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Singles Roundup #24: Diversify Your Playlist With These Latest Tracks

2020 has been brutal to everyone in the music industry. One thing which kept us all going these past few months, or in fact through this entire year has been music. Despite the fact that the music industry was probably one of the first to shut down, and still not be able to reopen completely, Indian musicians have taken this time to let their creative juices flowing. Every day we see a plethora of new songs being released and we at the Indian Music Diaries are creating our monthly compilation of the latest releases in the music scene.

1. Ephesians 4:26 by Tabitha Kagoo

Chennai-based singer-songwriter and also one of the winners of the singer-songwriter contest hosted by OK Listen and Ahmedabad-based studio Compass Box Studio, Tabhitha Kagoo released her single Ephesians 4:26. This luscious jazzy track also features fellow winner Anoushka Maskey for backing vocals. With Kagoo’s introspective vocals, along with slick violin and clarinet melodies, this song is as easy flowing as can be. This track encompasses all the emotions of conflicts, struggles, anger, compassion, and love which one might go through in the process of learning to let go.

2. Lost by The Fortune ft. Julia Nem

Multi-genre production duo The Fortune collaborated with Russian Singer Julia Nem on vocals and Delhi-based songwriter The Earflower Experiment for their latest single Lost. With refreshing vocals, groovy guitars and a catchy melody make it a perfect romantic pop song. The song is about a rollercoaster of memories with your loved ones, the first time you met them, the beautiful moments you made together, and finally the moment you don’t want to remember anymore.

3. Doing Alright by Dev Raiyani ft. Midnght Swami

Mumbai-based content creator and musician Dev Raiyani collaborated with Midnght Swami and Soham Mukherji who are part of the hip-hop group Citimall to release a single Doing Alright. This single is also part of his latest EP Moods. This bi-lingual track is a seamless fusion of hip-hop, lo-fi trap music, melodic R&B beats which are easy flowing to give a chill vibe to the listener. The song is about feeling uninspired and commiserating with your friends and it strikes a chord with anyone who spends too much time isolated in their thoughts.

4. Fever Dreams by morèno ft. pruthvi

Mumbai-based electronic artist Prajyot Meshram who goes by the alias morèno collaborated with singer-songwriter Pruthvi Dhawale for their latest single Fever Dreams. Dhawale’s raw vocals give a dreamy vibe to the experimental electronic music by Meshram which packs spontaneous beats throughout the song. Fever dreams are those vivid, often unsettling dreams which are inspired by memories, interests, day to day activities, an intense feeling one encounters during a fever. This song talks about how one would rather be disconnected from sleep rather than dream themselves into pain.

5. Hardcore Paiyyan by RAK

Mumbai-based hip-hop artist RAK released his latest single Hardcore Paiyyan. After a two-year long journey by the artist, he has emerged with a more minimalistic production style. With this Tamil hip-hop rap track, he leans more into the horror-core, grime and drill influences. He introduces and opens news doors to Tamil rap and about the culture.

6. I Want You Out by Sanchi

Self-taught musician, writer and painter, Sanchi Mannotra released her latest single I Want You Out. The song draws parallels between the feeling of having a piece of food stuck between your teeth which is used as a metaphor for certain people who are stuck like that piece of food in our life. With melodious vocals, soft guitars and an acoustic harmony, Mannotra talks about the struggle of getting out of an unhealthy relationship, full of lies and manipulation.

7. Mr. Sunshine by Vandita Narayan ft. Devilwoman and Whoisavi

Bangalore-based singer-songwriter Vandita Narayan collaborated with producer Whoisavi and Mumbai-based guitarist Devilwoman for her latest single Mr. Sunshine. Narayan’s powerful, jazz-y vocals paired with Devilwoman’s slick lacey guitar tones give an aesthetic chill vibe to the song. This track is about Narayan’s admiration and romantic inclination towards a fellow artist, with a sense of belief that he will succeed and that she will always be there to push him when things get tough.

8. The Waltz by Viraaj Arora

Bangalore-based pianist Viraaj Arora released his latest single The Waltz. This instrumental track is also accompanied by a heart-warming, yet a rather melancholic music video which acknowledges that there exists a version of ourselves that once used to hear the music, have a skip in our step and also feel burnt out in our day to day lives. Arora considers this to be his first “happy song” which talks about finding the skip in our step and rages against the idea that we lose the capacity to feel real connections to our surroundings, people, art and ourselves.

9. Before It Goes by Sheil Sagar

Delhi-based songwriter, pianist and saxophonist Sheil Sagar released his second single Before It Goes. Sagar’s alluring vocals seamlessly blend with the minimalist piano dominated composition, giving the song a mellow vibe. This track is a reminder to appreciate the moments you’re in because you never know what the next one holds in store. It expresses longing for a possible reunion that is far-fetched — a longing for the love that was once felt and shared.

10. The Flame by Riatsu

Mumbai-based ambient electronic musician Shadaab Kadri who goes by the alias Riatsu released his latest track The Flame. Moving away from the usual kind of ambient music out there, this track is actually the narration of a short story by Nikhil Raj. Narrated by Anindita Bose, this track is sure to keep the listener gripped and at the edge of their seats with Kadri’s music flowing throughout the narration.

11. Khatam by Mahan x Skipster

Delhi-based music producer and DJ Mahan Sehgal collaborated with DJ Skip aka Skipster to release his latest single Khatam. Released on Mahashivratri, this song is a musical tribute to Lord Shiva. The music video through dance and music is the artist’s way of devotion to Shiva. Just like his other music, this song too is a fusion of Indian melodies and electronic beats.

12. NO BT by Harshbass, noiz. and B.I.G. FOOT

Producer Harsh Khadkbhan, producer and beatboxer Khushal Vishway and rapper Viraj Ashinkar who go by the alias Harshbass, noiz. and B.I.G. FOOT respectively are part of a hip-hop collective Area 251. Their latest song NO BT is a personal story for B.I.G. FOOT as it throws light on his surroundings and how they affected his growth as a person and as an artist. In a world where everyone is judgemental; this song talks about how he stays true to himself.

13. Shivers by Ady Manral 

Singer-songwriter Ady Manral released his latest single Shivers. Breezy vocals and light catchy harmonies and hook give the listener a jovial feeling. Recorded and produced by Manral at home in Landour, this song will be part of his upcoming EP Give me a sign.

14. Le Chal Yaha Se by Anchit Magee

Delhi-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Anchit Magee released his latest single Le Chal Yaha. The song talks about wanting to get away from a place or a feeling of confusion that you can’t handle alone and having someone or something to take you away from that mess. This acoustic track with heartfelt lyrics and Magee’s alluring vocals together makes it a perfect bitter sweet song you’d want to listen and feel nostalgic.

15. Taara by Ravator

Delhi-based music producer and DJ Harsh Singh Patiyal who goes by the alias Ravator released his latest single Ravator. The song answers one’s yearning to belong as it celebrates the simple joy of being something with someone. With breezy vocals and catchy melodies, the song with its video shows the joyous world of friendship, love and celebration.

With the future of live music still bleak, musicians can definitely use all your support. Stream their music, encourage them, give feedback, support them in any way possible. Afterall, music is what has helped in getting us through this year full of uncertainties.

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