing in the industry has been the constant new releases by established as well as new musicians. We, at The Indian Music Diaries, recognise this talent by creating our bi-monthly compilation of the latest releases in the music scene.

1. Woh Purana Pyar by Suzonn

Guwahati-based singer-songwriter Sujan Sinha who goes by the moniker Suzonn released his latest single Who Purana Pyar. With this single, Suzonn once again proves his exceptional story telling skills as the video follows the life of a girl to her adulthood, paired with his soft vocals. This song is about a story of the journey between fading fairy tales and the bittersweet settling down with the mundaneness of this world.

2. Kinds of Lies by Atul & Oh Arya ft. Tiyasha Biswas

Songwriter and producer Atul Gupta collaborated with producer Aryaditya Bose aka Oh Arya and singer-songwriter Tiyasha Biswas for their latest single Kinds of Lies. This simple, minimalist production with soothing guitars and soft calming beats is enough to give a nostalgic vibe to the listener. This is a personal song for all three artists as they wrote it according to their lifestyle.

3. Can’t Say No by Tripped N Sat

Music-producer and multi-instrumental duo Tripped N Sat consisting of Parichay Nathani and Jason Hines released their latest single Can’t Say No. This song has been entirely written over zoom calls because of the duo living away due to the pandemic. Just like their previous releases, this track also jumps onto the chill-wave vibe with laid-back melodies, a catchy hook and bright electronic beats. Being two bedroom producers, the duo collectively maintains the indie-chill vibe throughout.

4. Gimme Gimme by About Us

Wokha, Nagaland-based experimental hard rock band About Us released their debut single Gimme Gimme. If someone were trying to find ‘ABBA’s Gimme Gimme’ and instead came across this song, I can assure you that they won’t be disappointed. For an experimental hard rock band, this track is melodic but at the same time makes sure it doesn’t let go of its rock essence with rhythmic drums and a melodic-heavy guitar solo.

5. Headphones With Lights Off by Twinq ft. Madkap

Manipur-based Tanishq who goes by the moniker Twinq collaborated with Madkap for their latest single Headphones With Lights Off. This bi-lingual rap track has a sense of chill, calming vibe with its laid-back beats and vocals with a catchy chorus. This song is about the new era of social media where we find ourselves scrolling on Instagram, always giving more time than we want to. This song poses as an escape from this loop while we spend quality time with ourselves with our ‘headphones with lights off.’

6. Betaabi by Shubham Rastogi

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Shubham Rastogi released his debut single Betaabi. This pop track has flowing cheerful beats and lyrics which truly depict Rastogi’s truest and deepest feelings. The song is a journey in itself like our life where we get pain and sorrows and it stays in our hearts but we still show up to the world with a smile on our face.

7.  Ez by The Flying Turquoise Panthers

Bangalore-based The Flying Turquoise Partners collaborated with vocalists STEVIE and DHP and Bangalore-based turntablist DJ Dwell to release their latest single EZ. This track combines different genres and styles of hip-hop and jazz to create a fun track for the listeners.

8. Alfaaz by Anirban and Aiashwarya Asthana

Agra-based singer-songwriter Anirban collaborated with Lucknow/Bangalore-based singer-songwriter and music producer Aiashwarya Asthana to release their latest single Alfaaz. This Hindi lo-fi hip-hop track with chill, groovy beats is about the false promise we were made from the society, the dreams lost and hardships caused by the circumstances and life and, yet having a living and an attitude to fight another day.

9. Aakhri Mauka by Prakhar Kaushik

Ujjain-based singer-songwriter Prakhar Kaushik released his second single Aakhri Mauka. This song is about love, relationships and screwing up in relationships. With acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics, this song comes form a place of pain and regret and asks for the last chance to and a hope to repair a relationship.

10. Nuts 4 u by Nivé ft. 4am

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Nivedita Lakra who goes by the moniker Nivé collaborated with producer Nirupan Chakaravathy who goes by the moniker 4am for her latest single Nuts 4 u. This lo-fi track is complimented with R&B synth and catchy, chill beats and Lakra’s sultry vocals. The track revolves around a girl who is pursuing someone but is not interested in revealing details about her past.

11. You Can’t Chain Us Forever by Thou Shall Avenge

Jorhat, Assam-based metalcore band Thou Shall Avenge released their debut single You Can’t Chain Us. After noticing a huge rise in the number of student suicide cases, this song is about the toxic binds of society that prevents us from our dreams, and falling into the same rat race we are forced to join our aspirations. Just like most metal bands, this three-piece band talks about social issues with harsh vocals, thumping drums and distinct guitar riffs.

12. Caesar by Kruze Kayne ft. Prabahan Shakya

Guwahati-based singer-songwriter and producer Anikesh Chetia who goes by the moniker Kruze Kayne collaborated with fellow singer-songwriter Prabahan Shakya released his latest single Caesar. This song is a seamless blend of electronica, jazz and chill beats, along with laid-back dreamy vocals giving it a unique sound as a whole.

13. Why by Kiara Chettri

NCR-based singer-songwriter Kiara Chettri released her latest single Why. This orchestral composition is a grandeur of sadness and proves to the statements of Chettri being a young musician to look out for in the industry. Her crisp soaring vocals and hauntingly beautiful composition definitely amusing and commendable for this 17-year-old musician. This song deals with the emotions of loneliness and melancholy.

14. Low IQ by Parshuraavan ft. Owlist

Rajkot-based hip-hop artist Arjun Mehta who goes by the moniker Parshuraavan released his third single Low IQ in collaboration with Jaipur-based producer Owlist. It is a satirical narration inspired by the times we are living in today. It is a mockery on human nature and the society and the system that facilitate it. This Gujarati rap enhance the artist’s style of talking about socio-political commentary even more.

15.  Tumhare Bina by Handa

Delhi-based musician Ayush Handa who goes by his moniker Handa released his latest single Tumhare Bina. This song is a personal one where the artist talks about missing a loved one and about the ups and downs of the relationship during Covid times and how they overcame such obstacles in the past. Unlike most songs about relationships which often have an acoustic vibe, this hip-hop track has laidback chilled vibes with dreamy vocals.

With the future of live music still bleak, musicians can definitely use all your support. Stream their music, encourage them, give feedback, support them in any way possible. Afterall, music is what has helped in getting us through this year full of uncertainties.

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