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Singles Roundup #22: Diversify Your Playlist With These Latest Tracks

2020 has been brutal to everyone in the music industry. One thing which kept us all going these past few months, or in fact through this entire year has been music. Despite the fact that the music industry was probably one of the first to shut down, and still not be able to reopen completely, Indian musicians have taken this time to let their creative juices flowing. Every day we see a plethora of new songs being released and we at the Indian Music Diaries are creating our monthly compilation of the latest releases in the music scene.

1. I’ll Never Be The One by Arunaja

Kochi/Mumbai-based gospel and R&B singer-songwriter Arunaja released her third single I’ll Never Be The One.  Arunaja’s soaring vocals are sure to keep the listener immersed in this heartfelt song. This song is about love in its purest, most tenacious form, one that doesn’t shy away from promises and reassurances for eternity.

2. Jeene De by Dhruv Kapoor

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Dhruv Kapoor released his latest single Jeene De. Kapoor sticks with his warm, gentle acoustic guitar melodies and comforting vocals for his debut Hindi single. This song revolves around the theme of enigmatic fondness and perplexity surrounding a relationship. It explores the wavering nature of one’s feelings depending on situations, the turmoil that follows and the calm after the chaos.

3. Kala by naqaab47 x Shoals x Rebel 7

Delhi-based hip-hop artist naqaab47 and producer Shoals along with rapper Rebel7 collaborated for their latest single Kala. This track is an ode to the dynamic and enduring relation an artist has with their career. It captures both, highs and lows of this artistic journey. This single is the second track from Shoals and naqaab47’s debut album Parvarish.

4. Kigali by Pluto Monkey

Delhi-based artist Antriksh Mohapatra released his latest single Kigali under his project Pluto Monkey. The track consists of recordings of children singing in a school in Rwanda along with live bongo samples which were played on the streets of Kigali during an annual festival. The proceeds from this song will go to Inema Arts Centre, Kigali, Rwanda for the development of performance and fine arts.

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5. Now it’s your call by Jazzwal

Jabalpur/Nagpur-based singer-songwriter Akash Jaiswal who goes by the moniker Jazzwal released his latest single Now it’s your call. This rock song features melodic guitar riffs and solos. This love song is about longing for someone around situations that didn’t work out. It’s a final call to get closure from moments that didn’t work out.

6. Banjare by Anahata ft. Aasa Singh  

Kolkata-based songwriter, producer and composer Sujeet Thakur who goes by the moniker Anahata released a new single Banjare with Aasa Singh on the vocals. This song talks about the lives and hardships of Banjare or better known as migrants, nomads and gypsies. It’s an ode to their spirit of smiling in the face of despair and looking straight into the eyes of fear. This alt rock song has power packed guitar riffs and drums.

7. Multicolored Dreams by Merak

Goa-based Multi-genre, but mainly electronic, duo of siblings Brandon Mendes and Belinda Mendes who go by the alias Merak released their debut single Multicolored Dreams. The song summarizes the feeling of spending a lazy day out in the sun and near the sea with your friends (real, or imaginary.) With breezy, laid back vocals and guitars along with a funky bass line, this song definitely gives the perfect chill vibe to spend a day at the beach.

8. Lady of Stars by Max Kate

Mumbai-based electronic music producer and DJ Max Kate released his latest single Lady of Stars with Anchal Khalinsi on vocals. The song is about warriors and for those who yearn for love but still stand strong on their ground and conquer. This song is a perfect blend of Indian classical elements, and synths, paired with powerful and inspiring video featuring Yamini Divakar, a fire dancer.

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9. Cul-de-sac by STEVIE

Chennai-based artist STEVIE released his latest single Cul-de-sac which is produced by Rohan Kamath of RMC Studios. This song has a UK drill/ grime sound. This track marks the first of a bunch of hip-hop music that he has been working on.

10. Kehne Do by Deadbot ft. R-Trip X prod. by Congruentbeatz & Slauted

Jaipur-based artists Deadbot, R-Trip collaborated with producers Congruentbeatz and Saluted, who is an Austrian-Pakistani producer, for their latest single Kehne Do. This rap song features haunting beats, with powerful vocals.

11. Winter by Akanksha Sethi

Singer-songwriter Akanksha Sethi released her latest single Winter. This song talks about unrequited love. It is almost like a love letter, the one that was never sent. The song’s simple composition, along with Sethi’s powerful, heartfelt vocals prove that the lyrics and this track comes from a place of longing.

12. Khoye Pal by Eeshan : Kaushik

Mumbai-based producer and musician duo Eeshan Tripathi and Kaushik Ramachandran who go by the alias Eeshan : Kaushik released their debut single Khoye Pal. The song is around a spiritual journey and the video which was shot before the pandemic supports the theme of the song. The music video has montages of Himalayan and Spiti Valley landscapes.

13. Gold by SpaceCake

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Ankit Kathuria who goes by the moniker SpaceCake released his latest single Gold. This song is all about the relentlessness and persistence required to keep doing what we love despite the fears and hurdles we face in our lives. It’s about doing it again and again so much so, that it manifests into reality. Which is Gold, the real treasure. Kathuria’s soulful vocals, and acoustic melodies give the listener a dreamy vibe.

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14. Kabhi Na Ruke Hum by Dirty Team 

Nagpur-based hip-hop trio Navin, Hrishikesh and Akshay aka Dirty Team or D Team released their latest single Kabhi Na Ruke Hum. This song is part of their album Medicine. This bi-lingual rap in Hindi and a verse in Marathi is catchy with energetic beats and a hook.

15.  Iyarkai by Rijul Chakraborthy

Chennai-based singer-songwriter Rijul Chakraborthy collaborated with Priyesh Sivan and Harish Viswakfor for his latest single Iyarkai.  This Tamil song revolves around the portrayal of one’s experience with nature. A person who admires, explores, enthrals and loves every bit of nature’s masterpiece is feeling its complete essence. Chakraborthy’s soothing vocals, along with the video give the perfect essence of being amidst nature.

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