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Singles Roundup #21: Diversify Your Playlist With These Latest Tracks

2020 has been brutal to everyone in the music industry. One thing which kept us all going these past few months, or in fact through this entire year has been music. Despite the fact that the music industry was probably one of the first to shut down, and still not be able to reopen completely, Indian musicians have taken this time to let their creative juices flowing. Every day we see a plethora of new songs being released and we at the Indian Music Diaries are creating our monthly compilation of the latest releases in the music scene.

1. 2 AM by Kreon ft. Katoptris

Rabhaya Chopra who goes by the moniker Kreon collaborated with Faizal Jamadar, who goes by the moniker Katoptris, on vocals to release his latest single 2 AM. The track was written on the artist’s birthday to talk about loneliness and something to make him think that the feeling of being alone isn’t ugly. With laid-back chill vibes, this song provides a contrast for one to sit back and introspect. This song is also released via Majestic Casual where Kreon is the only Indian artist to release his music with them.

2.  Vibes For Tribes by The Revisit Project

Delhi-based jazz/funk fusion band The Revisit Project kick-started this year with their latest single Vibes For Tribes. This funky song has an equally quirky music video, giving glimpses of Delhi. This track is a fusion of pre-existing musical tastes of the band and is a mid-way for all of them with elements of jazz, hip-hop, funk and R&B.

3. Along Came You by Archit Anand ft. Shashank Singhania

Delhi-based pianist, keyboardist and composer Archit Ananad released his latest single Along Came You. This instrumental track, not only has a minimalist piano composition but also features soaring and soulful flute compositions by Delhi-based Shashank Singhania. The only thing we held on to last year was hope, a hope to see a brighter future. This song is an ode to all those who bought hope to our lives when it mattered the most.


Produced by Area 51, a Badlapur (Mumbai) based hip-hop collective which was formed by Harshbass, noiz., STYM and Ontoy, Anoint and rappers B.I.G.FOOT, PRIYAAN, RAPSANE came together to release this latest hip-hop rap track Sasuke. The inspiration for this track is ‘Sasuke,’ a character from the famous anime series ‘Naruto’ who portrays a rebellious and resentful personality. The track is filled with references to the series that are spread throughout the verses.

5. I’ll be Alright by Kaumudi

I’ll be Alright is the debut release by 15 year old artist Kaumudi.  This indie/pop song has acoustic ukulele strumming, with soft vocals and overall dreamy vibes. Even though Kaumudi talks about her life, her mental health and anxiety, she has penned down the lyrics in such a way that nobody can find the truth about her because as a 15-year-old teenage she is still scared of being judged.

6.  Underwater by Jhanvi Soni

Surat-based Jhanvi Soni released her third single Underwater. The depicts uncertainties, the way life is. It speaks about never losing hope and how one always finds a way in the end, despite being confused. With a minimalist piano composition to electronic arrangements in the middle, this song is sure to keep one hooked with Soni’s dreamy vocals and introspective lyrics.

7. I’ll See You by Gouri and Aksha

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter duo Gouri and Aksha released their latest single I’ll See You. The minimal composition towards the start, with soothing, almost lullaby-type lyrics make it a perfect calming song for the listeners. The song is about Bombay monsoons and separations.

8. Nee Podhumey by Shakthisree Gopalan ft. Akshay Yesodharan

Chennai-based singer-songwriter Shakthisree Gopalan released her latest single Nee Podhumey featuring Akshay Yesodharan. Folk influences, guitar parts inspired by Indian classical music, soulful harmonies and soft vocals are what give this song a calming feature for the listeners. This Malayalam song literally translates to “all I need is you” and it captures the feeling of how love can often be larger than life, overwhelming, fragile and also vulnerable.

9. Prem No Chehro by Dhaval Kothari and Ishani Dave

Singer Dhaval Kothari collaborated with Gujarati singer Ishani Dave for heir latest Gujarati single Prem No Chehro. This song literally translates to “face of love.” The song is an unspoken tale of love, which unfolds a story through the music video. This track is one of the few independent tracks being released in the Gujarati language.

10. Rainbow by Huzur X Saby

Delhi-based artists Huzur and Saby collaborated for their latest single Rainbow. This song is the blueprint of the life these artists aspire to have; a colourful life ahead packed up in sound. With jazzy bass lines and a catchy hook, this song adds to a new sound to the Indian hip-hop genre.

11. Ann Bann by Bad Vikk X Dedaf

Faridabad-based rapper Bad Vikk released his latest single produced by Dedaf. This track addresses all the people trying to pull one down by showing shade and remarks causing an environment of inhibitions.

12. Sic Semper Tyrannis by Demonstealer ft. Mohini Dey, Gino Banks

Mumbai-based metal legend Demonstealer collaborated with jazz/fusion drummer Gino Banks and prodigy bass player Mohini Dey for his latest single Sic Semper Tyrannis. This old school death metal song means “and thus always to tyrants.”

13. Bhool by Sanjana Devarajan

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Sanjana Devarajan released her latest single Bhool. This song is Devarajan’s first Hindi song, with her soulful vocals and a music video, highlighting the meaning of the song in a creative way. The song is an honest apology because when two people are in love, they act out sometimes and make mistakes but true love is forgiving and unconditional.

14. Mahua by Apartment Upstairs ft. Doc. Awes

Bangalore-based duo Apartment Upstairs released their second single Mahua in collaboration with Amrith Raghunanthan who goes by the alias Doc. Awes. This song is part of their upcoming EP Graduation Day. This rock song also has R&B elements and depicts how they and others may have approached life this past year, prioritizing certain events while failing to recognise the mayhem all around. This track has a seamless blend between chaotic, rock guitar riffs and laid-back vocals, giving it an interesting contrast.

15. Atrangi Jahan by Anurag Kaushal

Mumbai/Assam-based Anurag Kaushal released his latest single Atrangi Jahan. The video enhances the song with a silent observer by the window at nightfall. Through this observer, the song depicts a sense of introspection as well as wonder, self-reflection and even a sense of loss. Kaushal’s honest yet simple lyrics paired with his dreamy vocals are sure to make the listeners sit back and introspect their feelings and emotions.

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